The old woman or old lady in dreams. Why is the grandmother's figure who wants to beat you, why you want to kill or play with the dreamer, is it widespread? But what does it mean to dream of grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister, parent like mom and dad or a friend or relative and family who are dead? What does it mean to dream of dead grandma? What numbers do you play, according to Neapolitan grimace and dream book, to try to win the lottery? The meaning and interpretation of grandparents in our dreams is very important and offers a non-trivial message. Today we see in our guide of dreams the very meanings the deceased grandmother can have in our dreams. What does the dead grandmother die again? What does it mean to dream that your grandmother dies? that perhaps in real life is still alive or is already dead for so many years? Have you ever dreamed of your grandmother who is cheerful and kisses on your lips or cheeks or maybe caresses or embraces you? Is a grandmother doing housekeeping or doing a gift or giving money? Dreaming of a grandmother who dies and then resurrects, dreams of her maternal granddaughter or deceased mother but alive in dreams, dreaming that she is talking to us before she dies but we do not understand her words. "To dream of a dead person dying again. Why do I keep dreaming or dreaming often my dying grandmother, my father's mother, my mother's mother, my grandmother? The other night I dreamed of my grandmother asking for help but I was scared and ran away from her. Last night I saw my grandmother in the dream who cooked for my whole family. Grandma smiled, laughed, was happy and serene. Tonight I dreamed my dead grandmother dressed in black and crying, sad and worried. What does this dream mean? Last night I dreamed my grandmother who was sitting on a bed and she was dying, so she was in the end of her life". We receive, through this website, several emails about dreams where grandma is often the protagonist.


Let's say that death in dreams often has a positive meaning even though it can be very scary. We invite you to read this article In which we speak of the meanings of Death in dream. So the figure of the paternal grandmother or grandmother can often happen to meet her in our dreams. A first value and meaning that we can give to this dreamlike symbol is tenderness, understanding, gentleness. For many grandchildren, the grandmother's figure during the childhood or adolescent phase can be very important for her personal growth. Grandma is therefore a symbol of complicity but above all of safety and wisdom. All the older people we dream of generally indicate the need to find wisdom and to ask the right counsel to someone who knows more about us than a problem that we have to solve. Grandmother can therefore tell the dreamer to find a solution in people who are mature and wise and who can give great help. Clearly it often happens that the figure of grandmother or grandfather appears in our dreams when in real life they have died in a few months or a few years. Our attachment, our affection and our love for them was so strong in life that after their death, our memories often shuffle in their dreams their shape. But if we dream of a grandmother who has been dead for so many years and have not remembered in the last few days?

As we have already mentioned, this dreamlike symbol may indicate the need to seek help from an elderly person and wise in our lives or may indicate the need to be protected, to have affection. But when do we dream that a grandmother dies but in real life is still alive? These dreams can be very scary but absolutely you do not have to think that your grandmother or grandfather will die just because you have dreamed of their death. One must never forget that one of the most important meanings of death is change. Change is fundamental to our lives and the death of a person in our dreams can almost certainly indicate that something new in our life is going to happen that can be difficult to overcome or simple. But the death of her grandmother brings with her other meanings. When we see the grandmother evidently the meaning is even more personal and it probably involves a change in the life of our family. So this dreamlike symbol can relate closely to the dreamer or grandmother's mother, grandmother's daddy, a granddaughter, etc. To better understand the meaning of dreams of this kind, try to remember objects, other people and feelings that Let's try, because just by carefully studying all these details we can understand what the dream wants to communicate.

But the dreams in which your grandmother dies but it is actually alive in real life, what meaning do they mean? Why can we see a grandmother who dies when she is alive in everyday life? Here too the meaning is related to the words change and family. Certainly if the dreamer feeds for his grandmother, unconditional love, very important, then probably in such cases we can give a lighter and less significant interpretation. Love and affection between two people in real life can lead to dreams in which the person to whom it is loved, suffers, is sad, cries, dies or is very down to morale. When, however, we do not have a very strong family bond with her grandmother and she dies in her dream or is very worried, she tries to talk to us but we do not understand her words, then the meaning is much more important. In our life, we must try to resolve a situation, most likely at a family level, which should not be underestimated and that must lead to change through dialogue between people. Death as a change, the grandmother as a symbol of family relationships and fundamental traditions on which our earthly existence must be based. Wisdom, maturity, common sense, rationality, judgment, criterion, balance, attention, prudence, cautiousness, ingenuity, discernment, prudence. These words can sum up the figure of our grandmother or grandfather who dies in our dreams.


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