Building in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of building something? What is the meaning of dreams in which we build our house that then collapses? See in a dream a house that falls, a building, a bridge, an apartment, a skyscraper that fall miserably to the ground. What does it mean to dream of building a wall? Why can we dream of being in our previous very old house? What does it mean to dream of exploring a house with lots of rooms in low light? Why can we dream of a house under renovation with many engineers, surveyors, workers or see workers, masons, carpenters who work hard? Some people say they have seen the documents of a secret project relating to the construction of a very expensive building. What does it mean to dream of building a beautiful pool? Dreaming of changing apartments and realizing, therefore, a new manufacturing in which to live with our parents, relatives, children, grandchildren, grandparents, uncles, friends, boyfriend, husband, wife. Construction, destruction, demolition, dismantling of a building. What does it mean to dream of creating an architectural work, building a tomb, a staircase, a swimming pool, a large, high stone wall using large rocks and without using the foundations? We can often dream of building a small hut, a piece of furniture, an animal enclosure, for dogs, horses, cows, cats, sheep, pigs. What kind of numbers can we play from the Neapolitan grimace if we want to win the lottery when we dream of being with some workers on a construction site under construction, following the advice of the guide and the book on dreams? "Tonight I dreamed of being with a friend of mine who was throwing down his house with a very big hammer. Last night I dreamed of working on a construction site where I saw a lot of workers. Last night I dreamed I was under the bricks of a wall and risked dying. The other night I remember having dreamed of breathing the dust of a house under construction". Today we see that we understand the meaning of this word and that is of the word construction when it takes on an important meaning in our dreams or nightmares.


What does it mean to build? What is the meaning of this word in our life, in our vocabulary? Building means to create something. We can create and then build a house, a wall, a skyscraper, a business, a car, a simple electronic object and many other things. We can also build our future in the sense of acting by making decisions that will make our lives simple or difficult. Behind a dream in which we build something, sometimes, a fundamental meaning is hidden that is relative to free will. According to free will every person has the power to choose what he wants to do in his life. Our choices influence our path, our inner evolution and our spiritual maturation. When we decide to use the free referee, then we are deciding to do something we thought about. A boy can decide to attend a particular school because he wants to become a doctor, engineer, architect, etc... A woman can think of having a child with her boyfriend because the concept of family is important for her. For a man money can be his reason for living and therefore he works tenaciously, day and night, to earn a lot. In all these cases we are building something. Here is the concept of construction when we create something in a dream. The dreamer can dream of creating a project, making a drawing, building a house or simply a wall. In any case, the dreamer is using his imaginative skills, his potential and his creativity to achieve something. Of course every dream is very personal and what we build can have a different meaning for each of us. For example, a boy who has problems with communication with his parents, can dream of building a small house in which to live, showing himself the malaise he is experiencing inwardly and that perhaps he does not manifest in real life. A woman can dream of erecting a little house because in her life the need to create a family is her priority at some point in her life.

A man dreams of building a boat or a car because he loves freedom and independence and therefore a car that runs quickly along a road or a boat that sails on a river or in the sea, is the dreamlike representation of the sense of freedom and independence that the dreamer wants to reach. Of course if a person instead of building, demolishes, makes everything fall apart, then the meaning can be different. If we demolish something in a dream to be able to rebuild, for example we collapse a dilapidated, old, ruined house to build a new apartment even more beautiful, then the dream has a very nice value and the dreamer will, no doubt, act to improve the his life, he can make good decisions, make important choices that will lead him to realize many of his desires. Demolish with the intention not to rebuild but simply to destroy something. Here is a rather negative meaning that we can do and some dreams in which perhaps we destroy something, such as a staircase, a bridge, a window, are not absolutely constructive. We must never forget what we are doing in dreams, the people who are with us, the objects we use and see, the places we are in and the emotions we can experience. All these elements can be very important and should not be underestimated otherwise the interpretation we give to the dream can be completely wrong. And then if we are destroying a bridge and on the other side of it we see our husband, our wife, our fiancé, then the romantic relationship is facing or about to face an involution, then a crisis that could be irreparable. Destroying a ladder means not being able to walk the road to success and therefore not being able to reach a goal that might have been set in our minds. So the dreams in which we destroy, we make something collapse, can only be positive if we have reconstructed where we have destroyed. Building as a symbol of realization of one's ideas and of our success in the future.

If we remember having participated in the construction of a huge building, a very impressive monument, then we can hope to achieve a great goal but only thanks to the collaboration of other people. Unity is strength in this case. But building also means creating barriers between us and the world, between us and some people, between us and a part of ourselves that maybe we do not accept. The wall is an example of a barrier that we can raise to protect ourselves against something. What are we protecting ourselves from when we build a wall, maybe very tall? Why do we dream of making a huge wall that does not allow us to see beyond? And why can we dream of building a small or large fence around our house? Wall and fence are a symbol of protection, exactly of a need for protection that the dreamer has in a certain moment of his life. Obviously if in a dream this wall was created to defend against the attack of a person or the fence was made to defend against the attack of a very dangerous animal and wants to bite us, then we are raising some barriers against some situations that can be very negative for us and destroy our independence, our need for freedom. What we love must not be touched and therefore in that enclosure, together with the dreamer, there could be a person we love. The fence also serves to curb some of our instincts that can create complications in life. A dream that is widespread is that in which we build a house that unfortunately collapses miserably. Our ideas and our plans for the future are very fragile and do not allow us to be calm, serene. These dreams therefore ask us to wait, not to make unnecessary choices and not to make decisions that could ruin our lives. We conclude this subject by also talking about another type of dreams. In fact, many people say they have dreamed of making a long way, of throwing the asphalt on it. Here these people can continue along their existential journey without having many problems and with the certainty of reaching the goal.


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