The jars in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of a jam jar? What does it mean to dream of breaking a jar of glass, plastic, nutella, honey? And dream of eating with a teaspoon from a jar of fruit with jam, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, apricots. What is the meaning of dreams in which we open or close many jars, salt, tomatoes, paint with lids that can not be opened because completely sealed with a powerful glue? Why can we dream of destroying so many jars with a hammer? What does it mean to dream of opening a very rusty iron tin? What does it mean if our mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, brother-in-law, co-worker, friend, relative gives us a small jar with a liquid inside? What does it mean to dream of being in a shop and choose to buy many colored jars of white, black, red, green, yellow, pink, light blue, orange? Why can we dream of shooting a jar away from us or hitting so many jars all together? Have you ever dreamed of being at a party and shooting at jars to win a prize? What does it mean to dream of a glass jar falling on the ground and breaking into pieces? What kind of numbers can we play from the Neapolitan grimace if we want to win the lottery when we dream of buying a tin of chocolate, following what the guide and the dream book says? "Last night I dreamed of opening a jar from which a terrible stink came out, a bad smell and I felt very sick and I threw up. Last night I remember having dreamed of tasting a cheese from inside a wooden jar. The other night I dreamed that I was with a long-dead relative with whom I opened and closed many glass jars. I broke a big jar tonight and cut my hands. Blood flowed and I fainted because of the strong fear". Well today we see analyzing these particular dreams that are not widespread but that can still have a valid meaning, a useful message for the dreamer.


To understand this type of dreams we must always start from the real meaning of the object. So the jars are objects made of various materials and used to contain paints, various products, liquids, jams, cheeses, sauces, wine, oil, water, etc. So a can be full or empty in a dream or contain something but not in large quantities. A full jar can generally be a good sign and indicate a very favorable situation at work and in fact, when we dream of seeing a big jar full of water or another liquid such as olive oil or wine, an important occasion could arrive and be particularly interesting for the dreamer. We must never forget the details of a dream because people we meet, objects that we see and use, places we visit and above all the sensations and emotions we experience, are essential to give a correct interpretation to the dream. So you have to remember the contents of the can, you have to understand if it is broken, damaged, chipped or if you can not open its lid. However a jar, a can, a vase, a tray that contains something is always the symbol of a small or big opportunity that can come in the life of the dreamer and that can relate to work, money but also the sentimental sector. In fact we must try to remember the people who are with us. Maybe we dream of opening a jar together with our parents and then it is possible to face a period of serenity in the family or we can dream of being with our husband, with the person we love and then could get a good sentimental period after living a strong situation conjugal crisis. If we remember a friend of ours, a colleague of ours, with us, then a good opportunity could come right in the work and the contribution of this friend or colleague could be really important and crucial. But the jars, unfortunately, can also be difficult to open, they can be broken, we can cut ourselves trying to open them and we can even drop them on the ground.

Before talking about the jars and trays that fall to the ground and break, we must also talk about dreams in which the jars are empty. Obviously if dreaming a full can is a symbol of luck, favorable events and job opportunities, professional, economic that can come in the life of the dreamer, see a completely empty can mean the difficulty of getting something in their earthly existence, the difficulty of having to fill one's life with new events that should not be underestimated and that can improve our existence. In fact, very often, after having dreamed of empty jars we can find ourselves facing a particularly boring, depressed life and we could also live a very pessimistic period and in which we do not have the desire to progress. If instead we try to fill an empty jar with something then we are making the right decisions and we can probably get out of a difficult phase of our life. But now let's talk about all those jars we can not open in a dream. The lid of a tray is very hard, can not be turned and opened and our efforts are really useless. So everything we are doing in a certain period of our life, is useless and does not allow us to reach our goals represented by the object inside the container. If we can not open a can then we can not solve some situations and have the right opportunities to progress in life. Instead, opening a jar very easily means possessing the right skills to act in life and achieve excellent results. An old rusty can instead symbolize the time that passes and therefore any opportunities that are lost and are not exploited. Many people remember having eaten chocolates, jams right from inside trays and jars. Jams use fruit. Fruit in a dream is a sign of great energy and therefore eating jams means rediscovering a good psychophysical condition to proceed in one's life.

But if do we break a jar? If a jar falls to the ground and breaks into pieces? Breaking a jar means not accepting some occasions that may come and that could be positive or negative. In these cases, the sensations we experience in dreams are essential to provide a correct interpretation. Throwing away a jar is certainly the symbol of a missed opportunity, a possibility that we reject ourselves but that could be a great opportunity. Typically a tray or jar is made of glass and when they fall they can be completely destroyed. The glass that splits, being transparent, could signal something very important: the discovery of something, the discovery of a secret, of a truth, which had remained hidden for a long time. Dreams of revelation that should not be underestimated, of course, and the people who are with us can identify the kind of secret we might discover. The presence of our boyfriend, husband, lover could indicate the discovery of a secret sentimentally, the presence of a relative could represent a truth that comes out in the family while a work colleague who is with us can signal the possibility that one of our idea can be stolen or that we ourselves can steal another person's professional idea. Meanwhile, a vase can also have deeper meanings and therefore be a symbol of a great potential for growth, a great possibility we possess, thanks to our inner qualities, to be able to act and obtain advantages in life. In fact, in a simple can a plant, a small tree, a flower can be born and develop, which are precisely the symbol of rebirth, growth, development and the enormous potential of human beings and their minds. Many people say that after they dreamed of receiving a jar or jar, they then got a small or large sum of money. In fact we are not faced with coincidences precisely because these objects that can contain something that can be used, can signal, as we have said before, opportunities and therefore possible gains. Before concluding this argument we must also say that breaking a jar or jar can also have a very negative meaning and represent the possibility of fighting with someone. We must always try to remember the person who is with us in a dream, precisely to evaluate well the sector of manifestation of the dream. So if we dream of breaking a jar that is offered to us by our father or our mother, but it falls and breaks into a thousand pieces, then it is very likely the arrival of a period full of family discussions, a period in which it will be possible to argue with one's parents.


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