The coffin in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of seeing a large coffin with a deceased inside? What is the meaning of dreams in which we enter a coffin that is then closed and we remain completely in the dark, unable even to breathe? What does it mean to dream of opening a coffin or closing a coffin with a dead person inside? Why can we dream of carrying a coffin to the cemetery? What does it mean to dream of seeing a white, black, red, yellow, brown, gold, silver, wood and steel coffin? Why is it possible to dream of a tiny transparent coffin that is put under the ground? Dreaming of an empty coffin or dreaming of being in a coffin and being so afraid. Being locked in a coffin under the ground by someone and not being able to breathe. What does it mean to dream of a coffin in which we see our mother, our father, brother, sister, relative, so many years dead, grandfather, cousin, brother-in-law, uncle, friend, enemy, work colleague, boyfriend, husband or even ourselves? Dreaming of opening a coffin and finding a skeleton or a living person. How many times have you dreamed of a white coffin with flowers, with a moving dead, glass, which catches fire, with flames? The coffin, the sarcophagus, the coffin in our dreams is a very common thing. Even dreaming of selling many coffins, attending a funeral with a long funeral procession and a coffin is a very common thing. What numbers can we use from the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery when we remember to have dreamed of having bought a coffin, to look for a win by following the advice of the guide and the book on dreams? "Last night I remember dreaming of being locked in a huge coffin, but it had a hole from which I could breathe. I had a lot of fear. Last night I dreamed of being together with a famous person and we were in a cemetery to bury a living person. This night I dreamed I ate with some dead who had resurrected from their coffins. Last night I saw a person in a dream who bought a very expensive coffin for his funeral. Coffins in a dream are really a very widespread but not meaningless object". Let's try to analyze this dream symbol that can offer numerous messages from our subconscious that absolutely must not be underestimated.


To understand the meaning of the coffin when it appears in our dreams, we must absolutely start from its meaning in real life. The coffin is a wooden object that serves to contain the body of a human being after he has died. Usually a body can be cremated, then burned or buried under the ground. The coffin represents the end of a life and marks the last goodbye to a person whom we will never see again physically. In fact, once the coffin is sealed, it will no longer be possible to open it. The moment when it is burned together with the body or is buried under the ground, the last greeting to the dear deceased also takes place. We have always said that death represents a change in our dreams while the coffin can signal various things including the possibility that the dreamer is in danger. Usually when we see a coffin appear in a dream, we must try to remember if we find a person inside it or no one or even ourselves. Remembering the person inside the house as a dead man is a fundamental detail to give a correct interpretation to the dream. For example, if we dream of seeing a coffin with our mother or father dead inside it, then it is very likely that a change in our parents' lives and above all the relationship we have with them will change. Basically, the coffin can also indicate the end of a situation and the beginning of a new cycle, of a new event, of a new path of life, but often it represents changes in interpersonal relationships. And so we could dream of finding our husband or boyfriend in a coffin and understanding that something is changing in the relationship but the change could also be positive. Certainly during a dream of this kind, often the dreamer feels fear, has a sense of strong fear and rarely sensations and emotions that he feels are beautiful. However, in addition to remembering the person who eventually finds himself inside the sarcophagus, we must also try to remember if we attend a funeral with other people who participate because every clue is important.

Many times the coffin can represent a possible danger to which the dreamer can meet, a danger especially if inside it is his body. In fact, when we dream of seeing ourselves in a coffin, we can think of falling into a trap and only if we manage to get out of the coffin, then we will be able to escape the trap. Dreadful dreams are those in which we see resurrecting a dead man from inside a coffin or even we ourselves are closed and sealed inside a coffin and placed under the ground, without light, without being able to breathe. This kind of dreams is among the worst nightmares that can happen to a person. Fortunately, the terrible sensation that is felt during a burial is so strong that the dreamer inevitably wakes up with a heart that beats very strong but still alive. Danger, fear, fear, difficulty in overcoming a very difficult period and to which we can not find a solution. Generally when we are buried in a coffin, we have to face a small or big danger or we are experiencing a very complicated situation that should not be underestimated because it can bring noticeable changes in our lives. If we ourselves close a coffin and we bury it ourselves, then we understand the danger we are facing and probably know how we can do to resolve the situation. But in a dream, a coffin can be empty. If the sarcophagus that is opened or buried is empty, the dream could have a very positive meaning for the dreamer because a deception will be discovered and a possible trap can not create problems. The white coffins and therefore the coffins that preserve the body of a child, can represent, instead, the innocence of the dreamer relatively to an event that he is experiencing. Many people say they dreamed of the dead who rose from their coffins, came out of the sarcophagus and walked along the cemetery. These dreams can be very scary, but let's just say that perhaps it is this kind of dreams that have an even more important meaning.

In fact, if a dead person resurrects and walks, perhaps coming towards us, we can think of being in a moment of our earthly existence in which some problems that we thought we had solved, instead return. So this kind of dreams is a warning that makes us understand that something has not yet been resolved and we must be particularly careful to avoid further problems. Some people think that dreaming of seeing a closed coffin in the Church means being able to live for many years. In reality this is a belief that has no foundation while the closed coffin in the Church almost certainly represents the end of a situation and the beginning of another important event in a person's life. And if we dream of being in a shop to buy a coffin for our funeral or for the funeral of a friend of ours, a colleague, a relative? Buying a coffin means understanding that our life is about to change and that we must necessarily accept the end of a situation that can involve ourselves or other people, just those people for whom we buy the coffin. Seeing a very ancient sarcophagus, such as a sarcophagus from ancient Egypt, maybe being inside a pyramid and finding an ancient coffin, means being very lucky. In fact these dreams can symbolize a beautiful event that is about to come to life especially if inside the sarcophagus we find very precious objects and gold. and also seeing a gold coffin is the symbol of a probable very important event, a very positive event full of joy and happiness. So, concluding this dream topic, you can understand that the symbolism of the coffin in our dreams is not always negative but can take on meanings also favorable to the dreamer, can indicate a beautiful event, can signal a danger or a trap to avoid and can symbolize the end of a situation that we no longer endured to face a new change in our lives.


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