Sew in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of finding so many needles, pins and cotton threads? What is the meaning of dreams in which we sew a dress but we can not finish the job? What does it mean to dream of seeing a wound on the skin that loses blood while we sew a skirt or trousers? Have you ever dreamed of being in the hospital and seeing a doctor sewing our leg, arm, mouth? Sew a wedding dress, a button, a shirt, shoes, a t-shirt, a hat, a scarf but you can not put the thread in the eye of the needle. What does it mean to dream of seeing our mother sewing, father, husband, wife, son, friend, work colleague, grandmother, aunt, cousin, nephew? Why can we dream of sewing our skin? What does it mean to dream of sewing a beautiful hat that someone has given us? Dreaming of a very old and expensive sewing machine or dreaming of picking up needles. Find torn clothes and sew holes with a big white, yellow, red, green, blue, blue, pink, black, gray, purple, with a big needle, sting and lose blood from a finger. What kind of numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we use if we want to play the lottery when we dream of making a skirt sew from our mother or grandmother, to look for a win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I dreamed of being with a friend of mine and we were trying to patch up an old red dress. Last night I remember dreaming of wearing a dress but it had a big hole. Last night I saw my grandmother, a deceased for many years, who gave me a shirt sewn just by her. I was so happy and I cried. This night I dreamed that I had to go and buy a big thread to sew my husband's clothes". In this article we talk about a topic that interests women of course but do not be surprised if even a man dreams of sewing, to have thread and needle in his hands. Let's try to understand the meaning of these dreams.


Why can we sew in a dream? Usually only women use needle and thread to sew clothes, to patch torn or pierced clothes. Men do not have this need unless they are proper tailors. Well, let's just say that it is not easy to interpret this kind of dreams, especially when they appear in the dream world of men. Meanwhile, let's try to understand why we can perform this operation in real life, in fact, only by understanding what we do in everyday life we ??can interpret what we see in the dream world. So when a dress is ruined, torn, broken, we can decide to fix it using needle and cotton. Arrange something. Here is the concept from which we can start to interpret the dreams in which we sew a dress or any garment. What are we trying to fix in our lives? What situation is not going as we want? We are probably facing a specific situation that requires our commitment and we can not find valid solutions. Here our subconscious, through the seam, tells us to be very careful and to analyze very well the details of an event, to avoid ruining everything, to create complications. Repairing a mistake we made, solving a problem due to a mistake we made in our life. As we always say the other elements of a dream can say many things and make us interpret everything much better. Dreams are very personal because within them we can find people we know, objects of our house, places that we usually visit. Here we must remember the people, the objects, the places, the sensations we feel in order to give a correct interpretation. And here it is not absolutely easy to give meaning to dreams of this kind but meanwhile if we remember the dress that we are sewing then we can already provide a useful interpretation. For example, if we are arranging the dress of our husband, we almost certainly have to face a marital problem and perhaps our relationship of love is not going on as we want.

If we remember having sewn one of our clothes then it is almost certain that we have understood or are understanding a mistake we have made in life and that we can, then fix, a mistake to which we can find a useful solution. In short, something is not going well in our life and we are looking for a useful remedy. Reconciliation. We can also associate this word with this kind of dreams. Often sewing means trying to find a solution to a quarrel, a discussion and a lack of dialogue and communication between us and a certain person who could even appear in a dream or not and if it does not appear, then we can dream of sewing a his dress. So if we remember the people who are with us while we perform this action or remember the owner of the gown we are sewing, then we can understand the problem and find a useful solution. If we argued with someone we could then dream of arranging his clothes or we could see just this person sewing our clothes. But behind these dreams the meanings can be so many. For example, because when we set up a suit, we try to bring it into a better condition than before, then perhaps we are facing a period of our lives where we can improve our existence in a given sector. A man could then dream of sewing his shoes that are the symbol of a useful tool to travel our lives, just to face a new career and achieve certain professional achievements. A woman can find herself sewing her hat or her bra or even her skirt that is often the symbol of vanity and therefore the need to look much better than what we really are, can be very strong within us. Sometimes it is not the vanity that hides behind these dreams but a sense of very strong self-esteem. Certainly having a good level of self-esteem and appreciating what we are doing in life, therefore having a lot of pride and being proud, is extremely positive and allows us to progress without particular problems.

This gesture that apparently seems useless and harmless in our dream world, in reality is extremely useful for understanding ourselves, the way we act, we react to a certain situation that presents itself before our eyes. And here we can be in harmony with ourselves when we understand that we have made a mistake and find the right solution. Harmony in fact is a word that connects directly with reconciliation and allows us to be really very calm and peaceful with our inner soul. So sewing also means having found a good harmony, serenity, tranquility, balance within us, all useful skills to face life with extreme decision. But if we dream that we can not finish a dress? If we dream of not being able to repair a dress using a needle and thread? Maybe we dream of arranging a torn dress but we have no needle or there is no cotton. And here is this dream identifies a problem in which it is not possible to find a solution precisely because it lacks the tools and the appropriate help to solve the situation. And then as we sew something we can be punished by a needle and lose blood or the cotton thread breaks. Elements that seem to be harmless but that have their symbolic value. The blood that comes out of a finger symbolizes an extremely tiring period in which we are not very fit. The energies are missing and it is important to be able to recover the strength to face a certain situation. The cotton that breaks off instead can indicate that the means and tools we are using in our lives are not absolutely useful and do not allow us to resolve situations and to carry forward our ideas and projects. A thread breaks because it is very weak or because we exaggerate pulling it to the point of breaking it. So we are exaggerating in life. We conclude this topic with another very important meaning related to the concept of sewing in dreams. We can even create a sweater, a skirt, a coat, a hat, a pair of socks, using only thread and cotton. If we dream of creating a dress, then we are in a period of great creativity.


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