The policeman in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of being together with so many policemen or policemen? Why can we dream of being a policeman and being in a military barracks? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a policeman being shot and killed during a chase? What does it mean to dream of finding a policeman in uniform on the street, on horseback or in the car with a flashing light that rings very loud and chases you, stops you and wants to talk with you? What does it mean to dream of seeing a policeman shouting, crying, laughing, kissing or caressing you on the face? What does it mean to dream of kissing, hugging, killing, investing a policeman? Why can we dream of a dead, wounded policeman who loses a lot of blood, who asks for help, who shoots at us and kills us or runs away, runs away from us? Being in a dream with my mother, my father, my grandparents, my boyfriend, a friend of mine, a colleague, parents, a relative, a son, a husband, a wife, a sister, an uncle, a brother, a pope, an actor or famous singer and being arrested by a policemen patrol on the road. What does it mean to dream of a policeman taking his gun and shooting some shots against us? And have you ever dreamed of meeting a policeman without a uniform? Sometimes it can happen to dream of policemen with dogs, policemen who seize drugs or fool a robbery and save our lives or the lives of other people. Even some people say they dreamed that some police rang the doorbell, knocked on the door, to make us sign a lawsuit or complaint. What does it mean to dream that some policemen are looking for you or calling you on the phone? What numbers can you pull out of the Neapolitan grimace if we want to play the lottery when we dream of being stopped by two policemen, to try to win money by following what the guide and the dream book says? "Last night I remember dreaming of being with my father and mother and we were arrested for committing a crime. Last night I dreamed that I was locked up in a cell near the policemen barracks of my city. Tonight I remember being reached and fined by a motorcycle policeman. The other night I dreamed of killing two policemen who wanted to chase me". This dreamlike symbolism appears very often and many people can say they have dreamed, at least once in their life, to meet a policeman. Let's see the meaning of this kind of dreams.


Undoubtedly the policemen or the policemen but also other types of military, can appear in a dream to symbolize a concern. If you can not understand why a policeman can represent some concerns that the dreamer is experiencing in his life, then we must start from their meaning in real life. First of all, the policemen are people who can strike fear when we know we have committed a crime. How many times we drove without seat belts or with the phone in our hands and we risked being stopped by a patrol on the road. This is why this dreamlike figure can represent our concerns. When we meet a policeman we must think we are really worried about a situation we are experiencing. To understand this concept, let's take a quick and small example. A boy who attends a school and must face an important exam, may be worried about not being able to pass the test and here he dreams of being stopped by a car of the policemen and receiving a fine. The concern for the exam to be addressed turns into this kind of dreams. But if we say and say that the policemen are only concerns, then we are making a big mistake because these military figures represent the state, so ourselves and also our defense. When someone tries to steal from the house, when someone wants to hurt us, we call the policemen who come to the rescue, to help us. Here is a second interpretation of this kind of dreams and that is protection. When we dream of meeting this type of military on the street, then we can take advantage of support, help and protection in our lives, in relation to a problem we are facing. To understand the problem that afflicts our life and our soul, we must try to be attentive to the details of the dream and therefore we must not forget places where we are, people who are with us and we meet, objects we see and feelings, emotions that we try.

Very often, however, the policemen can represent a sort of judgment that we establish ourselves. For example, we may have committed something in our daily lives that is not particularly positive but that damages our reputation. In a dream, feelings of guilt can come back in the form of a policeman, a fireman, a marshal of the Carabinieri who symbolize the verification of our behavior that may have been positive or negative. For example, if we are arrested and taken to prison, we almost certainly have committed something that does not make us very serene and instead brings out some concerns. What does it mean to dream the policemen then? Often they appear in a dream if we perceive that we have done something that is not right or something that deserves proper punishment. In our dream world we can not hide anything and our subconscious comes out with all the truth, even though it can do much harm to the dreamer. But we have already said that in most cases the policemen are a strong symbol of protection and security, so dreamy characters that can help when we are experiencing some difficulties. A difficult choice to take, a project that is not very simple to start and here these dreamlike figures stop us on the road, make us a fine or even put the cuffs on their wrists and arrest us. Symbol of order and respect, the uniform of the military can inspire a lot of fear in dreams and confirm the need to remedy a mistake, to provide for an unfavorable situation that we have created and which makes us feel some guilt. However, in most cases the policemen identify a repentance or the fear of having to make mistakes, to commit a serious error and then to repent and to feel a sense of shame. But have you ever dreamed of meeting some policemen who do not wear uniforms? Why can we make these kinds of dreams and what do these people represent?

Well, most likely if someone who owns an official uniform wears nothing, then the dreamer must be very attentive to a person who is breathing on the neck, that is, a person who does not want to leave us alone. For example, our parents can be represented, in our dreams, by a policeman or two policemen without uniforms who follow us in a very hidden way. Here the parents are too oppressive towards the child. This sense of oppression is really widespread among children, children but also between men and women who can see, in their partner, a person too jealous, obsessive, just too oppressive. And so here are the policemen dressed normally who carry out checks in our dreams. A policeman who shoots at us and hurts us can symbolize a very strong concern and we do not forget that the shots in a dream often represent some sudden changes that may come and that may be inevitable, necessary. If we see instead a policeman who is injured and maybe dies losing a lot of blood, then in our life a very strong sense of guilt can generate various problems with some people. The blood often indicates a period of intense stress but above all a period in which the energies are missing and in addition to this thing, the death of this oneiric character can identify a lack of repentance of the dreamer. Another widespread dream or nightmare is when some policemen ring at our door to make us sign a lawsuit or to arrest us and take us to the barracks. Unfortunately, these dreams hide very strong concerns about a situation we are facing and that does not seem to be resolved as we want and the complaint, signals, in fact, a nagging thought that does not make us serene and indeed creates a state of anxiety and tension a lot high. If we ourselves are to kill a policeman who was chasing us, then we will not feel any repentance for a situation that we have created and that has damaged someone. The fines we receive in dreams confirm this state of superiority of the dreamer.


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