The country in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of walking along the path of an immense countryside full of poisonous trees, plants and flowers? What is the meaning of dreams in which we are pursued by an animal in a country we do not know? why can we dream of a completely green countryside? What does it mean to dream of walking along a country road with burnt grass and burning with very high flames? What does it mean to dream of a piece of land grown with fruit, vegetables, legumes? Why can we dream of a dark countryside or illuminated by sunlight? What does it mean to dream of walking in a countryside at night with our brother, sister, mother, father, cousin, brother-in-law, work colleague, dead relative, friend uncle, grandfather, boyfriend, son, wife, husband? What does it mean to dream of being in an endless countryside with many animals such as horses, sheep, cows, pigs, geese, dogs, cats, running free and happy eating grass and hay? What does it mean to dream of finding a completely isolated and frightful, terrible, horrible house in a dark country? And why can we dream of a frozen, very humid and cold countryside? Living in the countryside, in a large and immense field, in a farm with land cultivated with many trees full of fruit. Latifondo, land ownership. Even this place can appear in our dreams and nightmares. What does it mean to dream of seeing a beautiful landscape and a farmer plowing the land of his countryside, sowing and harvesting the fruits? Dreaming of an abandoned farmhouse, renovated, to be restored, dirt is a widespread dream that has an important meaning. What kind of numbers of the Neapolitan grimace is it possible to play the lottery if we want to win money when in a dream we walk along a very dark country following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I remember dreaming of being with a dear friend of mine while we were playing in a small country away from our city. Last night I dreamed of running alone in a land without trees and plants. Tonight I remember dreaming that I had to go to an old country to plow his land with a hoe. Last night I was attacked by a big dog in a countryside behind my house". Let's try to understand the meaning of a nice walk in the countryside during our dreams.


So what can this environment that appears in our dreams mean? Why can we meet alone or together with people we do not know in a great countryside full of trees, flowers, plants? To understand the meaning of these dreams it is possible to start from the concept of freedom. In fact, the countryside is almost always a place of peace, serenity, with the sounds of birds and other animals, without the deafening noise of cars, motorcycles, trucks and horns that we can instead listen to in the city. So the sense of freedom and tranquility we can experience in such a place is exactly the first meaning we have to give when we dream of actually being in an environment like a campaign. If we remember walking alone or together with someone along a path of land isolated from the rest of the city, then, probably, we are living a wonderful time, a very relaxing and relaxing phase of our life, in which we can feel really serene and balanced with ourselves and in which we can also carry out numerous projects. In fact, when our mind is relaxed, when we do not feel oppressed by a very stressful life and we have a freedom of action, we can have good ideas and carry out some projects. So the countryside full of greenery, flowers, plants, trees full of fruits, can mean a very strong sense of independence that we have achieved in our lives. Very often this place can be identified with Paradise, so with a place of peace and tranquility in which to rediscover our true sense of life, in which to mature, evolve spiritually. In fact, many people say they have changed something in their lives, to have understood that it would be useful to make some choices, immediately after having dreamed of being in such a magical, colorful, serene place. And here that the spirit of independence, freedom, a strong desire to realize their ideas, can hide behind these beautiful dreams.

But this dreamlike place can also symbolize a sense of boredom, melancholy and pessimism. In fact, surely, at least once in your life, you will have thought to be in a big lawn, sitting down and thinking about your problems. These very peaceful places can also pull out from within the human being, feelings of malaise, pessimism, sadness but they must not take the upper hand. So sometimes the boredom that assails us in life because we are not doing something interesting and therefore we have no stimulation, can appear in our dreams and represent a strong sense of malaise that we are experiencing. If instead we dream of moving to the countryside to live, leaving our city, then abandoning a place full of noise, deafening sounds, of very stressful and agitated life, then it is very likely to be able to carry out the projects we have in mind with extreme security and tranquility. This security and tranquility can be symbolized by so many dreamlike elements that must never be forgotten. Objects, places, people we meet, feelings and emotions, are all fundamental elements to interpret our dreams and understand the message that our subconscious wants to communicate. A light wind that caresses our face while we are lying on a green lawn, many animals that run happily and eat grass, its birds chirping free on the trees or while flying free in the sky. All these elements, feelings that we feel and see can symbolize the achievement of a balance, a maturity and a wisdom that become fundamental things to achieve what we want. But we know very well that dreams are often desires. And here you dream of being in a great and beautiful countryside, serene, happy, relaxed, can simply mean the need to get away from stress, anxiety, nervousness of everyday life and therefore also from work and all those commitments that steal lots of psychophysical energies.

But the countryside in our dreams can also be very dark, frightening, with a huge fire, with an abandoned cottage that can scare the dreamer. If a day campaign is very beautiful and gives a sense of freedom and serenity, the countryside at night instead can bring a feeling of malaise, of fear, especially if we see animals like owls, bats, wolves. The dark in the dream can really be very scary and make us wake up at night with a heart beating very fast. Being in a very isolated countryside alone and maybe hearing strange sounds of animals that can attack us, surely means not being calm and having a problem that torments our existence, our life. A work problem that we can not solve, a sentimental problem for which we are not able to find a solution. Here the dark place, without enlightenment, makes us understand that we must necessarily resolve our fears to face a period of great inner peace. Often when we dream of being in a huge countryside in the dark, we can also see some very dangerous animals like the wolves that chase us. Animals often represent our instincts that we can not tame, to control. We can escape and find refuge in a large abandoned house, in a dark cottage. This cottage represents the possibility of finding a temporary solution to our problems. Very often, when we are in these splendid or dark places, we have a person with us. We can be with a parent and therefore the dream identifies a moment of serenity or concern between parents and children or we can be with the person we love. Obviously in this last case interpersonal relationships, sentimental relationships are at the center of our attention and if we are in a beautiful countryside, we walk hand in hand, gather fruits or lie on the grass, then our relationship of love will be beautiful, will evolve and improve, mature, otherwise any feelings of malaise will make us understand that we must solve some problem of misunderstanding.


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