Do you know the true meaning of your dreams? What does it mean to dream in the morning? What are the strangest dreams you have had during the course of your life? If you do not know how to interpret dreams and play the numbers, here is the complete guide for you. A dictionary of dreams to easily search for numbers to play to try to win the lottery. What are the 100 most common and common dreams and nightmares among the people? What are the 10 easiest dreams to remember and explain and what is their meaning? What is the strangest dream you have made? What are the 10 most frequent dreams among men and women but also among children and their possible meanings? Interpret your dreams to find the right numbers to play. If you are looking for the best sites recommended for the interpretation of your dreams for free online then you have come to the right place. Can you tell us the strangest dream you have made? Nightmares: what are nocturnal nightmares and why can they be recurrent, that is, always be the same? What are the causes of nightmares? How to interpret dreams to find the right numbers to play the lottery? What are the most frequent nightmares and dreams that are repeated very often? Why can we do the same nightmare multiple times? Where to find a free website for online dream interpretation? With regard to dreams and nightmares, the questions we ask ourselves are many and often very different. In this article we try to offer all users a simple guide, exactly an online dictionary that allows you to extrapolate, pull out the numbers connected to an object, a feeling and emotion, a place, a person, animal, what that you see in your dream world. Basically once you have had a dream or a nightmare, you can come to this page, look for the words that refer to the dream and mark the corresponding numbers to play with. Winning is obviously not a guaranteed thing but in the meantime it's always nice to try to figure out which numbers can hide behind dreams that apparently are harmless, meaningless. In reality every dream has its own precise meaning and its interpretation provides a message that comes from our . If you have had a dream and want some numbers to play you can use the word list below. The list is complete and allows you to find the numbers to play easily because the words are listed in alphabetical order and divided by each letter of the alphabet.

Let's take a simple example. So suppose you have dreamed of sitting at the table and eating a piece of very good and very white bread. In this type of dreams, bread, its white color, but also the gesture, the action we perform and therefore eating can be evident. Here we can pull out these three words to look for in the dictionary of dreams. Below you can read the three numbers on the list relatively to these three words but of course you can only understand what numbers to play in reference to your dream because each of them is very personal. We must not forget that every popular tradition associates particular numbers with situations, objects, people, animals, that we can meet in the dream world and therefore this guide is only a small reference for all those who do not know what numbers to associate with their dreams or nightmares. Before leaving us looking for numbers, remember that trying to win the lottery is always a gamble and therefore you must always be very careful and play very little money because the certainty of winning does not exist. After the dictionary of dreams you can also find a series of dreams, exactly 100 dreams that are among the most common dreams among people. Click on each dream and you can go and read its interpretation, so you can better understand everything you dream of. Good dreams to everyone!!!

EAT = 87 - WHITE = 46 - BREAD = 3


Before choosing your numbers from the dictionary of dreams, we want to indicate a section of the site where you can calculate the numbers related to your date of birth:

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Dream of kissing - meaning

Dream of getting wet - meaning

Dream of being on a balcony - meaning

Dream of mustache - meaning

Dream of whales and dolphins - meaning

Dream of dancing - meaning

Dream of seeing children - meaning

Dream of dolls - meaning

Dream of being in a bank - meaning

Dream of many banknotes - meaning

Dream of being in a bar - meaning

Dream of a coffin - meaning

Dream of a glass jar - meaning

Dream of a long beard - meaning

Dream of seeing a boat - meaning

Dream of a stick - meaning

Dream of a gravedigger - meaning

Dream of wild beasts - meaning

Dream of drinking something - meaning

Dream of seeing a glass - meaning

Dream of seeing a ticket - meaning

Dream of seeing a mouth - meaning

Dream of seeing a bracelet - meaning

Dream of a bag - meaning

Dream of a bottle - meaning

Dream of burning something - meaning

Dream of walking in the dark - meaning

Dream of knocking on a door - meaning

Dream of throwing yourself up - meaning

Dream of seeing someone fall - meaning

Dream of chasing someone - meaning

Dream of a corpse - meaning

Dream of seeing a calendar - meaning

Dream of a cup - meaning

Dream of wearing a shirt - meaning

Dream of a fireplace - meaning

Dream of walking barefoot - meaning

Dream of being in a country - meaning

Dream of a bell - meaning

Dream of having a tumor - meaning

Dream of a candle - meaning

Dream of a dog - meaning

Dream of hair - meaning

Dream of a hat - meaning

Dream of a goat - meaning

Dream of a policeman - meaning

Dream of a policeman - meaning

Dream of swallowing pills - meaning

Dream of a prison - meaning

Dream of a doctor - meaning