The wall in dreams. What meaning and interpretation has a wall in the dream world? What does it mean to dream of breaking down, throwing down a wall with a big hammer or a mechanical shovel, a bulldozer and with the help of our mother, our father, our brother and our sister? Why in the dream can you see a huge, unmovable wall on our way? What does it mean to dream of seeing some cracks in the wall where we live with our husband, our wife, our children, grandparents and uncles? Why can you dream of going through a wall without feeling pain? What does it mean to dream of a collapsing wall? Dreaming of seeing a hole in the wall or a huge, very large wall that crumble under our eyes and under the frightened eyes of a friend or work colleague. Many people also tell you to dream of climbing over a very high or very low wall. How many times have we dreamed of being faced with a crumpled, dirty, painted, clean, fresh, cemented, cracked or collapsing wall? What does it mean to dream of seeing a wall? And dreaming of being in front of a large and large wall that can easily be overcrowded or inaccessible, with a ladder, wet, with cracks, stone, snow or ice? In a dream it is possible to cause the fall of a wall. Falling, pulling down, destroying, demolishing, ripping on the ground, dismantling a wall in our dreams is a fairly widespread thing and at least once in our life we've had such a dream come true. What numbers of Neapolitan grimace should you play if you dream of a huge wall to try a lottery win according to your dream book and dream guide? Dreaming of being in front of a long wall with a famous actor or singer or with the police. "Last night I dreamed of being in front of a fantastic wall with bricks that glittered and together with my boyfriend we managed to climb smoothly. Last night I dreamed of finding, while walking a long way, a wall too high that darkened the sight of the horizon. This night I dreamed of a dead person for so many years, a dead man who longed for me to throw down a huge wall. The other night as I ran into my dreams, I bumped my head against a small wall and fell". Today, we see understanding and understanding the meaning of the walls in our dreams. Is the wall really a block or can be a challenge to face in our lives?


The question that needs to be made to understand this kind of dream is whether a wall for us is a protection, an obstacle or a challenge. In real life, a wall is a construction made of stone, concrete or other materials used to support a home, to establish certain boundaries of a private property, and to prevent someone from entering a place where they can not enter. To understand the meaning of a wall that appears in our dreams, we must start with these simple concepts. First, a wall that appears in the dream world can be an obstacle. Often, in real life, when we are facing a wall, we can try to go further and maybe maybe we can overtake it or we turn around until we find a gate, a door from which to enter. However, a wall can be so high that it will prevent us from climbing and overcoming it. Walls are obstacles that must be overcome. When we are dreaming of a wall most likely in our lives, we are facing a difficulty, a problem that seems to us to be insurmountable, a problem we can not find a solution. If in a dream, when we walk and we are facing a big wall, we decide to go back then in life we ??will not be able to find a solution to the problem and maybe we will decide to let it be. Instead, facing a large wall, perhaps very high, and deciding to overcome it by using a ladder or climbing, means that our existence is going through a good time because in difficult situations we always find a good solution. Of course we can try to climb on a wall and fall and so we have tried to overcome the difficulties, we will have struggled but we will not be able to resolve a certain situation. Some people dream of being in front of a small wall but failing to go any further. A very small wall indicates a small problem that still creates several complications and does not allow us to live serenely our lives. In front of a big, high wall in the dream, we can even decide to take a hammer and break down each brick flat slowly to create a hole and be able to pass beyond the obstacle. This can be a really good dream because it signals our willpower that does not stop in front of any obstacle and finds, on the other hand, valid solutions at all times.

As we have said before, however, a wall in real life can represent protection as well as an obstacle. Clearly we must try to understand from the dream whether such an object, such a construction, can be a protection or an obstacle to our earthly existence. If in a dream, for example, we are rushing to reach a place and as we run we find ourselves facing a wall very difficult to pass and maybe it is so high not to let us see what's beyond it, then in life we ??have to face a serious problem that blocks some of our initiatives. If, on the other hand, we dream of entering a house, in a private property, and in doing so, we must climb on a wall, then the meaning here is very different because we are facing a protection. But we must try to understand whether we need protection or if we are already protected by someone or something. Let's take another example to try to understand the concept of protection attached to the wall in our dreams. If we are locked in the house and out of the window we see a terrible storm with rain and lightning that are destroying the city but we are protected by this meteorological event, then clearly the walls of the house represent a protection that can come from our family or those walls represent our inner strength that allows us to be very strong and overcome any adversity. Very different meanings therefore. A wall that is cracked, damaged by a lightning strike, may, however, make it possible to presume the need to find a protection that is missing. A collapsing home wall is the sign of a loss of protection in life. Of course, giving a correct meaning and understanding the message that these dreams want to provide us is not really simple but we must not forget that all the details of dreams are fundamental to pull out a proper interpretation. We must not forget the people we meet, the objects we see and use, the places we are in, and the feelings and emotions we experience. So if in the dream we are facing a wall and with us there is our father, our mother, our brother, our sister, clearly the difficulty we face is a family relationship, a situation that affects our family. Maybe we can break down the wall with the help of a person we know and then our difficulties will be overcome with someone's help in real life.

For many dreamers, the wall can be a small or big challenge. We are faced with an obstacle that becomes a challenge to us and so in a dream when we are facing a small or large wall, we can decide to destroy it to go further. Protection, obstacle, challenge. These are the words to keep in mind when dreaming of a wall or walls that need to be overcome, cut down. Sometimes you dream of a very big wall, big and very long, so clearly the problem you have to deal with is enormous, while sometimes we are facing small walls that represent little difficulty and nuisance that you have to be able to overcome. Some people say that they have dreamed of being in front of a wall, having passed it and having found themselves in a beautiful place, in a fantastic place full of light, serenity, with many colors. Other people say that they have entered a stranger's home or somebody's territory after crossing a wall. Go beyond our borders, overcome our fears, open our minds and our hearts for new adventures and rediscover our true essence. These dreams are beautiful and bring to the dreamer a wonderful message because they indicate a strong propensity to a very important interior evolution and maturation that can allow us to achieve excellent goals. Seeing a wall without thinking of overcoming it or overtaking it means that we are realizing the difficulties we have in life but we do nothing to remedy, to find a good solution. But we have not talked about the dreams where the wall is built, so we did not talk about those dreams where we are building a wall alone or with the help of someone. Obviously building a wall can be a positive or negative thing because we remember that we can build a wall to protect us from something or we can make a wall to hide from the difficulties of our lives. In these cases the dreamer must try to figure out whether he is protecting something in his life or is creating an obstacle, a barrier to his own existence. Very often these dreams concern the family but also work and love. Building a wall beyond which we see our boyfriend, husband, wife, lover, clearly indicates a serious relational problem, a difficulty establishing a good communication with our sentimental partner. Dreams that need not be underestimated.


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