To dream of death in person with a sickle in his hand that comes to us, A symbol, a figure coming from hell or from under the earth, from the hell to kill us, who wants to meet our friend, our father, mother, brother, sister, boyfriend, husband or who wants to bring us into the fire, between the flames hell. Death in dreams can really scare us so much. To dream of death that means? What meaning and interpretation do you give with our dream guide and dream book to find and discover the numbers of neapolitan grimace that correspond to death and therefore to try and play and win? Have you ever dreamed an unknown and hooded man with a black cape and cap? The goddess of death can also appear in our dreams. To dream of death with sickle what does it mean? Dreaming of a skeleton of a woman or man wrapped in a black coat, a red cap and a sickle in his left or right hand. Terror, fear, fear, terrifying nightmare. What does it mean to dream of seeing death hooded with the sickle very sharp and full of blood in his left or right hand? What does it mean to dream of killing death? "Over the past night I dreamed of the death that laughed, smiled and then cried. Tonight I saw dream death flying away with red eyes and lightening. The other night I dreamed of talking, discussing, walking hand by hand and eating along with death. Last night I dreamed of killing the figure of death". To dream of the death that comes to us and wants to kill us. To dream of the death of an acquaintance by the hand of death itself. Have you ever dreamed of seeing so many people dressed in black or white and with a hood? And dreaming of stealing the scythe to the killer of death? This archetype is very strong and represents the personification of evil. When we dream of death we seem to be in a horror movie but it does not mean that we will die in real life. The angel of Death is represented in egyptian mythology with the Anubis, Osiris, Nefti, Neith, Seth and Thot, in greek mythology with Moire, Caron, Thanatos, Ker, Hades, Persephone, Macaria, Ecate and in roman mythology with Pluto, Proserpine, Mercury, Dis Pater, Ceres, Parches. And then there is the god of death in other peoples such as the mexican, japanese, indian, mayan people.


Let's understand the meaning of this most important dreamlike symbol that among other things can often appear in the dreams of many people and this is a great indicator that makes us realize that its meaning is not to be underestimated. Our subconscious it is never trivial when it wants to communicate with our unconscious. So the symbol of death in our dreams does not mean that the dreamer is about to die or a person in his family is about to go to better life because no one can know the day of his earthly death. Absolutely not. The most important meanings that this archetype brings to us are two. Change and anxiety. Let's look below to analyze these two words that often occur in our lives and in human society in order to give many useful clues to every reader who needs to interpret a dream where death is a very important symbol, a dream he can really do So fearful and that can make us wake up with the heart that beats very strong. Even when death comes to our dream world we are facing a nightmare and not just a dream as terrifying as it may be.

Change: Death generally in our dreams but also in real life represents the passage, the transition, the end of a period of our lives, and leaves space at the beginning of another period. Changes can affect many areas of our lives. For example, they may concern work, love, family, and the economic problems of each of us. Loss of work, the end of a sentimental relationship, the impossibility of continuing to pay the installment of the home loan. These are just a few topics that may affect the dreamer. Certainly to have more clues and to understand the sector in which we can change our lives, we must remember the objects we encounter in dreams, and especially the people we see and talk with. For example, if we dream of talking to our partner and seeing death coming and wanting to kill one of us or both, then almost certainly in the relationship life you have to make a major change because the situation can not go any further. In short, the symbol of dream death can have a very positive meaning because it helps us to realize that some situations that we live must absolutely be resolved, closed, changed and new spaces, new opportunities and new ways must be created. So why does death with the scythe scare us so much? Simply because every one of us, when he has to make some fundamental changes in his life, always has a great fear because he does not know his future and all the things that the changes will bring.

Anxiety: anxiety and stress are now very common in our society. All of us, during our lifetime, can live extremely anxious and stressful times and Mrs. Death in dreams can represent a situation or person in real life that can hurt us, which can harm our existence. In most cases when death comes to us and wants to kill us or take us away with it, surely we are experiencing a very stressful period due to a problem that we can not solve or that requires so much psychophysical energies and if we do not feel At the height of this complex situation then our subconscious points to the difficulty we are experiencing and asks us not to underestimate it and to find an adequate outlet. Do you have a deadline that you are afraid of failing to respect? You have to go to a business appointment but are you afraid not to be the person you are looking for? Here is the presence of Death in a dream that tells the dreamer to relax, not to be anxious and not to be afraid of the future and the change that is going to happen. Very often in our lives we feel that we have failed or feel that some project we have concluded could have gone much better and so our inner illness affects our dreams with the terrifying presence of this symbol with the hood. Already, and the death cap what sense does it have? It is a very important symbol because the face can not be recognized if a hood is present. So it tells the dreamer that the worrying situation in his life is unclear, not easy to understand, understand and need to be very careful. Rarely a person dreams of seeing the face of death or of hurting or even killing death. If this happens, the dream is definitely a definitive solution to the problems we have in our lives. So we know how to act.


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