The necklace in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Buy jewelry, collier, choker, necklace, dog or cat collar. These dreams are widespread. What does it mean to dream of buying a beautiful and expensive necklace? What does it mean to dream of having a beautiful necklace around your neck? What is the meaning of dreams in which the necklaces break and fall on the ground? What does it mean to dream of a necklace of gold, of silver, of diamonds, with precious and precious pearls? What does it mean to dream of finding a broken black, white, red, yellow, green, celentes, blue, orange and pink necklace on the street? Why can we dream of wearing a broken necklace or breaking into our hands? Have you ever dreamed of giving someone a lot of necklaces or a very small golden necklace? What does it mean to dream of buying a beautiful necklace with a heart inside? And dream of building a necklace using sea shells? Often it happens to dream of making a wonderful colorful necklace with our mother, father, cousin, nephew, grandmother, sister, brother, son, husband, wife, girlfriend, dead relative, friend or work colleague. What does it mean to dream of a necklace that can not be closed? What does it mean to dream of receiving a very small necklace but it is very tight to our neck and therefore does not enter? Some people dream of a necklace that does not allow to breathe, tightens the neck and the breath is missing until risking to die. What does it mean to dream of stone necklaces, a necklace of costume jewelry, a necklace with a cross or a gold necklace with a crucifix? Have you ever dreamed of holding in your hands a beautiful necklace of the Rosary of the Madonna? What numbers is it possible to extrapolate from the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery when we remember having dreamed of wearing a necklace, following what the guide and the dream book says? Last night I remember dreaming of seeing someone I do not know who wore my necklace. Last night I dreamed that my husband gave me a fantastic necklace with a very precious stone inside. The other night I dreamed of being with a thief who wanted to snatch the necklace from my neck but I could escape. This night I went into a jewelry store to buy a necklace for my girlfriend. Necklaces are objects that can appear very often in our dreams along with bracelets, pins, rings and earrings. Their dreamlike meaning can often be positive but obviously every dream is very personal and must be interpreted correctly taking into consideration the life of the dreamer.


Certainly the objects we wear in real life can very often appear in our dream world. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings are very common in the dream world but not for this reason their meaning is trivial. First of all, in order to understand the meaning of the necklaces, we always start from its value in real life. The necklace is an object that is worn around the neck and can be made of precious material or not. Men and women wear necklaces to look more beautiful but sometimes this object is a memory of a dead relative, perhaps a mother, a father or a grandfather who have died many years or this object could represent the union between two people, a sentimental union. In fact, when two people love each other and want to show their love, they can give themselves rings, bracelets and necklaces. So also the necklace that appears in our dreams, very often, symbolizes a sentimental union. Certainly for this dream situation to be absolutely referring to love, it must be remembered if in the dream some object, some place or some person is in connection with our love life and therefore, for example, if we dream to see our boyfriend or our girlfriend who are with us and who wears a necklace, then this dream clearly signals a changing love situation. If we dream that our boyfriend gives us a beautiful necklace that we put around his neck, then our sentimental situation can evolve positively or we can make peace after having a fight. The symbolism of this object is obviously less powerful than that of a ring but nevertheless possesses a very powerful symbolism and which can almost always concern unions and not just sentimental ones. In fact, many people dream of giving necklaces to their parents, relatives, children, friends, work colleagues or they dream of receiving a beautiful necklace as a gift from one of these people. Here love is not the fulcrum of the dream but in any case an interpersonal relationship must be carefully evaluated.

For example, if we dream of having a necklace to our neck that we recognize and is an old gift, an old memory of our mother or our grandmother deceased a few years, then here the meaning is completely different and does not concern love as a union between two people. Here the memory of the now dead person is still very strong and therefore the necklace simply represents this memory that never dies. Sometimes, but rarely, seeing a deceased who comes towards us to give us this object, means that we can solve an important situation, a serious problem thanks to the intercession of this deceased person. But what do these particular objects hide that can often be made of very precious material like gold or silver? Having a necklace of gold or silver means being in a very lucky period and in which it will be possible to receive good news or otherwise things will go well enough and any problems can be solved. Let's not forget that a necklace is put around the neck and the neck is at the base of our head, a very erogenous and erotic area for many people and therefore can also indicate a period in which we need to show our eroticism level, our charm, a period in which our sexual desires must be satisfied. Also, let's not forget another reason why we do not wear necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and other precious objects. These objects serve to make us feel more beautiful while we are with other people. If we go to a party or a very important meeting of work, we could decide to wear our best jewels just to look more charming and important. Appearance, here is a word that could be the focus of these dreams and self-esteem. When a person is very vain and narcissistic, then he can wear necklaces, bracelets, various objects, perhaps even very cumbersome in dreams. Furthermore, each of us has our own level of self-esteem and self-esteem is often in tune with our physical appearance and our work qualities. If we are facing a difficult period at a professional level and we can not solve a problem then we can dream of having a necklace too large or too narrow, perhaps broken in some places.

Dreaming of very narrow necklaces perhaps symbolizes a working collaboration or a particularly complex sentimental union that does not allow us to breathe, therefore it does not allow us to be what we want to be. Constriction and lack of freedom are often associated with the objects we wear and which are very tight, cause pain or too large and can be easily removed. But what does it mean to find a necklace? Many people often say they have found a very nice little necklace on the ground, walking freely in a strange place. The people who are with us, the places in which we are and that we can recognize, objects that we meet and also feelings that we feel, are all fundamental details that help us to give a correct interpretation to the dream. And so if we find a necklace along a road and together with us we see our work colleague, then it is very likely that we can start a working collaboration, in short, something will happen in our professional life and could also affect this colleague. Generally these objects concern the feelings we feel towards a person and in fact finding necklaces can also mean starting a love story, meeting a person who will make our heart beat faster. If the necklace is of gold, however, we must be very careful about the disappointments of love that can blind the person in love. If the necklace we wear or find is broken, broken, then our love must face a phase of crisis, quarrels and discussions and probably, even if in rare cases, a separation will be inevitable. And if someone gives us a marvelous necklace? Every time someone in a dream makes us a gift we must try to remember the relationship we have with this person because if this relationship is not good, rather we are facing an enemy, then we risk being deceived, falling into a trap. In addition, receiving a necklace is very often a commitment to keep, a promise to be taken forward and that has been given to another person who might appear in our dream world. Giving someone this object is always the symbol of a promise that has been made and must be carried forward.


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