Have you ever dreamed of fire or dreaming of lighting the light but it does not light up, because it is lightning? What does it mean to be unable to turn off or turn on a fire? What numbers of neapolitan grimace need to play in order to win the lottery when you dream of being in front of a great fire for a lottery win, according to the dream book and dream guide? What does it mean to dream of our home in flames after a bomb blast or a shootout with guns and rifles? Why is it possible to dream of seeing a fire burning with very high, very dangerous flames, and seeing firefighters pushing the flames of the bullet? Have you ever shot fire with lemons, woods, glasses, a lens, a mirror, a countryside, a forest, a forest or a beach with your friends? Fire in our dreams can come from a candle, matches, a bulb, a gas stove, a stove, a cigarette, a fireplace, a fireplace, a boiler. Meaning and interpretation of dreams in which we can use a gas cylinder that then explodes home fire are very different, different from each other. What does it mean to dream of turning on fire? Why is it possible to dream of giving fire to a living person, give the flames an animal such as a dog, a cat or a snake, a child, hang, burn, burn, burn fire or burn, burn, infuse or shake documents, tamper, dampen , choke, extinguish the fire? "The other night I dreamed of escaping from a terrible fire that burned my house. Last night I dreamed of seeing a beautiful fireplace burning with a nice fire that warmed me up. Last night I was with my dad, my mother, meie friends, some relatives, my sister and my brother, my wife, my ex boyfriend and my grandparents on the beach in front of a beautiful bonfire. This night I dreamed of extinguishing the flames of a great fire with water and near me I saw an actor, very famous singer". Why can you dream of seeing burning a person who is still alive or dreaming of a dead person, a man or woman who has died for so many years, a dead man who is cremated in an oven? How many times have you dreamed of being in front of your kitchen's cooking stove? Let's understand the meaning of these particular dreams.


Fire can take on different meanings and you must always remember to all of you that it is important not to forget the places you visit in the dream, the people you meet, the feelings you feel and the objects you see. First and foremost, the fire is burning and has always been associated with the erotic and sexual passion a person possesses. Very often, when we dream of seeing a fire burning with great flames, then perhaps we are experiencing a good emotional season, a good time alongside our partner and we are also satisfied with the view of eroticism because we are able to Express our primordial energies, then connected to sexual charge. But this speech would be too redundant and no doubt the fire and the flames can be linked to other meanings. In fact, fire can destroy, fueled by wind, in a very short time, hectares of forests, woods and even houses. Fire can therefore be understood as destruction, in a negative sense, and as a renewal, in a positive sense. Fire when it destroys can create many damage. For example, a widespread dream is that where our house gets burned, burns and we can not do anything to turn off the terrible burden. Even though we throw water on fire we can not turn off the high flames. What is happening in our life? What problem can we not overcome and that is destroying us? A strong sentimental crisis, a professional crisis, and serious economic problems that we can not find, can be represented in dreams by fire. But it does not just mean destruction, as we said before. Fire can be useful in eliminating something from our lives that no longer exists.

In fact, often in our dreams, we fire and burn flames of fire and this means that we realize that in our lives a situation is not positive and favorable and we decide to eliminate it, to close everything that does not go. In fiery cases, however, fire is thus understood as a means of purification and liberation from problems that have long been dragged into daily life. Purification, this is a key word to remember when we dream of the fire. By lighting a fire we can begin a new life path that necessarily passes through a purification of our soul and body. Often, having dreams of this kind, we can enter into a phase of our life where things change, we can evolve internally and externally, becoming even more mature and responsible people. Of course, not being able to fire a fire, failing to turn it off, is not a good sign because it can mean that our life is out of control and we are unable to find some solutions to our problems that may also affect other people. When we dream of the fire we must not forget the people who are with us. A burning baby may signal the need to close with our childhood or adolescence or the need to change some of the character aspects that are not serious. The presence of a grandfather, a parent, a husband or wife, in short of a person we love, indicates instead that progress, revolution, and renewal in our lives must take place through the support and assistance of people that love us.

A really terrible dream, which is a real nightmare, is the dream in which a person gets burned or burned by someone, maybe we are to fire with gas to a person who can be a friend or enemy in life real. This kind of dreams can make us wake up with the heart that really feels strong and therefore with great fear that something can happen in our everyday life. See burning a person and failing to turn off fire may indicate the difficulty of collaborating with other people on a project. For example, if we see burning a work colleague cries and suffers from flames, then in the working life we??do not support his ideas, his projects, and therefore cooperation is not possible, renewal, collaboration is not possible and can not Even polemics, discussions, quarrels arise. If, however, we are able to extinguish the flames of the fire, then we have a good chance of being able to actively and positively collaborate with other people's projects. Often, too, various misunderstandings in interpersonal relationships can be depicted by fire in dreams. A child or a boy can dream of giving fire to a parent because the relationship with this family figure is very tense, there is misunderstanding, parents do not understand the thoughts of the children and they find the way to rebel against their severity, perhaps burning them in dream. And if in our dreams do we see burning a deceased person, a relative who has been dead for so long? This kind of dreams may indicate the necessity of not being saddened by the lack of a person we loved as long as it was alive. We end up talking about the fire in dreams talking about the dream in which we often find ourselves together with friends or work colleagues around a beautiful bonfire, a fine fire on which we may cook meat, drink and sing. The period of our life seems to be happy and we are able to express all of our positive emotions.


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