The ladybird in dreams. Sign of luck? Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of finding lots of colorful ladybugs on the floor? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a giant ladybird flying over our heads and in our home? Why can we dream to see so many red and black ladybirds walking on our head or on our hand? What does it mean to kill some yellow and black ladybugs? Dreaming of seeing a huge swarm of ladybugs that invade our home can be very scary. Have you ever dreamed of seeing some huge ladybugs with huge wings that sting on our skin? And have you ever dreamed of looking for a very small ladybird that came into your clothes? What does it mean to dream to see many ladybugs flying in the sky or inside the house? Kill a ladybird in a dream that walks on our hands pink, red, green, orange, yellow with black dots, which can not fly or stings. What does it mean to dream of finding a tiny colored ladybird that is trapped on a window? What does it mean to dream of seeing a ladybug on the body of our mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, nephew, grandfather, long-dead relative, friend, work colleague? Big, giant ladybugs that come into your mouth, in our car, on your head and pinch or walk in your hair or in our bed. Dreaming of cooking and eating good ladybugs. What does it mean to dream of a ladybug eating plant leaves, destroying flowers? These insects can be terrible and get stuck everywhere. Who knows how many times you have dreamed of a ladybird in your bag, wallet, shoes, underwear, bra. What does it mean to dream of poisoning or crushing many ladybugs with your feet? What kind of numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we use to play the lottery when we dream of finding a beautiful ladybug, to try to win by following what we find written in the guide and in the book on dreams? "Tonight I remember kissing a little ladybird walking on my hand. Last night I gave a ladybird of red color to a friend of mine. The other night I dreamed of flying so many ladybugs that were trapped in a house. Last night I dreamed that I was in a country and on my lawn I saw a lot of insects". These cute and harmless little animals can appear very often in dreams and for many people they are the symbol of a small or big fortune coming. Let's try to understand its oneiric meaning.


In many popular traditions, ladybird is a symbol of luck. How many times have you seen a small red insect with black dots and you have thought about the possibility of receiving good news. In fact for this reason, ladybugs are insects that we generally do not kill. On the contrary, many people are very happy to see this insect walking in their house, on their body, on their hand. Insects very harmless but very useful to protect some types of plants because they feed on various pests. Maybe because of this characteristic they can symbolize luck. If we dream of seeing a little ladybug flying in our house, then we can hope to receive good news or have a good opportunity at work and even sentimental level. And yes because the ladybug is also the symbol of love, of luck in feelings as well as good luck in work. Very often, after seeing this pet, we can receive good news, we can receive a small or large sum of money, we can meet a person and be attractively sentimental. In short, the love that can bloom in our life and hides behind the dreamlike symbolism of a tiny insect that is really very beautiful. Generally, ladybugs have a red-colored back and this color highlights, in fact a sentimental passion, an erotic passion. According to an ancient tradition the number of black dots that we can count on a ladybug, can tell us the amount of luck that can come. So if we remember seeing a ladybug with a few black dots, we might have a small fortune, and if these dots are many, then luck will be greater. A very important aspect of these dreams is related to the place or the part of the body on which the ladybird moves. If we dream of this insect walking along our hand or our legs, then good news at the working level could be an excellent opportunity for gain, precisely because hands and legs are often connected with work.

A ladybug that moves along the ring finger of our hand or at the height of the heart or mouth, could indicate the possibility of falling in love and then meeting a person with whom to make a new friendship. If the ladybird is very large then the event will be very important. This insect is absolutely harmless in real life, at least for the human being and we must not be afraid. But we can often commit very strange actions in our dreams. For example, some people say they have dreamed of killing this insect with their feet or with a poison. Other people say they have dreamed of being attacked by a swarm of ladybugs. Certainly experiencing discomfort due to a ladybug means not having the possibility to obtain advantages from luck. In a sense, killing this insect means taking away from us events that could be very positive and that could, in fact, bring good luck. Very strange and unpleasant dreams could be those in which we eat lots of ladybugs. Eating these insects means necessarily needing a favorable period, a help from luck, of the destiny that maybe up to a certain point in our life has not been very positive. But the ladybug can have two other important meanings. First of all it could be the representation of a girl, a girl, a girl who possesses qualities of kindness, sociability, goodness and ingenuity. Here the dreamer must always try to remember the people who are with him, the places where he moves, the objects he sees or uses and the sensations he feels. Kindness, sociability, ingenuity. That ladybug that we see in a dream on a plant, on the pillow of our bed, on the window, on our body or flying in the sky, could indicate ourselves, then the dreamer who possesses these three qualities. And so maybe we are living a good time in which we are very sociable, serene, happy and the yellow and red colors of which many ladybugs are composed, confirm precisely this quiet and carefree period.

Unfortunately, this little flying insect does not appear very often in the dream world and in fact few people remember to have dreamed of a ladybug. But we must say that, and we have also mentioned before, this insect is an excellent predator and is used in agriculture to destroy other insects that damage some plants. So most likely in our dreams it could symbolize the necessity of having to fight against a person and against a situation that can cause harm. However, generally his sympathy is another aspect and another characteristic to remember. An insect so beautiful and so cute but very delicate, it could therefore signal a person that we can know and that will be very nice with us, happy and that will bring a wind of renewal and serenity in our lives. The wait for lucky events is always hidden behind many dream symbols and not only behind the ladybugs that only in some popular traditions are a symbol of good luck and if then the dreamer has a small or big repulsion towards all the insects, then also the ladybug in a dream could indicate a bad situation, maybe an annoying event, a person who generates concern and that we should move away from our lives. Here, even usually very positive symbols can symbolize negative situations. A correct interpretation of our dreams must in fact take into consideration what we think of a certain object, place, person, animal, insect that we encounter in the dream world. We conclude this article also talking about those dreams in which an insect like the ladybug pinches on our skin, causes itching by walking. Little annoyances in our lives, small events that can create complications or people who can damage our work, our inner peace, our love life with their behavior. In this case, to kill the insect that causes annoyance, means to get rid of this worry, get rid of an oppressive situation.


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