The hearse in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Being in a locked chest and not being able to breathe. A really terrible dream. What does it mean to dream of being in a huge hearse? What is the meaning of dreams in which we call a hearse to take the body of a dead person? What does it mean to dream of seeing funeral carriages with black, brown, white horses and being forced to enter into a funeral carriage that is completely black, dark and without light? Why can we dream of traveling next to a carriage of the dead accompanying the coffin to the cemetery? What does it mean to dream of a hearse with an empty coffin of gray, black, white, brown, red, pink, green, yellow with flowers? Why can we dream of seeing a hearse waiting for us under our house? Find in the street the car of the dead without a coffin or inside the body still alive of our father, mother, a long-dead relative, cousin, brother-in-law, grandfather, nephew, brother, sister, friend or work colleague. What does it mean to dream of a hearse that has inside the mummified body of a famous singer or actor? Why can we dream, sometimes, the car of the dead or meet a small and ancient hearse that chases us dragged by some horses? What does it mean to dream of eating inside a hearse or seeing so many carts of death? Going, walking, running behind a large horse-drawn hearse, which stops and does not walk. Being in a broken hearse, burning, catching fire, with our parents, with a very long procession of people behind it. Being in a locked chest and not being able to breathe. What numbers can we use from the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery when we remember to have dreamed of being inside a funeral carriage to look for a win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "Last night I dreamed of being with a friend of mine as we walked next to a hearse. Last night I remember dreaming of being inside a coffin, inside a car for dead people. The other night I dreamed I was calling a coffin shop. Tonight I dreamed of attending the funeral of someone still alive". Well today we talk about this strange car or this strange means of transport that however is essential in our lives and that sooner or later will take us to the cemetery. What is the meaning behind these dreams Why is the hearse that appears in the dream world frightens us? Let's understand.


So at least once in your life you will have dreamed of seeing a coffin, attending a funeral or going behind a funeral procession. Even some people have dreamed of being inside a hearse going to the cemetery. Obviously these dreams are above all terrible nightmares that put a terrible anxiety and that do not allow us to wake up peacefully. In fact, dreaming of funerals, coffins, deceased is certainly not a good thing and indeed many people wake up with great tension, a great fear and agitation, perhaps thinking that something very bad may happen in their lives. We must immediately say that funerals, coffins, hearses do not represent the physical death of a person or of the same dreamer in real life but symbolize something very important that we are going to explain now. Meanwhile, it is also true that some people say they have dreamed of the funeral of a friend, a little-known person or a famous person and then, in fact, in real life, after a short time this person dies. Here we are faced with premonitory dreams that are very rare or simple coincidences. So the most important meaning from which you can understand many things, connected with deaths, coffins, funerals, marches and funeral carts, is death. A funeral requires a coffin because inside it there is a dead person, a lifeless body. Here we are between life and death and this passage is the key to the dream because it represents change. We are born, we live and then die because the evolution of everything on Earth is this here. Everything changes, is changed by events and even death does not escape this divine rule or Nature. Even death is a change, a change that could be inescapable, necessary and for this reason it could make us very scared. In fact many times, in front of an event that could change some things in our existence, we are so afraid because the future itself makes us live with apprehension. And here is the concept of death in our dreams or nightmares.

But what does the carriage of death mean? If you have understood that death represents a change that may occur in your life or in the life of the person who actually dies in a dream but who has a connection with you, also signals your role in real life, then you can understand that this means of transport symbolizes the period between an event and the next event that will lead to change. In essence, the hearse can indicate the tools we have to act and seek this change in our lives. Clearly in every hearse we can find a coffin that can be empty or full, white, black, gray, full of flowers and followed by many people, by a long funeral procession, with people laughing or crying. We must never forget that the feelings we experience in dreams are really fundamental and many times they are more important than the objects we see, the people we meet and the places in which we are or who we visit. And then, following a funeral court and being very sad, crying just for the death of a person we know, means to live the change with great apprehension, with great fear and with so much fear. Usually in this kind of dreams darkness, darkness, lack of colors are a very present home and confirm the mood of the person, of the dreamer who is not experiencing a very quiet, serene, happy phase. Our life is a continuous change, an evolution that never ends and every day we have to struggle to get what we want. We must also accept events that are apparently very negative but that can actually bring very useful changes in our lives. The hearse represents the means we use to carry out these necessary and unavoidable changes. No person will die when we do this kind of dreams and if in the coffin we remember seeing one of our relatives, our wife, our husband, our son or our boyfriend, we must not think that this individual will die.

The colors in the dream world take on a very important meaning and can provide useful details to be able to interpret the dream. So if we are faced with a white or white horse-drawn hearse, then the change that will take place will be very nice but it may concern above all a spiritual evolution, interior, a maturation of our soul that obviously can be reflected on our life in all its sectors and therefore in love, in work, for example. If inside the hearse we find a white coffin then this element confirms that we are about to face a period of strong spiritual expansion because, in the white coffins, we usually find the lifeless bodies of the children who are the symbol of innocence, purity, spirituality . The funeral procession, the flowers that are present around the coffin should not be scary because they confirm the possibility of changing our lives in a very important way and obviously if the funeral procession is very long, if there are many flowers, we can hope to live a new phase really very positive, full of apprehension certainly but certainly full of events. The hearse that does not proceed and stops along a road without ever arriving at the cemetery is a sign of internal struggles, of obstacles that we must necessarily face before we can reach the finish line. We conclude this article by describing another possible meaning of this dream symbol. The hearse often symbolizes a party to which we will be invited, to which we will participate. Especially when we notice the presence of many flowers, horses, people, we can hope to participate in a very nice festive event that could come in a very short time. In fact, if you think very well, you can also come to the conclusion that the funeral is a party, a sad party that signals the transition to a new life of the deceased, a new life that we hope will be much better than the earthly one.


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