The denunciation in dreams. What meaning and interpretation do you make allegations of theft, robbery, rape, violence, murder in our dreams? What does it mean to dream of accusing someone unfairly? What does it mean to dream of being slandered, being denounced, being subjected to a complaint, being arrested, being sentenced to death for 10, 20, 30 years and imprisoned in jail? Why can we in the dream revoke a sentence or dream of being under trial and be blamed, prosecuted, criticized, and subjected to the death penalty? Succeed a judgment by a very bad judge, cry or laugh at court while awaiting a ruling. Misleading, insinuating, criticizing, defamating, denigrating, reproaching, blaming, guilty in dreams can be a widespread thing. To impute, to incriminate, to denounce, to sue, to charge, to cite or to defend, to absolve, to discard a man or woman or our mother, our father, our brother or sister or other relative as uncle or grandfather. What does it mean to dream of denouncing someone? And dream of being denounced by an unknown person? What and how many numbers of Neapolitan grimace need to be played when we dream of being in front of a judge to try to win the lottery according to dream book and dream guide? Have you ever received a complaint by mail? What does it mean to dream of attending a trial in a courtroom with lawyers and judges and be unfair? "The other night I dreamed of making a complaint from the carabinieri. Last night I dreamed of being accused of theft by my parents, a friend of mine and a work colleague and I was crying so much. Last night I dreamed of being with my son and my husband who wanted to accuse me of stole something in the house. This night my wife dreamed that I was arrested by the police and was transferred to a barracks and isolation cell". To dream of being in court with a famous actor or singer who is in danger of having committed a terrible crime and can not do anything. Who knows how many times you have dreamed of being arrested, going to court accompanied by a lawyer and to face a gross condemnation that brought you to prison. Let's see the meaning of these very disturbing dreams.


First, in order to understand the message these dreams want to offer to the dreamer, one must try to understand what is a complaint in real life. Denunciating someone means being accused of something, of a crime we committed or not. The complaint can therefore be true or false. To denounce is a right and duty of every individual citizen who does not have to retreat from complex situations that must not remain unpunished. If we see a person committing a crime in real life then we must act and denounce. The denunciation in the dream certainly indicates that something in the private life of the dreamer is not so good. It is certainly not easy to understand what does not go in our lives when we make dreams of this kind but the feelings we experience, the emotions we live, the objects we see, the places we visit and the people we meet can offer so many reflections and help us to find a fair interpretation of the dream. Denounce in a dream means that something does not go on as we would like. If, for example, we dream of being in the workplace with our colleague and decide to go to the police or call the police to make a complaint, a lawsuit, then probably in a dream indicates a professional and working situation that is not like the dreamer He would like. Maybe we are not very happy with the work we do, some colleagues create problems, the pay is low and all these things, if they are not displayed outside with our word, so communicating our discomfort to someone, may appear in a dream in form of complaints. Our relationship is not excellent and communication problems are so acute that we risk being alone, closing the love story? Well, if we can not communicate, talk to our partner, to understand our needs, then in a dream we can be with our love partner in court or in front of a lawyer or judge. Here is the dream that manifests interpersonal problems by asking them to be resolved as soon as possible otherwise our sentimental relationship will end very soon.

But if, instead of denouncing a person, are we to be denounced and sentenced by a man or woman? When we denounce something in the dream, most likely in real life we??realized that some aspect of our life is not as it should go and so a solution is needed but when we ourselves are being denounced it means we do not realize but we probably did something that has hurt someone but we are not aware of the problem. Our subconscious may be so powerful that we can understand that we have the so-called dirty conscience. We have done an unjust thing but we do not give any importance to this thing but it does not escape the subconscious that during the sleep pulls out all these faults that have been hidden during the day. So a good conscience examination can help us understand the problem, not to avoid it but to find the right solution. We have to understand through these dreams that we will not go to jail, but we will need to become aware of our limit, of the difficulty that we have been creating and will have to find a solution without pretending anything. Denounce or be denounced, arrested, and brought before a court with lawyers and judges. Dreams that can be very scary but that indicate our unclear consciousness or life situations where we do not think we are involved. Very often the dreams in which we find the courage to denounce can also signal the dreamer's desire to prove that he has a courage that does not exist in daily life. In short, in real life, we behave like sheep, and in dream life we??are big lions. When we dream of accusing a person we have to ask ourselves, on awakening, whether we are very safe or insecure people. We may need to demonstrate security in certain situations but this security does not come out and is replaced by a great uncertainty which is a weakness. Here is what we can not pull out into everyday life, but it is out in dream life, in our dreams and so we can finally be aware of the problem to be solved, of insecurity that can damage our existence.

Very often, when we dream of being unjustly guilty, condemning and being arrested and imprisoned, maybe we need someone who demonstrates our honesty. Our honesty is perhaps questioned by someone in real life and here we can dream of being in court with witnesses who speak and hear by judges or with so many people listening to the sentence. The fear of being indicted for a crime that might not have been actually committed, the fear of being condemned because of our malevolent behavior but which was normal to us. All of these aspects in a dream are critical and must be analyzed very carefully why more are difficulties we are experiencing and that do not allow us to find a solution because we can not express our qualities. Attorneys, judges, police, policemen who appear in this kind of dreams must be seen not as a threat to our integrity, our security, but as a valid help to solve our insecurities. Being arrested and taken to jail undergoing a terrible condemnation as a life sentence, must not think of the dreamer to have committed an act, something really beyond repair but absolutely has to think that everything can be solved if we become aware of the problem seriously. We remember that dreams do not condemn anyone, they do not offer a definite picture of a real life situation, but simply try to make you aware of a real problem that may be and try to provide useful clues to finding a solution. We conclude this article by saying that sometimes, and according to some psychologists, the dream complaint we undergo or do we may represent the need to vent our sexual energies that may be obscured, hidden, not used. The repression of sexual energies can lead to blame and therefore be accused in the dream, while sexual energy that exaggerates itself exaggeratedly can lead to dreams of making allegations to prove their security.


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