Courtship in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of trying to woo a person? What does it mean to see a man who wants to court us? Why can we dream of wooing a woman with flowers or receiving a large bunch of red roses from someone we do not know? What is the meaning of dreams in which a girl is courting us? Sometimes we can dream of seeing our ex-husband or boyfriend or ex-wife who wants to return to our home. Dreaming of an unknown person who comes close to us and wants to talk or receive a strange but beautiful courtship from a famous actor or singer. What does it mean to dream of being even courted by our mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, son, cousin, brother-in-law, father-in-law, grandfather, nephew? Dreaming of courting a person who is famous as a politician or dreaming of a very insistent man who wants to go out with us and take us to dinner in an expensive restaurant. Being invited to dinner or lunch by a person we like a lot, which attracts us physically and sexually. What does it mean to have sex in a dream with a man who has courted us during real life? Receive flattery and compliments from a person who experiences a lot of passion and attraction for us. What numbers is it possible to extrapolate from the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery when we remember to have dreamed of kissing someone on the face, to look for a win, following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I dreamed of being with a person who tried to touch my body but I ran away. Last night I dreamed of receiving a bunch of flowers from a colleague and a friend of mine. Last night I remember dreaming of being with my boyfriend who was courting another woman. This night I dreamed that a beautiful man fascinated my mind and I was very shy. The other night I dreamed that I was in a room for women only and I liked so many men". Here we analyze today those dreams in which courtship can play a very important role. Who knows how many of you have dreamed at least once in their life, to be courted by someone or try to attract a person.


Each of us will have courted at least once in his life a woman or a man or he will have been courted by a man or a woman. Courting is a very delicate phase of falling in love that can lead to the beginning of a love relationship or to its end, at the end of a relationship even before it can begin. But what does it mean to dream that a person tries to court us and therefore to know each other on a loving, sentimental level? When we have a dream of this kind we must obviously remember something very important, that is, the person who tries to approach us. This element is fundamental. Meanwhile, we can say that very often, analyzing many dreams of this type, we have come to the conclusion that when a person dreams of courting someone, in fact manages to get a good earning, a good job opportunity, an excellent professional opportunity, also an excellent advancement career. Why did we get to this conclusion? Starting right from the concept and the meaning of the word courtship. Courting is the way we use to conquer the person who attracts us, that we like a lot and not only physically but also mentally, on a sentimental level but also on a working level. A man wants to conquer, courting, a woman even for subtle reasons. For example, a very rich woman may be the prey of many men who do not really experience real feelings of love towards her but are simply attracted to her money. So when we dream of courting a person that we do not like physically but that we know in real life, we must try to understand what relationship we are living with it. This person can be a work colleague, a member of our family, a friend or a famous actor or singer. If we dream of courting a famous person like a singer or an actor, then we hold great esteem for this individual who is an idol for us. These dreams do not have a very important meaning but represent, in fact, only a great admiration that the dreamer has towards these characters.

What if we dream of wooing a person we know? If this person is a member of our family we must try to understand what interpersonal relationship we are living with it. For example, although it may seem absurd, some boys, some children, say they have dreamed of wooing their mother or their grandmother. Are we facing sexual perversion? Absolutely not. The relationship with the mother or with the grandmother can be so strong that the dreamer can also dream of making love with this person. These dreams have a beautiful meaning because they signal a moment of complicity between mother and child or between grandmother and child. Even courting a sister has the same meaning. Obviously if we dream of courting a work colleague or a friend that we really like in real life, this is a simple desire we can have and that our subconscious express with a courtship or a dream-like approach. But if we are married and dream of being courted or are we courting someone? Being engaged or married but dreaming of a sentimental or sexual approach with another man or another woman means that the relationship of love we are experiencing is not absolutely positive and something is missing. The dreamer, when he wakes up, can be very amazed to have dreamed of making love with a work colleague for whom he does not nourish feelings of love. But the question we must ask ourselves is this. What dowry does this person lack in our man or woman that we actually love in real life? If you can find an answer to this question then you understand the meaning of these dreams. A woman may wish to have a very optimistic, cheerful, sympathetic man at her side, but her man does not have these characteristics, which then have repercussions in dreams in the form of another man who possesses these qualities and is therefore particularly attractive to us. . Naturally after having made these dreams we must try to stop and analyze one's love life, the relationship with one's own man.

Courting or being courted. Obviously the difference is very subtle but it exists and is crucial to give a right answer to the dream. Men and women, boys and girls may dream of courting or being courted by people for whom they have no apparent interest in their lives. If the dreamer already has a sentimental relationship then almost certainly something is missing in the relationship and here we can dream of being courted by an unknown man who offers us a gift, a bouquet of flowers, takes us to dinner in a beautiful restaurant and makes us feel true women. The monotony in married life, the usual things we do, can lead to an extremely unsatisfactory relationship of love and here our ego seeks satisfactions in the dream world even if these satisfactions could be found also in real life, and in fact the betrayals they are very widespread. The dreamer desires and seeks new stimuli in her relationship with her man, but here she herself must try to communicate this need to the partner who perhaps does not understand, does not understand. Being solitary hearts and dreaming of courting someone or being courted by someone means having to find one's soul mate or simply renewing their friendships that may have become monotonous and not very mentally and physically stimulating. Knowing new people to get more incentives that do not necessarily have to be sexual. Only in very rare cases is it possible to witness a real courtship when we dream of being courted. In fact, a person could try a loving approach towards us. We conclude this topic by also saying that the dreamlike courtship can also express a phase of our life in which we feel very optimistic and we have so much energy to exploit, a creative potential and an imaginative capacity that can allow us to achieve great results. And we come to this conclusion because courtship is a phase in which we express our best qualities and use a great deal of energy.


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