"Last night I dreamed I was in the countryside and found a nest of birds on a tree. Last night I noticed you have a nest of bees that burned, which caught fire, just inside my house but it was a dream. The other night I dreamed I was in my room, in my bed there were so many snakes, a nest full of snakes that came to me and wanted to bite me. Last night I dreamed of seeing a beautiful bird nest on the chimney of the fireplace. But what does it mean when you dream of finding a nest of mice or a nest of vipers in your home or workplace? Why dream of seeing nests full of wasps or hornets that want to sting? " Why you can dream of finding a nest full of flies or larvae of flies or other insects? And what does it mean to dream of seeing swallow eggs in a nest? Some people dream of having to deal with a nest of giant spiders colorful and very hairy. Why do we dream to set fire to a nest of bees that is located in the house? What meaning and interpretation to give this kind of dreams that can make a lot of fear and strike terror into the dreamer? Let's understand.

In a previous article we analyzed the dreams in which we see the eggs. The eggs in a dream are generally a favorable element especially if they are many and they are not faulty. The eggs then indicate job opportunities and opportunities to earn. When we dream of seeing a nest with some eggs inside then we have to think that they can get good opportunities to exploit, usually at a professional level. If the eggs are opening up these opportunities are really to arrive quickly. But be careful, in the case of a nest that we see in a dream, it is very important to understand what animal it has created, such as animals or insects are inside the nest or eggs. We must say that if we dream birds like swallows and sparrows as we can hope for career advancement, we can hope to get some news favorable and positive for us. If the mother of the birds brings their food and then feeds them this confirmation occasions really lucky on arrival and are more birds, the more these occasions.

But unfortunately there are nests of snakes and vipers, or nests of mice and rats of various insects such as spiders and hornets. Generally dream a nest, a nest of snakes or vipers is not conducive to the dreamer probably because he is a very envied, maybe in the workplace and some would make him evil. If in a dream we can kill the snakes, or we can set fire to the nest eggs and killing snakes, then this dream is positive for us because we will win against these people who hide and seek to do harm. If the nest is a nest of spiders then you have to be very careful not to fall into the trap of someone. Sometimes the spider in a dream identifies a parent-child relationship too morbid with a mother who leaves little room for children.

Dreams prevalent are those where the nest is a nest of bees, wasps or flies. Insects are generally small or big hassles that can happen in life. Bees and wasps often indicate sudden changes, unexpected but can be very favorable to the dreamer. If we fire to a nest of bees or wasps then chances are we do not want these changes to take place in our lives. The bumblebee can really be dangerous because of its terrible, painful and sometimes fatal sting and then in a dream may signal a situation very important, not to be underestimated, and that can cause a lot of damage. Finally, in the final analysis, we must say that insects, bees, flies, spiders that beset us are clearly a symptom of a life situation that can not stand anymore and that we're only doing harm. We therefore need to react firmly to this.


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