The fireplace in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of being in a warm house with a fireplace that has been lit by someone? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a person who lights the fire in a fireplace in his house? What does it mean to see an extinguished fireplace with lots of wood in the fireplace that does not light up? And why can we dream of turning off a big, big fireplace with the smoke coming out of his chimney pot? What does it mean to dream of cleaning a clogged, dirty fireplace that stinks or sees a very old but broken fireplace, which collapses, catches fire, burns, full of ashes? What does it mean to dream of seeing a fireplace under construction or dreaming of building a fireplace with a chimney, chimney, chimney, chimney with stones? Have you ever dreamed of destroying, burning something in a fireplace or roasting bread, meat, vegetables, fish? What does it mean to dream of burning a person's body or books, cards, objects, in a fireplace with wood? What does it mean to dream of a fireplace that is set on fire and is destroyed by flames? Why can we see, in our dreams, a fireplace with lumber wet by the water that does not come on? What numbers is it possible to pull out of the Neapolitan grimace to have fun in the lottery, when we dream of lighting the fire in a fireplace, to try to win, following what we find written on the guide and the book on dreams? "Last night I remember dreaming of throwing something in my fireplace that had the fire on. Last night I dreamed of being together with a person who wanted to cook meat in a small fireplace outside his home. Tonight I remember building a big fireplace with my mother, brother, sister, cousin, friend, work colleague, brother-in-law, boyfriend, husband, son, wife. The other night someone wanted to throw me into a fireplace where the flames were very strong. I risked dying". Dreaming of fireplaces certainly is not a widespread thing but even if it seems to be a very strange thing, even these objects of furniture are important in our dream world and transmit a fundamental message that obviously varies according to the type of dream and other elements that we see.


Many of you will have a fireplace in your home, in your home in the city or in the country house. Obviously to understand the meaning of this symbol, of this object, we must start from its use in real life. What is a fireplace? The fireplace is a place where you can burn wood to light the fire. Here we can also associate the symbolism of the fireplace with the symbolism of wood and fire, flames and ash that is produced during a fire that burns lumber. To dream of being in front of a fireplace with a beautiful fire that generates a warmth, means feeling protected and surrounded by sincere affections in our earthly life. The people who show these very sincere affections can be present in the dream and therefore it is very easy to understand the people we can give extreme trust in life. Being in front of a fireplace with beautiful flames and warming up symbolizes not only sincerity of affections but also serenity, tranquility, balance, deep well-being that may have been achieved after having made so many sacrifices. Our life can be very strenuous and during every day we can fight small or big obstacles but then returning home, and lighting a beautiful fire in our fireplace, we can find a sense of peace and serenity, useful to recover new energy and face new challenges, new jobs, new obstacles. Here this object in a dream is never banal because it can connect the dreamer with his deepest part, with his subconscious, with his soul and his divine light. And in fact very often the fireplace can represent disturbances of our soul and not just serenity, inner balance. In fact, many people say they have dreamed of being in front of an open fireplace, devoid of flames, fire, wood and perhaps with as much ash. Surely domestic harmony is very disturbing and the dreamer himself experiences a terrible feeling of anguish during his life compared to a family problem that is not easy to solve. Obviously the fire-free fireplace can also appear in the workplace and therefore symbolize problems and difficulties in work, professional, economic.

But if we build a fireplace in our dreams? What meaning is hidden behind the construction of these dreams? Why can we dream of creating a small fireplace in our home? If the fireplace often represents our domestic environment, the emotions, feelings, feelings we feel towards the people we love as our father, mother, brother, sister, grandparents, uncles, various relatives, then its construction identifies the need of the dreamer of wanting to create new relationships, to want to establish new emotions, in short of wanting to create a family. Very often behind this symbolism is hidden a desire, very strong especially in women, to go and live with the person you love in order to create a new family and therefore also a strong sense of independence, freedom, useful to progress and to achieve a necessary inner maturation. The firewood that lights up is the motivation that we possess and that are the basis of our initiatives to be able, in fact, to realize our projects, to create a comfortable family environment and to achieve the well-being that we have long desired. If we can not light the wood that is wet, then we can not do anything because we do not have the right tools. Being able to light a beautiful fire, with great flames and generating a wonderful warmth, is certainly a symbol of great self-confidence, of great serenity and of an inner, spiritual evolution as well as a material level. What if we throw something in the fireplace? if we burn something? Burning something means not needing more than a certain thing in our life and here that even in dreams, throw away any object, it means understanding that we no longer need some situations, situations that perhaps created small or large obstacles. Obviously the object that is burned must be remembered to better understand the meaning of the dream. Burning clothes means undressing some faults, for example. Burning books, documents, means solving some legal or bureaucratic problems.

But if we dream of burning a person in our fireplace? Even though these dreams may not be widespread, it may happen to throw a person into a fire or throw ourselves. If we burn ourselves then the problem of our life is very great and we need a huge help otherwise we risk destroying everything that we have created as the fire destroys everything that ignites. If instead we dream of burning the body of a person then we must also try to remember that person. If it is a person we really know then we must ask ourselves what kind of relationship we have with her and what problem we have in the relationship with this person, because this kind of dreams always represents interpersonal problems, communication problems, the desire to refuse and conclude a situation that is no longer what we would like. Two other very important concepts are connected with this object when it appears in our dreams. Meanwhile, a fireplace that collapses identifies the fear of losing a member of his family, the fear of arguing with someone and losing, therefore, the affection that that person nourishes towards us. But do not forget that in the fireplace we can also cook, we can roast bread, meat, fish, we can cook anything on a pot and even cook pasta. Cooking and roasting means not accepting things as they really are and therefore trying to change our environment, the way we live alone and with other people. Certainly cooking also means eating and therefore food represents the energy that can be recovered and our family, our house, identified by the fireplace, are just everything we need to recover energy. We conclude this topic by talking about those dreams in which we see a lot of ash in a fireplace. The ash symbolizes the end of a situation, the conclusion of a family relationship, sentimental, working or simply the end of a period that may have been very nice or complex but which follows a new phase.


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