Safe in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of being in front of a small safe with a lock and a strange combination? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a large safe of a bank full of money? What does it mean to dream of finding a broken, burnt, exploded safe, full of money, gold, gold bars, money or silver coins? Why can we dream of opening a safe? For what reason is it possible to dream of robbing a large safe with a friend, enemy, work colleague, brother, sister, cousin, uncle, son, husband, wife or unknown man or woman? What does it mean to dream of seeing thieves entering the house and opening our safe full of jewels? Why is it possible to dream of a key with which to open a steel safe? What does it mean to dream of a drowned safe? And buy lots of small safes to give to someone? Sometimes it happens to dream of thieves who open the safe we??have at home, robbers who beat us to know where our safe is. What does it mean to dream of finding a completely empty safe? Treasure chest, chest, armored cabinet. How many times have we dreamed of forcing the lock of a safe to open it but to find fake banknotes or nothing? What numbers can you pull out of the Neapolitan grimace to have fun in the lottery when we dream of being in front of an open safe, to look for a win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I remember opening the door to a thief who tied me to a chair and wanted the combination of my safe. Last night I dreamed that I was with my parents who gave me a small chest with so much money in it. Last night I dreamed of locking a big treasure chest with a key. This night I dreamed of swimming at the bottom of the sea and finding a big chest of an old pirate ship but I could not open it". Well today we try to understand the meaning of this particular object that many of you have in your home or office. In addition to the safe fact we could have a small chest, a chest, a locked cabinet with a key combination to prevent someone from opening it. Naturally these dreams can hide very important messages and should not be underestimated by the dreamer.


The safe in dreams can have various meanings but in the meantime you can also understand very well that this object is a container that can store or hide something. What can we keep in a small or large safe? It may contain money, precious objects, very important family or professional documents, gold and many other objects that could be apparently unimportant but point out a particular situation, refer to an event of our life. The safe, the one we use at home or in the office, must be closed using a combination, an alarm that essentially prevents its opening by people who are not authorized to open it, such as thieves and robbers. So if we dream of finding a safe or even better, if we dream of seeing our little safe closed with its combination, we almost certainly have a secret to hide, a secret that we do not want to reveal to anyone and that can be crucial to solve a situation or even to achieve great success. Think of an inventor, an engineer who wants to hide his idea that can revolutionize the world. In this dream, this person can find a safe, insert something that represents his idea into it, and close it hermetically with a padlock or a combination that only knows him. So when you dream of a safe then you are keeping within you a small or big secret, but only if you have inserted something inside that object. If you try to open a container of this type that is not yours, then you are trying to discover something that has been hidden from someone. Banally we can try to open a casket, a chest of another person because we are afraid that this person hides a secret. So we try to access very confidential information that may not concern ourselves but someone we live with, with whom we have an interpersonal relationship, maybe a love relationship. Let's take an example.

A girl who thinks that her boyfriend can cheat on her with another woman, can easily dream of finding a locked drawer, a locked chest with a lock, an impossible chest to open or just a tightly closed safe with a complex numerical combination . If the girl can not open this object then probably her idea is only a thought without foundation, maybe her jealousy and possessiveness in love are the cause of a strong suspicion towards the person she loves and that could therefore be innocent and do not betray in the most absolute way. If the girl in a dream manages to open the safe, finding the combination, then the secret will be revealed and the betrayal will come to light. The combination, the padlock with which to close something and in which there is a hidden object, represents the possibility of finding a way to discover a secret and this secret is kept inside the safe. Another symbolism connected with this dream object is the security and solidity of a relationship of love, of a working, family relationship. Never forget that every detail of dreams is fundamental in order to understand the meaning and to be able to give a correct interpretation. So if while we find a safe or try to open this container, at our side we remember having seen the person we love, it is clear that we are hiding something from this person or we are strengthening the bond of love. A beautiful dream therefore that could indicate an evolution of a relationship that could also be working. But if the safe is empty? A big problem because not finding anything inside this container means having serious problems. First of all, emptiness can signal a difficulty that we are experiencing and that can be very frustrating. We can therefore live a period of sadness, depression, melancholy. This dream object can contain anything but if it does not contain anything then it can represent the emptiness of our life, the impossibility of acting, of moving, of doing something.

Opening this item and finding ingots of gold, money or valuables can mean various things. First of all, gold and money but also precious objects and coins can symbolize some very favorable occasions that can come and be particularly positive for the dreamer's progress. Often these occasions concern work and sometimes in these dreams, in a safe, it is possible to find eggs. Eggs are the symbol of small or big opportunities that are coming, especially in the professional sector. Finding documents can instead refer to a secret that can be revealed or that we ourselves will disclose to someone or simply a business appointment that is about to arrive and that may have been budgeted or arrives suddenly. Often, however, this container can have an even deeper meaning and its content can be linked to a strong desire of the dreamer to know, discover, intuit, discover, something that for the moment is escaping his mind. Moreover, the dreamer can neglect something of his character or he can decide to reject some sensations, emotions. Many meanings can be found behind these dreams. The treasure chest is also an excellent symbol connected with a fervid imagination, with a great openness of mind and with a creativity that is currently stored in our mind and in our heart but that can subsequently find a very useful relief valve. So, concluding this argument, there are many meanings that can be hidden behind this type of dreams that are never trivial and must be carefully analyzed before being interpreted because the superficiality of quick interpretations can ruin the dream message. Always try to remember every element of dreams, places, objects, people, but above all feelings and emotions that you can try because all these details are very important and allow us to be very precise and to pull out the right message that our subconscious wants to communicate.


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