What meaning have house in dreams? Dreaming of moving to another home and losing a lot of things during the transfer is a dream that can cause anxiety and fear. What does it mean to dream of moving and paying so much money for moving away or dreaming of being in a rented house that we do not like and along with a dead person who has long since died for so many years? Why do you often dream of getting into a new home? What does it mean to dream of moving to a new beautiful home or really ugly and crumbling? And dream of evicting, hunting, killing a person, our parents, brothers and sisters from their home? What meaning and interpretation do the houses have in our dreams? What and how many numbers can we play when we make a dream in which we buy a beautiful home to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and dream guide and using Neapolitan grimace? Why often do you dream of renting, hiring, renting a home in another city other than our city? Why can it happen that we dream of living in another person's house that we may not know? What does it mean to dream of buying or renting a home? Buying, acquiring, selling, surrendering, giving a wonderful home full of antique and precious furniture, paintings and objects can be a dream that you've done at least once in your life. Sometimes it happens to make dreams in which we are in a room, in a small room, in an apartment on the sea, in the mountains, with air conditioning, refrigerator, already furnished and pay a very low or high rent, together with our parents, to a brother, sister, uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother, friend, fellow worker, boyfriend, husband, wife. Even some people dream of renting a hotel room, a hotel and being together with a famous actor or singer. "Last night I dreamed I was in the house where I used to live before, and I was very happy. Overnight I went into an empty house, with no furniture and with so many people. This night I dreamed of having the keys to a big house still under construction and wanting to buy a home. The other night I dreamed of buying a very expensive home. I dreamed of seeing a bad spirit, a shadow, an unknown person who wanted to kill me in my house". What does it mean to buy a really small home, with few rooms and no bathroom? Let's see this kind of dream come true.


The dream home always has a very important meaning that should not be underestimated and brings a dream to the dreamer. House is often our mind. The mind is made of various parts, our brain possesses several cognitive areas and that's why the house is compared to our minds. The house can also have different rooms that represent different mental locations. For example, the cellar that is usually located below the house and is accessible down the stairs, represents our subconscious, while the top of the house, so the roof, the terrace, represents our intelligence. Windows, doors, objects, paintings and furniture that furnish the house represent our qualities, some aspects of our character and the kind of behavior we take in life. For example, dreaming of being in our home that is dirty, ruined, stinks, maybe it is collapsing, means that perhaps in our lives we are underestimating some aspects, we are not doing things like they should be done, done and therefore we risk entering a phase of great mental and material disorder. A disordered home indicates just that and that we are experiencing a period of great mental fog, we do not know what to do, we are confused. If we clean our house in dreams, then the rooms, then in life we ??will be able to place order in the things we are doing. Obviously a very clean and orderly home is a great sign because it indicates a great mental concentration, the awareness of being at a stage in our life where things are going as we want. An empty house without furniture, paintings, objects indicates a mental vacuum meaning a period of our life where we do not really know what to do, we do not know which way to take, our ideas are absent. So we are facing an existential crisis.

Now you understand the importance of a home in dreams. And if we dream of buying a home and then having the keys to enter a new home? Buying a home can have a very beautiful and important meaning especially if the house you are buying is very beautiful, precious, full of wonderful furniture, with beautiful paintings and precious objects and especially with very large, large and bright rooms. To have the keys to such a home and enter it means that in our lives there are many things to change, a very important event is going to happen, perhaps a fantastic job opportunity, a big gain. So a beautiful dream that can of course also represent new ideas, new projects that can be successful if they are realized just because we have said that the house is our mind. Do not forget, however, that in dreams you should not forget the feelings you experience. To better understand, let's take an example. Suppose we enter a beautiful home but we feel distressed, sad, we are afraid of something even if there is no one in the house. This kind of dreams indicates that the change that is coming to your life for you is problematic, its management is complex, you have some fear that things will not go as they should. We talked before change. Obviously, the change in the house can affect a particular area of ??our lives. For example, whether with us, in the new home, there is a parent, brother, sister, then the dream will tell us that some things in the family will probably change. If in dreams we are with our boyfriend, lover, husband, etc. ... then the dream signals a possible change in sentimental life and if, in dream, we are with a fellow worker, then it indicates new job opportunities.

Of course, buying a crumbling, dirty house that is collapsing, with cobwebs, bugs, bad smells, and small and small rooms means that we are facing a very complex period and in which we can not find a solution and risk making the wrong choices in life. In short, such homes in dreams indicate mental confusion, pessimism, little will to do, engaging and possible bad news coming. But sometimes, we can dream of moving to a new home. The transfer may signal the need to change some aspects of our lives, the need to change our character and our way of behaving. Often it means the need to find a better harmony with the world and the need to receive news because monotony is no longer positive for us. And if we decide to rent a house instead of buying a home? What's the difference between buying a home and renting a home in our dreams? Renting a home means that in our earthly existence we no longer want to carry on some ideas and projects that we may give to other people. In short, renting a dream home can mean you do not take any responsibility but decide to abandon a road to start a new path. Acuni psychologists claim that renting dreams may indicate our willingness to find new ideas to fix a problem that afflicts us, so this kind of dream can be a good opportunity because renting a home also means earning money in real life. We end this article by talking about dreams in which we enter a home and see a man or woman we do not know, a malignant spirit, a shadow that wants to attack us. These dreams mean that our life is in danger because someone can prevent us from renewing our existence, some or some of the situations can create problems for our evolution, and the opportunity to exploit certain possibilities that may come to pass. Moreover, these dreams may indicate a fear, an inner fear that blocks us and prevents us from being happy, despite the fact that the present situation is great.


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