The tree in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Dreaming of trees and plants: abundance and happiness. But what does it mean to dream of seeing cut, pruning, cut down a huge tree, a giant and very tall oak with very long branches? What does it mean to dream of seeing a tree like a weeping willow or many olive trees? What meaning do trees and tree trunks cut into a dream? Why do we often dream of seeing logs of wood, broken branches of pine or fir trees? And what does it mean to dream of being in a forest or in a forest with lots of trees and plants? How many times have we dreamed of being in front of a tree of oranges, of mandarins, full of cherries, lemons, apples, figs, pine, elm, poplar, pears, chestnuts, apricots, peaches, plums, almonds? And why is it possible to dream of a great and majestic tree that falls under the blows of an ax or a chainsaw? What does it mean to dream to see and find a sick tree, rotten, burning, isolated, flowery, with flowers, cut down, dry or dreaming of climbing stairs and picking fruit from a tree with parents, a brother or sister, Pope, a child or a dead person, dead for a few or many years? Repair yourself under a very large tree, with a very tall and wide trunk or plant a small tree in your backyard. To see a tree of a broken ship or a tree with evergreen leaves or even with dry leaves falling into the ground and then looking at a leafless tree. How many times have you dreamed of a Christmas tree decorated for the holidays? "The other night I dreamed of getting on a tree with my mother and father to steal and eat some fruit. Last night I dreamed of climbing up with my grandfather and some of my relatives on a tree near the house to pick olives. Last night I dreamed of being in the rain and hid and protected under a huge tree that was in my garden with my boyfriend, a friend of mine, a colleague of work. Tonight I remember dreaming of burning the branches and leaves of a tree that had dried up and was dying. At my side there was a famous actor and singer and also my son and husband besides an uncle". What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can be played when we dream of climbing over a very tall tree to eat, collect or steal its fruit, to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and the guide on dreams? Let's understand and understand the meaning of trees and plants in our dreams.


First of all, the tree often represents the development of our life and therefore it is the symbol of our progress. The tree in a dream can have a thousand meanings but very often it represents everything we are doing in life in order to move forward and progress. The health of the tree, its outward appearance is very important for understanding whether our existence is positive or not. If we dream of being in front of a majestic tree, huge, very high, full of branches and green leaves but above all full of excellent fruits that you can gather and eat, then we can almost certainly say that the dream indicates a beautiful period that will be full of excellent opportunities working and economic. The tree full of fruits, in fact, almost always signals the arrival of a wonderful season in our life, a season that will bring many occasions as well as great optimism and a positive attitude. When we dream of trees in good condition, with good health, we can therefore hope to be in a very good psychophysical form, too, and the days that come can be favorable for recovering from a difficult period or from a period of illness. Climbing a tree to collect fruit is a very basic element of the dream but we must try to remember if the fruits are green, rotten, broken, stinking, poisoned or they are good to eat. This difference is very important to give the dream a right meaning because, in fact, not being able to climb, fail to collect fruit, fall from a tree and get hurt or eat fruit that is ruined, it means that we will lose some opportunities or that various occasions will not come into our life. Basically a tree in a dream represents our life, our current situation. A good tree, in good health, means that we too are very well, a tree with broken branches, dried, leafless, sick or even burned, obviously refers to various problems that we face in our earthly existence. Very often a tree with leaves falling in the ground and then with the dry branches means that we are living a period of renewal in our life, a period in which we must regain our strength to be reborn, to sprout again just like a tree and all the plants on Earth.

Trees in dreams can also represent small or big obstacles to overcome in life and in fact very often, men and women of all ages, dream of being in front of a tree and many trees that do not allow to continue on the way but rather block the road. These trees represent difficulties that we must try to overcome and the great shadows that perhaps form and obscure the oneiric environment, by not filtering the light of the Sun, can signal the presence of doubts, uncertainties, and fears in our earthly existence that requires important choices and decisions to make. In a dream we can find ourselves walking on a very dark or lit path and right in a big wood or in a big forest full of many trees. Often the forest or the forest, represent our mind that can not find the right way to react to a situation, to solve a small or big problem. However, speaking specifically of the item object of this article, and therefore of the tree, we must say that, in addition to representing ourselves, our psychophysical situation, our well-being and possible opportunities or obstacles that may come, can signal also our inner growth, our maturation and evolution. In fact we can dream of watering a plant or a tree with so much water and so we are offering ourselves the opportunity to improve, to progress in our lives both internally and externally and we know how important is the water for plants, for ourselves and for the world. Some people say they have dreamed of being in their garden and find themselves in front of trees and plants that are cut with the use of a chainsaw or an ax. Cutting branches of trees or whole trunks, then breaking down and throwing down shrubs, means that we need to change our life or part of it but in a very drastic, important and immediate way. This type of dreams is really great and indicates that we can find the forces to change our existence, improving our path. Maybe we are no longer happy with our work and the tree that we bring down indicates the work, maybe we are not happy with our relationship or love relationship with a friend, colleague, parent and the tree signals precisely the relationship that must be completed. So trees and plants can also indicate human bonds.


We must never forget that in our dreams everything is important in order to give a correct interpretation. Colors, sensations, emotions, places, objects, people and things must be remembered in order to provide a very precise interpretation. For example, if we meet a tree on our dream path and decide to shoot it down, to burn its branches or its trunk and together with us we see one of our parents, a relative, a son, a sister or brother, then clearly our relationship affective with this person is about to change, is about to be turned upside down and we ourselves make the right decision. The tree has other fundamental meanings in our dream world. For example we can dream of being in the rain and a very strong storm with thunder and lightning and find a good shelter under a tree that indicates, then, the opportunity to find a valid help to solve a fairly complex situation that alone we could not solve. Often sheltering under a tree indicates the arrival of a person who can help us to solve a complex situation. But the tree can also be dangerous because from it we can fall and hurt ourselves very much, we can be hit while we are under it and its trunk or its copper can fall over us and kill us. Difficulties, insurmountable problems, bad choices and decisions, uncertainties, pessimism. Here in these cases this dream symbolism is not absolutely positive and even makes us understand how much difficulty we face in our earthly existence. Often flowers, plants and trees represent our body that changes, that grows, that evolves, matures and slowly ages up to death and then these symbols can appear in dreams in some very important moments of our life that can coincide with the adolescence, youth, old age. Collecting fruits to eat or firewood and burning in our fireplace in our home, absolutely means to feed our lives positively with great psychophysical energies that can make us move forward. In the final analysis we want to remember those dreams in which a person who has been dead for a very long time appears next to a tree or above it. If the tree represents our life, clearly this dream signals the very strong bond we have with the person who is now dead.


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