The cemetery in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Dead who wake up and leave the graves and chase us. Die in a cemetery. A terrible dream experience. What does it mean to dream of entering a large cemetery alone or together with a dead person for a long time? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a person dancing in a cemetery? Why can we bring flowers on a grave of a relative to the cemetery? Burial ground, necropolis, catacombs, many names to always indicate the same place, ie the cemetery. What does it mean to dream of a cemetery full of children, old people, boys, women, men buried alive or still alive? What does it mean to dream of buying flowers to bring to the cemetery? Why can we dream of seeing a cemetery on the sea, burning, catching fire? What does it mean to dream of burying an enemy in a cemetery near our house by night or by day with the light of the Moon or the Sun? What does it mean to dream of a completely empty cemetery, with the graves all open and without corpses? Have you ever dreamed of being in a cemetery with your mother, father, grandparent, boyfriend, friend, work colleague, parents, relative, son, husband, wife, sister, uncle, brother, pope, famous actor or singer? What does it mean to dream of being so afraid and running away from a ghost that runs after us among the graves of an ancient cemetery, very silent, uninhabited? For many people the cemetery is a very shabby environment, like a desert, full of great desolation. What does it mean to dream of accompanying someone in a large cemetery to visit a tomb of an ancient relative who has been deceased for so many years? Why can we dream of riding the closed gate of a cemetery with many visitors? And to dream of being inside an abandoned cemetery? What numbers can you pull out of the Neapolitan grimace to have fun in the lottery, when we dream of being in a crowded cemetery, to try to win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I remember dreaming of being in a huge cemetery with my parents and I was very scared. Last night I dreamed that I was alone inside a coffin inside the cemetery in my city. Last night I dreamed of escaping from some living dead who wanted to kill me. Tonight I dreamed of entering a cemetery but was arrested by the police". Let's try to understand the meaning of the cemetery when it appears in our dream world.


The cemetery in our dreams can be very scary. This fear is obviously justified by the fact that the cemetery is a place where the bodies, now deprived of life, rest of our relatives, friends. Especially if we dream of being in a graveyard at night, with a huge darkness, fear can really be infinite. But this place can have negative aspects and positive aspects, it can take on favorable and unfavorable meanings for the dreamer. First of all, let's start from its true meaning in real life. This place is a place of peace, where people who are dead after a religious ceremony are buried. In this place we go there to visit our dear departed and to bring flowers, a symbol of gratitude and memory. The tombs conserve their human remains. The cemetery is a very quiet environment closed at night and open during the hours of the day to allow the visit of relatives, friends to the dead. Even if dreaming of being in a cemetery can create much anguish for all of us, we must immediately say that it, being a place of peace and tranquility, has absolutely a very favorable meaning and is not a bad omen, indeed, in many popular traditions, it represents a good omen, can therefore signal a lucky event, a period of small or big fortune. According to some popular traditions, being in a cemetery means having a long life and of course having good health and that's why some people say they have recovered from an illness, have recovered a good physical shape, just after having had a dream of this kind. But we must not forget why we go to a cemetery. We go to pray on the grave of a dear person who no longer lives with us. Here is another meaning and that is the nostalgia of the past, a past that is almost certainly missing from the dreamer. And here when we dream of being on the grave of a person we know, we must remember on awakening who that person is, whether in real life she is still alive or not. If, in fact, we dream of visiting the tomb of a man or woman who is not yet dead, then a problem of communication with this person exists in real life.

For example, we can dream of being in the cemetery and praying at our mother's grave, which is still alive. Prayer is a way to ask for forgiveness or to rediscover a serenity that is lacking in our interior, in our soul. What problem do we have with our mother? What difficulties are we having with our parents? Since death is a word connected to the cemetery and we have often said that death indicates necessary, inevitable changes and that we can not refuse, then the oneiric death of our parent, buried under the ground, can symbolize the need to change something in the relationship with this person, accept, rather, a change. Dreadful dreams are those in which the body of a deceased person comes out of his grave and follows us throughout the cemetery, even at night, in complete darkness. What are we escaping from in real life? What situation makes us very afraid? We must ask ourselves these questions when we wake up and remember having a dream of this kind. The shadows and the ghosts that attack us at night, the living dead that walk trying to eat, the feeling of being watched and followed by someone while we are in a cemetery. All these dreamlike symbolisms represent our fears, our fears, our difficulties from which we flee while, instead, we should calmly face everything to find the right solution. Very often we can even dream of accompanying someone to the cemetery. We must try to remember this person because almost certainly our relationship with it could change in life. In fact, many people say they have visited the tomb of a long-dead relative with another person with whom, subsequently, the interpersonal relationship has changed, has changed sharply and abruptly. So we must always accept a situation of change when we dream of going to a cemetery on our own or with other people we know and with whom we have a romantic relationship, love, work, family.

Many times we can dream to meet many people in this place of peace or be completely alone. These two dream aspects have different meanings. Being alone in a cemetery, then in a completely desolate place, perhaps dark, without light, means being connected with our soul, with our unconscious from which we want some answers and if we observe a large moon that illuminates the night sky, so here it is a confirmation of the search for an inner stability that is not possible at the moment. The confusion or in any case the presence of many other people, signals a mental confusion, a chaos that pervades our soul and does not allow us to live our life easily. Often behind these dreams can hide particular concerns to which we can not find a valid solution. A meaning not to be underestimated about cemeteries is related to things, memories, situations, events that our mind, ourselves, we decided to abandon, to remove. When we decide to close with a situation because we think it is no longer useful for our lives, then we can dream of being in a cemetery, in a necropolis. Let's take an example to better understand this concept. We had a romantic relationship that ends at a certain point in our lives. To be able to accept this closure is not at all simple, but if our mind and heart, then our subconscious too, accept the end of the situation, then we can dream of being in a large cemetery where we can be with the person we loved or we could even see his body inside a coffin under the ground. In short, the past can come back into our lives even through this kind of dreams, but this past must not be scary but simply must allow us to evolve, to improve, to mature. Generally these dreamlike places do not symbolize terrible states of mind but sometimes dissatisfaction, despair, depression, melancholy, pessimism can be sensations connected with the cemetery, especially if the dreamer sees his own body buried alive in a coffin under the ground.


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