Heaven in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of being under a splendid sky, under the celestial vault, the firmament, dark and full of stars or that becomes dark, nebulous, stormy? What does it mean to dream of a sky full of very few or many stars? Why can we dream of a terrible sky, which announces a catastrophe? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a very threatening sky with dark clouds full of rain, lightning, thunder? And to dream of being under a black sky, with black clouds and that presage the end of the world? What does it mean to dream of a starry sky with so many shooting stars? And why is it possible to dream of objects falling from the sky or dreaming of constellations? Some people remember having read some numbers in the sky. What does it mean to dream of the sky with the various zodiacal constellations of ram, bull, twins, cancer, lion, virgin, scale, scorpion, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarium, fish? Because sometimes we can dream of being under a sky full of stars with our mother, father, grandparent, boyfriend, friend, work colleague, relative, son, husband, wife, sister, uncle, brother, pope, actor or famous singer? Other people often dream of storm clouds or stones, hail, huge pieces of ice falling from the sky or even a shower of blood. What does it mean to dream of a very colorful sky, with a beautiful rainbow, full of very bright stars? What does it mean to dream to see the planets Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn in the night that shine in the dark and cloudless sky or in a blue sky, limpid, celestial, red, yellow, pink, orange, with sunset, with sunrise? What does it mean to dream of flying in the sky above so many white clouds or going up into the sky? And to see someone fall from the sky or go down Jesus, Our Lady, an angel over a cloud surrounded by so much light? Which numbers can you pull out of the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery when we dream of being seated to observe the starry sky, to try to win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I was with a friendly friend while I was watching the sky. Last night I fell down from the sky. Tonight I remember seeing a big star in the sky. Last night I dreamed of flying in the clouds". Today we try to understand the meaning of the sky in our dreams, an element that appears very often, in various forms that can be beautiful, ugly, wonderfully attractive or even scary. Let's try to understand what lies behind this oneiric symbology.


At least once in your life you will have dreamed of observing the sky. Heaven in a dream can have many meanings. First of all a clear sky very often symbolizes our state of mind as often happens in the sea. So the sky is the symbol of our soul, of our mood that can change often during our life. Often we can dream of observing a clear sky, without clouds and being in a very quiet phase of our life, without particular problems, an existential moment in which things proceed smoothly and we have reached an excellent inner balance. But if the sky is not absolutely clear? If we look at a very stormy sky, full of rain clouds, thunder and lightning? Being under the celestial sphere without having the ability to shelter from the rain, hail, lightning, wind and even the cold, means not being serene, it means living a particularly chaotic period and in which you have to solve various situations. If we are immersed in a storm we must always think that we are facing a very complicated period and in which we should seek help, support not to block our progress, our inner evolution, our maturation. Observing the rain that falls from the sky in large quantities, however, can also have very important and positive meanings. First of all, the rain symbolizes purification, renewal, the desire to improve one's life and therefore being under a sky full of rain, with many black clouds, does not mean only living a difficult period but also accepting a phase of great change. The night sky then has an even more important meaning because darkness is often associated with our depth of soul, our subconscious, then the darkest and least known part of our personality. A completely black sky without some star shining or illuminating, without the Moon, without any other planet, no doubt can indicate a complex phase of our life.

Unfortunately many people think that the darkness in the dream can indicate the imminent arrival of a terrible event and therefore may be the symbol of a bad omen but in reality this concept is absolutely wrong. The black color or in any case the darkness we observe or perceive in our dreams, is often associated with a phase in which certain changes, necessary, indispensable and unavoidable changes must be accepted and therefore must absolutely take place and not be rejected. If the sky then represents our state of mind, a black sky identifies the real change we are going to meet and that should not be removed if we really want to change and improve as people. But very often our dreamlike sky is full of clouds. The clouds or rather the clouds, those clouds of very dark color, gray, almost black, can also indicate small problems that we are experiencing and small problems, even trouble that could come and create some difficulties in our lives. Some people say they always find a cloud, always the same cloud on him, full of water and that could explode at any moment. If a cloud follows us then a problem we are experiencing can not be improved, it can not be solved. Ice can also fall from the sky. Seeing the ice falling or feeling very cold under a really gray sky means living a period when feelings are not fundamental to us. The cold, in fact, often identifies the difficulty in expressing our feelings towards someone. So in dream we can be with our girlfriend and and try very cold. Here the relationship of love is facing a particularly complex period and where feelings are set aside. Obviously being together with a person under a beautiful starry sky is very positive because it can symbolize a sentimental union, a great love but also a beautiful working collaboration that could be born and bring important results. In fact we can dream of having at our side a colleague of ours, a friend, a relative, in short, a person with whom to create a very positive interpersonal relationship.

The sky full of stars is a very beautiful symbol and that you can rarely see in a dream. Dreaming of observing with our own eyes a sky full of stars indicates that almost surely will be able to get beautiful news in our lives, news that will arrive in a sudden way and that will allow us to improve our earthly existence. Many times we can dream of being under a starry sky and see falling stars or comet stars that shine and illuminate the place where we are, as we are going through a very difficult period of our life but the dream tells us that we can finally get out of all the difficulties . Of course we can also see a beautiful moon in the sky, a full moon that surely indicates a great change at the unconscious level of the dreamer, a profound change that will lead to a great maturation and inner evolution. Really beautiful dreams are those in which we observe a shining Sun in the sky. Its rays can warm our body, illuminate our mind. This marvelous star symbolizes new forces, new vital energies that can come and which can be particularly important for rediscovering serenity and desire to live. Beware, however, those dreams in which we observe a Sun in the sky that is too dazzling. We know that it is impossible to see the Sun with naked eyes because we risk becoming Czech and that if this thing happens in our dream world, then maybe we are dazzled by a situation, by a person, we believe we can solve a situation that is very complex . Have you ever dreamed of seeing the 12 zodiacal constellations in the sky? They are the symbol of luck, of chance and therefore it could happen to receive a wonderful news, a wonderful news that will change our life. We conclude this topic also talking about those dreams in which we observe the sky with a telescope. The telescope is another way of looking at things. Perhaps the dreamer has understood that to solve his problem he must look for other points of reference, he must try to observe the situation from other points of view.


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