Glasses in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of finding lots of glasses on the floor? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see many glasses breaking? Why can we dream of buying very fragile glasses, of glass, of crystal, of plastic, of paper? What does it mean to dream of a big glass full of wine or completely empty? What does it mean to dream of a cracked glass or a glass of gold or silver? Why can we dream of giving away so many broken glasses, full of water, blood, beer, coffee, alcohol? What does it mean to dream of seeing a large glass falling on the ground and destroying itself in a thousand pieces? What does it mean to offer someone a drink in a very ancient and precious glass? What does it mean to dream of offering a nice glass of red or white wine to a friend, a colleague, his parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, brothers-in-law, uncles, dead relatives, children, children, wives, boyfriends? Beer mugs, very tall glasses, cups full of sparkling wine and champagne. What does it mean to dream of seeing a transparent glass which is damaged? What kind of numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we use to play the lottery when we dream of finding a big glass, to try to win, following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I remember dreaming of being with my mother and father and drinking something using some weird glasses. Last night I dreamed of going into a store and buying a big crystal glass very expensive and very precious, luxurious. This night I dreamed that I would throw away and destroy many glasses against the wall of my house. Last night I was hit by the glass of a big glass that cut my throat and hurt my face, hand, arm and leg". Even glasses can have a very important meaning in our dreams and nightmares and therefore their presence must not be underestimated, especially when they take on the role of protagonists in the dream world. Let's understand the meaning of these objects and understand the message that can lead to the dreamer.


First of all, dreaming of seeing a glass filled with some liquid on a table is certainly a good sign and could indicate the positive nature of a period that can be particularly favorable in the working world. In short, when we dream of a glass full of water, for example, it is very likely that we can live a period full of well-being, serenity and happiness, but not only at the economic level but also at work, professional, family and sentimental. To better understand the field of manifestation of a dream, we must remember the details of a dream, the places where we are, the people who are with us. In fact if we drink in a glass full of water or wine and with us we remember our sentimental partner, then it is very probable that the romantic relationship will live a very flourishing period or we will be able to solve conjugal, relational problems and resolve conflict and discussion situations . In fact, glasses are always an object present in the parties because with them we celebrate something, make toast and then live moments of joy, of union with other people who share a particular moment. So this object can also be the symbol of a possible joy that can come in the life of the dreamer, a happiness, an event that could simply be the invitation to a party where fun will be guaranteed. But if the glass is not transparent and we can not understand what is inside, then it is very likely that we will have to wait for a moment of wellness or this well-being will come suddenly without us doing anything. Consequently you can understand that a cup, a vase, a glass, a glass that are completely empty indicate a possible period of great difficulty in which you have to be able to save money and avoid unnecessary waste of money. But do not forget that a glass can always be filled and dreaming of filling something is always a good signal because it symbolizes the determination to want to progress in life to improve their earthly existence in any area.

If we remember to have dreamed of a glass that is only half full, then our life is proceeding without particular problems and without many enthusiasm, and so this kind of dreams could signal a phase of monotony. A fundamental element of the glasses but also of the vases, the cups and the glasses is the material of which they are composed. In fact, if one of these containers is made of plastic, paper or glass, then we must carefully evaluate a situation that could be very delicate to sustain. Often drinking in paper or plastic cups, it signals the possibility of being fragile, of being very weak compared to a situation we are experiencing and here we can also affirm to be in front of a character, a personality, not very strong, little determined and that instead should learn to be more determined to achieve results because a container often indicates the need to do something to achieve goals and successes in everyday life. A goblet of steel, iron, silver, gold symbolizes a great strength and a great mentality and if we remember drinking wine or water then we can say that we are in a very prosperous period in which we can mature on a material level and therefore in work and in money but also and above all on an inner and spiritual level. If the glass or the cup from which we drink red wine or water or even beer, is a very precious and ancient glass, then our progress will be really important and we will be able to achieve excellent goals in some areas of our life. We have said that very often dreaming of drinking could indicate a moment of joy, an invitation to a party, a lucky encounter and this condition is even more true if the dreamer drinks liquids such as wine and beer. So if we dream of breaking a glass? We try to remember why a glass can break in real life. It can escape from our hands, fall from the table and break into a thousand pieces or remain in the meantime. However, in any case distraction is the basis of this kind of events in everyday life.

So when we dream of dropping a glass of glass that shatters or inadvertently we hit a glass, a bottle, a cup, a jar that fall and are damaged, broken, then we must be very careful about some distraction that could create some difficulties in our love life, family life, work. If we break a glass while we are with some work colleagues, for example, a professional problem could happen because of our distractions, because of a moment of excessive lightness. If a container falls but does not break, then, simply, we can live a period in which our mistakes will not lead to great trouble but we will be able to solve various problems or a very important problem, without particular difficulty and without harming someone. Another widespread dream is that when we drink, we pour something on someone we know or do not know. Pouring a liquid on someone and dirtying his clothes, means being guilty of something, of an event that may happen or simply we feel guilty for a situation that was born or may be born after the dream. Banally many people think they are lucky when they dream of drinking in a glass, in a goblet or in a gold cup. Unfortunately, this kind of dreams does not indicate that excellent chances will come, but simply signals a good moment that is being experienced and where well-being is very present. Virtually these dreams can only indicate psychophysical wellbeing, mental well-being and do not foresee gains or lucky events. Another dream that should not be underestimated is that in which, due to a broken glass, we are hit and lose blood from a leg, a hand or another part of the body. Losing blood means we need to recover psychophysical energy because, perhaps, we are facing a very difficult period. And this is even more valid when we dream of drinking blood from a cup or a glass. Do not worry, you're not vampires, but you have to regain your energy.


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