The Church in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of a Church or a Mosque full of people? Why can we dream of a completely empty Church? And dream of a tiny closed Church, with many statues of saints or deconsecrated and satanic? What is the meaning of dreams in which we enter a small Church with few people? Dreaming of praying alone or with many other people, in front of the statue of the Madonna or the crucifix of Jesus Christ in an unknown Church. Have you ever dreamed of kneeling under an altar to recite the mass, the rosary in silence and hear some people praying? Why can we dream of a church decorated for Christmas or Easter? To hear someone sing, to see a large chorus of children and women, or to dream of escaping from a Church that is collapsing or taking fire. What does it mean to dream of a Church in which we find our mother, father, brother, sister, dead relatives, friends, work colleague, boyfriend, uncles, grandparents, grandchildren, children, husband, wife who are all dead? What does it mean to dream to see a huge cathedral that burns, with so many flames, without furniture, without chairs, furniture, without benches. Churches in white, black, red, destroyed, collapsing, falling to the ground. What does it mean to dream of entering a very large Church in our city with a big, dark, crowded doorway with flowers and a funeral rite that is being celebrated? How many times have you dreamed of seeing or attending a wedding, anniversary, baptism, birthday with priests and priests reciting mass. What does it mean to dream of stealing from the Church or seeing priests who die, are they killed? Remember to have seen a large white coffin, with many people around them crying or laughing. What numbers can we use from the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery when we remember to have dreamed of being in a great and ancient Church, to try to win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I remember dreaming of entering a church in my city to seek refuge from the cold. Last night I dreamed that I was with my parents praying in a cathedral. Last night I dreamed of being kneeling under an altar. Tonight I dreamed of attending a funeral mass". This religious place can appear very often in a dream and not only to people who love to pray and attend masses. Let's try to understand the dreamlike meaning of this place.


Why can we dream of being in a church? Many people dream of being in front of a large church or in front of an immense cathedral. Certainly before offering some ideas to be able to interpret dreams in which this place appears, we must talk about those people who can be very religious, pray a lot, often attend the Church or their Parish and then the apparition in their dreams, a place of this type it simply means that they are very religious people. However, if you do not attend priests, priests, churches, cathedrals, do not like praying and asking for help in God, in Our Lady, Jesus Christ or some saint, then the reason for the appearance of a Church can be much more significant and not to be underestimated. So let's start by saying immediately that the Church, in real life, is the symbol of the house of God, a place of peace, serenity, in which to find silence and in which to find a dialogue with the divine essence that is within us. Here are already good starting points to be able to interpret this kind of dreams. First of all, when we remember having dreamed of being in a Church we must try to understand if we are experiencing a very complicated period, a rather complex and difficult period in some sectors of our earthly existence but above all on a spiritual level. In fact, the appearance of the Church in our dream world can symbolize the truly impelling necessity of having to find an inner balance, a new harmony from which we have been diverted because of someone or something. Often the working, economic, family, sentimental problems can weaken not only our physical body but also our mind and our inner energy. If we believe in God then we know that we have within ourselves, in the depths of our soul, a divine essence, that light that connects us with God. This essence can fade with the passage of time and here are places like cathedrals or churches. that appear in the dream world, are used precisely to remind the dreamer that we must absolutely find this balance.

Usually dreaming of being in a small or large Church immersed in complete silence means that we are going through a period of inner peace as well as a peaceful phase of our life and therefore, perhaps, all things are going well. But everything could be completely the opposite, that is, we enter a church in a dream because our subconscious wants to tell us that we need to find a period of serenity, of tranquility that unfortunately may have been missing for so long. If we dream of going to a church with someone, then, probably, in our life and in the relationship with this person, with the person who accompanies us on the way, we need something. In fact, going to these religious places means trying to find oneself again and here we may need to face a period of loneliness, interpersonal difficulties with our husband, son, with our parents and therefore the depth of our soul asks us to stop for a moment and think about solving the situation. If the Church is completely empty we can think of living a very solitary period, in which nobody understands our needs and this creates a kind of inner malaise that is not easy to manage. Another very widespread dream that includes this important religious place is the presence of so much light or very little light. If we remember having dreamed of being in a very dark, obscure Church, in which we can only see the faint light of a candle, then almost certainly we are living a period of great solitude in which pessimism, melancholy, sadness can take over. A very enlightened Church is the symbol instead of a positive, optimistic period and in which the dreamer can hope to improve his earthly existence. In these places we can also celebrate some religious rites such as marriage, baptism as well as funerals. Celebrating a baptism in the Church is really a good thing because, most likely, in our life is going to get a wonderful news, very good news, a very positive change.

If we see a funeral rite with a coffin, then something must end in our lives, a change is necessary and must not be underestimated. And if the Church collapses or catches fire? Perhaps our faith in God is collapsing, perhaps we are simply losing hope for a better life, perhaps we think that nothing can get us out of a very complex problem. But being able to escape from a collapse, being able to save symbolizes the ability to find a solution to the problems that beset our mind. If the Church burns, because flames are the symbol of Hell but also repressed desires and animal instincts that can be uncontrollable, then you have to pay close attention to some situations that can create serious problems. When a Church burns, then our hopes can be lost. Another widespread dream in which this place takes on an important meaning is that in which the dreamer tries to enter a small or large church and is chased away. In this case the dreamer does not trust his inner forces, he is afraid to face a situation with hope and faith. Symbol of pessimism and melancholy that must make the dreamer understand that it is very important instead to trust in himself and especially in that famous divine light that is in all of us, in the depths of our soul and needs only to be pulled out. We conclude this subject by talking about another kind of dreams, that is, those dreams in which we are inside a Church, kneeling under an altar and praying by turning our words or our thoughts to God, towards a statue of the Madonna, of Jesus Christ or another saint. Praying symbolizes, very clearly, the need to be helped, to be sustained during an uneasy period of our life. The period can be so complicated that only a divine help, just a miracle, can help us to solve our illness. If instead we remember to have confessed to a priest or a priest, then we are ready to make up for our mistakes because we have understood what was to be understood.


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