The child in trouble in dreams and his care. What does it mean to dream of caring, helping, assisting, and assisting a child in severe difficulties? Why can you dream of healing, healing, healing, assisting, caring, concerned, waiting, supervising, supervising, caring for so many children and babies who need help and support? Have you ever dreamed to see a baby crying but ignoring his crying? In many dreams we help someone, we support a person who asks for help. How many times have you dreamed of seeing a man or woman with a wound on the arm, the leg, the head, the face, a deceased person, a person in the hospital who is not well on the bed with a serious illness with a tumor? Dreaming of helping an elderly man, old, a very young lady, a little boy, boyfriend, our pet, cat, dog, horse, bird, snake, rabbit, kitten, bat. What meaning and interpretation do you give to the dreams where we dream of being in the hospital to undergo a surgery performed by a doctor in total anesthesia and leading to my healing? Treat a wound to a child or his teeth while parents are absent, far away. What does it mean to dream of treating a child? To dream of neglecting a baby falling from the balcony and dying or a newly born baby who suffers and loses a lot of blood. Engage, devote, care, provide for many blond children, different races, in a dream what can it mean? What and how many numbers of Neapolitan grimace you have to play when you are dreaming of seeing someone who has some difficulty trying to win the lottery according to the dream book and dream guide? Dreaming of looking at a baby girl in her arms who smiles, laughs and is not sick has a very important meaning for the dreamer. Have you ever dreamed of attending two twin children? "The other night I dreamed of being with my mother, my father, my brother and sister, my grandparents, my boyfriend, my friend and colleague, and we all tried to help an unknown child who needed important hospital care. Last night I dreamed of being with my relative, son, husband, wife and together with us so many little children weeping because they suffered. Last night I dreamed of helping a very young baby who was very sick, no longer laughing and crying a lot. This night I was with the Pope, a famous actor or singer, Our Lady and Jesus and we were all trying to help a child with a serious illness". These dreams are never trivial and bring a dream to the dreamer a very important meaning. Let's understand the meaning of dreams where children are protagonists.


Children in our dreams are almost always very important, fundamental and almost never banal. In fact very often the child in dreams is a representation of ourselves, therefore of the same dreamer. Exactly so, you understand it well. Our subconscious, to make us understand a moment of possible difficulty that we are facing, may make a newborn, a beautiful or ugly baby, happy or sad, sick or in perfect health, appear in our dream world. That kid we see in the mirror, that kid we welcome in our arms, that child we see in the hospital because he has an incurable illness, we can really be ourselves. In fact it is a part of our character. The child indicates our period of childhood when we did not have any responsibility but life went ahead smoothly. The child represents all that genuineness, simplicity that has remained in our lives and must not disappear. Children are very fragile, helpless, and when in dream we realize that a child in need of care is just us, then certainly in our life we??have to face a serious problem but trying to smile, not to take too much serious. How many times have we dreamed of finding in a crib, in a bed, a blond baby with really beautiful blue eyes? This child represents our innocence, the best part of us that must necessarily go out for our lives to have a positive evolution. But why in the dream can the baby or newborn need help? Well, on awakening, if we have understood that the child in dreams represents ourselves, then we must try to understand what problem must be solved, what a difficulty, in our lives, must be settled. Some psychologists and passionate dream interpreters see in the blond and blue-eyed child the figure of Jesus Christ often represented as a beautiful child full of light and smiling. In these cases it is very important to understand if the dreamer is a very devoted person to God, very pious, very religious. These dreams may therefore indicate the need to rely on hope to improve their earthly existence.

Never forget that dreams use elements, feelings, emotions, objects, places, sometimes strange motions to bring to the dreamer a very special and personal message. So on awakening try to mark on your notebook all that you have seen, the people you've met, the emotions you've experienced. These elements can allow you to achieve an excellent interpretation of the dream. Talking about the care of children in our dreams, we can also address the issue of wounds. In fact in the dream we can also help a child who is injured, who is dying, who loses a lot of blood and has an incurable illness. Wounding in dreams is always to be compared to a problem we can not solve in our real life and blood indicates that the energies we are using to solve the problem are really many. Unfortunately, the situation that creates difficulties in life must be resolved and that is why we must find a solution and it can come directly from the dream. For example, when we dream of seeing a child who suffers and then represents ourselves or a situation of our life quite complicated, very often with us and the children we can see another person who can be our father, our mother, a friend or work partner, our fiancée, our wife or husband etc. The presence of a person in a dream is crucial because it can indicate the scope of manifestation of the problem and the cause of it as well as the possibility of finding a way output. For example, if we are in the hospital to treat a baby or newborn and our mother or sister is at our side, then clearly the problem to be resolved is in the family and maybe it is just about the mother or sister or still, mom and sister can give us a hand in finding the right solution to our difficulty. A child who is not saved and dies dies indicates a big change in our lives that can be positive or negative. Physicians, nurses who try to help in dreams report the presence of very important external help that we still do not know yet.

Taking care of our dreams means also being able to convince someone in real life. We care for a person for this person to be better but she needs to accept our care and here in the dream the care we give to a person we may not know can mean a success in getting a person who in our life is very important that perhaps, until recently, he did not want to hear our words. But why in dreams can we also cure, assist, protect animals? We have always said that dream animals represent our instincts, our instinctive part, some sides of our character that we can not control in some cases. So treating a fierce beast in the dream, a very dangerous dog that might want to bite, simply means taking care of some of us, trying to control an instinctive part of our character that if it came out, it could create several problems. Curing the wound to a dying bird means trying to find the way to feel free and less compelled to the world, to other people and our work, and if the birds we care manage to fly then we can be sure that life may smile at our need for freedom. In general dreams in which we care about someone who is in trouble because he has a disease, he is hungry, needs help are always very positive and indicate a good time of our life where we really can be very selfless and not only think to the things that interest us personally. Caring for our body points great attention to ourselves but not necessarily at the physical but above all mental level and trying to help a person who is part of our family, almost certainly indicating the need to find a family harmony that maybe lost with the to spend years maybe because of quarrels. Many guys, but also men and women, dream of being in the hospital and see in bed the boyfriend, husband, wife, lover. Clearly in these cases, we are faced with emotional problems that need to be resolved and if we curse the person then a likely dispute, a discussion that has happened in the past, will find a quick solution.


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