Water flowers and plants in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of watering, irrigating, watering down, spraying clean or polluted water, dirtying, spraying or drying, drying, drying up, drying up the soil of flowers, trees and plants that we have at home, on balconies or in country land? What does it mean to dream of watering plants in a small or large earthenware jar, clay, porcelain or glass? Why can we dream of watering huge trees, tall or very small, dried flowers, dead, succulents or watering stones, rocks, rocks? What does it mean to dream of cultivating, throwing, throwing, picking flowers or looking at flowers that bloom? What does it mean to dream of giving beautiful flowers to someone we like or to an enemy? Why can we dream of donating or receiving very fragrant flowers and plants? Why is it possible to plants that are dry, damaged, dying or drying? What does it mean to dream of giving a drink, providing, throwing water from the well to green plants? To dream of the earth, the dry, damp, dry land, the garden of the house, the vegetable garden in which we are planting a small tree, a flower, a plant. Why can we dream to see watering red, yellow, blue, chrysanthemums, magnolias, lilacs, daisies, geraniums, orchids, hydrangeas, peonies, tulips, carnations, mimosas or trees like olive trees, almond trees, cherry trees? What does it mean to dream of watering flowers and plants that are not ours? What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace is useful to play to try to win money when we dream of wanting to give water to some flowers according to the dream book and the guide on dreams? "The other night I dreamed of being in the backyard with my mother, my grandmother, my aunt, my sister and my wife while we gave water to our flowers. Last night I remember dreaming of giving some flowers to my husband but also to my son, my lover, my grandfather, a friend of mine and a colleague. Last night I tore some plants from the ground because it was almost dry. This night I dreamed of being with some children and some dead people, long dead relatives and we were running happily in a green meadow full of beautiful and colorful flowers, plants, trees". Well, today we try to understand, in this article, the meaning of plants, trees and especially flowers in our dreams. In fact, doing this kind of dreams is very common among people and it is not always easy to bring out a valid meaning, a good message.


Usually the flowers have a symbolism connected with our emotional and sentimental life as they serve to reflect sweet, tender, harmonious moments that we are living in our lives at the level of interpersonal and social relationships. But to stop at this point and then think that the flowers or the flowering trees or even the plants have a meaning expressive emotional and sentimental is absolutely wrong. They may have other meanings that it is often not easy to understand. However, let us first analyze the possibility of a sentimental or emotional relationship with the person we love or with a person in our family who we love very much. When we are living a very beautiful, harmonious, happy relationship of love and in which feelings are expressed without any kind of problem, we can see in the dream wonderful fragrant and very beautiful flowers, delicate flowers that grow in a vase or in a soil also thanks to the water we pour. The flower, in this case, represents our emotional or affective relationship while the vase and the ground represent the indispensable and useful things for the relationship to grow. Water is food, the life nymph, therefore dialogue, understanding, true love that is present between two people who love each other and this water must always be poured, this love must always be nourished. Clearly dreaming of seeing beautiful flowers, especially roses of various colors, a symbol of love, which grow thanks to the water we pour, means that our love grows and is strengthened more and more thanks to the love we offer. These dreams are beautiful and when we wake up we feel a great serenity within us and often, after these dreams, we can spend fantastic moments together with the person we love. But flowers, plants or trees can dry out, they can fall and die or be torn by someone or ourselves in our dreams. Tearing a flower that is in excellent condition, means not feeling up to the relationship sentimentale and therefore the desire to change, to close a beautiful love story is very strong within us.

If someone tears or cuts flowers and plants that are growing in our pots or soils, then almost certainly our affective relationship will be disturbed by an external intervention, then by another person, perhaps by an envious person. Flowers, plants, trees that dry up obviously indicate the possibility of having relationship problems, to close a story because it does not go on as we want. A dried flower that represents our love story almost certainly means that we are not living a beautiful relationship that has perhaps become monotonous, useless. To supply water to plants but to see everything dry anyway means that we will do everything possible to improve the situation but we will not be able to solve the problem. When flowers and plants refer to love, to our romantic relationship or to the relationship with our parents, children, relatives, friends, work colleagues, in our dreams always appear elements that make us understand this type of relationship. For example we can dream of watering flowers and having just the person we love at our side or we can dream of cultivating, to plant a small plant with our friend on our side. This small plant represents the relationship with the person who is with us in dreams, a relationship that may have just been born but which can develop for years and positively, only if we want it and work for it. Never forget to remember every detail of our dreams and therefore objects that you observe, places where you are, people you meet and feelings and emotions that you experience. The sensations you feel while smelling a flower, while you smell its scent, are generally beautiful sensations that do not only affect our love life but can simply relate to a beautiful period of our earthly existence, a period in which we are very serene, calm, happy, we feel in balance with the world, we have realized some of our projects and we are very enthusiastic. In fact, flowers, plants, trees full of green leaves, fruits, can signal a next joy, a joyful event, a stroke of luck that can come to our family.

In fact, do not forget that when a child is born, when we are invited to a dinner or a party like a birthday, usually a bouquet of flowers is the thing that gives. But the flowers are not just about joys but also pains, suffering. In the moment a tree or a plant is drying out in our dreams, then it is possible that we are living a period not very nice or some projects of our lives are wrecking. And here is another very important meaning of plants and especially trees in dreams. Often the trees that are planted represent our idea, our project that can start and develop only if we feed it with our energies. Dreaming of planting trees or plants is a very interesting and usually beautiful symbolism because it signals a period of our life in which we have some projects that we would like to achieve and we are moving in this direction. The tree can grow very well, it can dry out, it can fall down, catch on fire. Our projects can go on very well or not. And seeing a tree full of fruit is an excellent symbolism because our ideas and projects can go on and bring many successes and advantages, even economic ones. So also supplying water to the flowers we have at home or at work means to feed projects as well as ourselves, our soul that can evolve, mature over time. But we have not finished yet because the flowers and plants, especially when they bloom, can have at least two other dream meanings. The flower that blooms is a great symbol of rebirth, the sign of the transition from one phase of our life to another phase in which we can change and evolve positively. News and positive transformation. We conclude this article by offering another possible interpretation to dreams, especially when the dreamer is a man. Flowers can represent the female genital organ and in fact many flowers have the same appearance. So a great sexual desire, a strong erotic drive can be represented by flowers and plants with flowers that we see in our dream world.


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