The banknotes in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of finding lots of banknotes on the ground? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see many banknotes that burn? Why can we dream of finding fake banknotes, real money, fake money, paper notes that catch fire or tear easily? What does it mean to dream of tearing up or throwing away many old banknotes or giving away a wallet full of banknotes? What does it mean to dream of receiving 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 euro banknotes from an unknown person, a deceased person, a friend, our mother, our father or a work colleague? Why can we dream of a big bill with which we can buy everything we want? Coins and money are often associated with well-being and luck but things are not always this way. Go in search of some very rare banknotes in a dream or dream of finding a new banknote. What does it mean to dream of many banknotes falling from a skyscraper on the street and seeing many people gathering them? What kind of numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we use to play the lottery when we dream to receive or donate a lot of banknotes, to try to win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I remember dreaming of finding an envelope full of money in an unknown place in my city. Last night I dreamed that I was with my brother and my sister who gave me so much money. Last night I dreamed of being really rich because I received a suitcase full of many bills. Tonight I dreamed of someone stealing a bunch of bills from my safe". The banknotes, the paper money, can appear very often in our dreams but almost never indicate that we will earn money or that we will become rich. The meaning hidden behind these dream scenarios is very different but can also be positive. Let's try to understand the message that our subconscious wants to communicate when the banknotes are a very important and crucial symbol in our dream world.


So some people think that losing money, losing money or coins can mean losing money in real life or losing important business and professional opportunities and even some individuals see, in this kind of dreams, the harbinger of a terrible event that may happen in our existence earthly. Fortunately, the dream banknotes are not so catastrophic and rarely indicate huge problems and above all catastrophes. Meanwhile, these fears come from the concept that money is a necessary, indispensable thing that allows us to live. Without money we can suffer hunger, thirst, we risk not having a home and therefore certainly money is a fundamental element in our lives but it is not absolutely essential. So why do we often dream of many banknotes that maybe someone gives us or that we find in a place of our house? First of all, the banknotes have a more important significance than coins because their economic value is greater than them. Since this object is at the base of our economy and therefore is a necessary tool to move forward in life, then dreaming of banknotes means having to face an important period of our earthly existence, a period in which it is very important not to underestimate a difficulty and in which one must be very attentive to details. Many people think they can receive a good opportunity when they dream of money, gold coins, dollars, euros, but in reality this oneiric element often represents concerns that we must overcome and that must not be removed from us. So when we dream of seeing many banknotes, then, when we wake up, we try to think of a problem we have to solve and maybe we are postponing. Only in some cases these objects can signal the possibility of receiving good news, a good job opportunity and therefore the possibility of being able to earn something. If we find a suitcase full of money that is not fake, then we have found the solution to our problem that may perhaps also allow us to obtain a good profit, a good opportunity to improve our work.

Money can be a very useful tool to buy everything we need in our life but obviously not all things can be bought with money and so this symbolic symbol can not necessarily indicate an economic event coming and positive for the dreamer but maybe a little help. An emotional value, an urgent need, a lack that we feel or the power. Here are some words that identify and explain very well the money that appear in our dream world. First of all, money is often a sign of a terrible lack that we can experience in real life. For example, we quarreled with the person we love and then we dream of finding banknotes that maybe we give to those people. In our life we??have committed a crime or we feel guilty for having betrayed a person, a friend, a relative and then we can dream of being with this person to whom we donate a series of banknotes that may even be false. Actually the banknotes, can be a symbol of great wealth but here we are talking about an inner richness and not of an economic wealth. So dreaming of many banknotes can symbolize the possibility of being in a beautiful phase of our life in which we are evolving, we are improving, we are maturing and we can be happy with the progress that comes thanks to our efforts. Often money is also the symbol of excellent self-esteem, therefore of a sense of great superiority that we feel we have and that allows us to move forward in life without hesitating, without being confused and uncertain and this is undoubtedly a great significance. The level of self-esteem grows more and more and if the money we find or are given is really a lot, then we can certainly be very serene and hope to be able to progress thanks to our qualities. Deception, tricks, traps and people, unreliable situations, can hide behind the dream of false money.

In fact, if we remember having dreamed of a friend, a work colleague, a relative or even an enemy who gives us false money or bloodstained or torn, we must think we are in danger and we must be attentive to the person who gave us that sum of money. Someone wants to destroy or block our project but acts in the shadows. The torn or dirty banknotes may also indicate that the dreamer is in a phase of his life where superficiality, useless things, and gossip are not to be taken into consideration. New projects, new relationships and work collaborations, can instead be realizable events when we find very old notes in our dreams. Almost certainly, when we find so many very old banknotes, we can hope for a very prosperous period and in which many things can go really well and be very profitable even at the economic level. Sometimes these banknotes can symbolize the discovery of a secret, the revelation of something that had remained hidden but which now comes to the surface and which can be very useful for our progress and our inner maturation. The wet or burned banknotes are unusable and therefore they represent the impossibility of covering a certain path in our life, a path that is no longer useful and that does not allow us to be what we want to be. What if we give money? Gifting something in a dream means feeling the need to help someone and to support a person's project. Losing banknotes represents a set of fears, of fears that in every moment of our life we??can have, compared to something we have and that could go away. For example we are very happy in love but we know or otherwise we are afraid that this romantic relationship can end, end. We conclude this subject by also talking about those dreams in which we steal money. We are simply not thieves but we have a strong desire to fulfill that still does not find an outlet in real life.


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