The undertaker in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of talking to a gravedigger or seeing a gravedigger burying dead people? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a person being buried under the ground by a gravedigger? What does it mean to dream of a gravedigger with a dead chest? And to dream of seeing a gravedigger dying or saluting? What does it mean to dream of seeing a gravedigger with a large shovel or dreaming of doing the work of the undertaker himself? Why can we dream of talking and discussing with a beautician, necroforo? Why can we dream of killing a man who buries the dead, a corpse burial? And what does it mean to dream of being buried and dying underground without being able to breathe? Have you ever dreamed of a burialist who laughs or cries, who wants to talk to us or who chases us to kill us? What does it mean to dream of a necrofore using a shovel to bury and throw earth over a coffin buried in the ground? What does it mean to dream of a gravedigger dressed in black or with a completely white and very old dress? What does it mean to bury our mother, father, brother, sister, child, nephew, famous actor or singer, a relative already deceased for so many years, a cousin, brother-in-law, uncle, grandfather, boyfriend, husband, wife, son? Which and how many numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we play the lottery if we dream of meeting an unknown man who buries people still alive, trying to win money, following what is written in the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming of chasing a man who wanted to bury my mother and father still alive under the ground. Last night I dreamed of throwing land on a person using a big shovel. Last night I was buried alive and I could not breathe anymore. I had a lot of fear. This night I attended a funeral until the time when the coffin was placed under the ground at a great depth but the dead woke up and shouted out of his coffin". Certainly these dreams can be considered nightmares especially because the figure of the undertaker is certainly not very pleasant but we must not think that it is a negative dream character and we can already say that its presence in our dreams can have important and positive meanings. Let's see then interpret the dreams in which we see a necrofore who is doing his job as a corpse burier.


First of all, to understand this type of dreams or nightmares we must always start from the real concept of what we have seen in our dream world. So a gravedigger is simply a man who has the task of burying a deceased person, along with other people who help dig a deep hole in the ground, hole in which to place the coffin. Certainly his work is not a job to which many people aspire but unfortunately it is a necessary job. So the first word that needs to be analyzed when we dream of meeting a man who buries corpses is change. Usually this person can be dreamed in a cemetery, inside a church or in a place very narrow, light and sad. In addition, often this person can have very dark clothes, he can have black clothes and also a not very cheerful attitude but be very serious. So when we see a gravedigger we have to think about the end of a situation that can not go further and that has become cumbersome for us, for the dreamer. This strange character then signals the transition from one phase of our life to another phase. Never forget that dreams in which the black color is very widespread almost always signal sad moments of our earthly existence but above all moments of change, moments from which we must exit necessarily accepting an important change that can not be rejected. Obviously in this kind of dreams the figure of the buryer associates to the cemetery, the coffin, the funeral and a series of people we can meet and obviously we must not underestimate the deceased person, that is the person who is buried underground, inside the coffin. We have already explained the meaning of the coffin and the cemetery in dreams but we can also say here that the coffin confirms a period in which it is essential to face some changes, a period which must be closed with a situation that is no longer useful to open with a situation that can be scary because it can bring news that we do not know yet.

So dreaming of seeing a man but also a woman who buries a corpse in a cemetery, means that we are about to face a period of closure to take new paths, new paths and these paths can be obviously related to any area of??our lives. For example, we might dream of seeing one of our parents being buried while the other parent observes the burial with us. Clearly the relationship between the dreamer and his parents is about to change or in any case requires a strong change, a change that could also be positive because behind this type of dreams can hide a meaning also favorable. Burying a co-worker or seeing someone who works with us or even our employer buried by someone, means concluding a professional relationship, starting a new project with this person. And if in the dream the person who is buried is our husband, our lover, our boyfriend, then the romantic relationship is about to change, is about to be changed and in this case, very often, it is easy to close a love story that it gives us no more satisfaction. We must not be afraid when we dream of seeing corpses of people we know and are buried because obviously all this does not mean that a person will die in real life, even if, sometimes, we can witness such premonitory dreams but these dreams are really very rare. Death, coffin, graveyard, gravedigger are all symbols of change, an inescapable change that is coming and that can not be underestimated by the dreamer. Sometimes the symbol of the burial in dreams can signal the possibility of getting rid of a situation that has become oppressive and that we ourselves do not want to face, so the positivity of this dream is evident. Here the gravedigger does not represent negative events, unfavorable changes but can, absolutely, represent very interesting changes for the dreamer.

Analyzing dreams and nightmares in which this particular human figure appears, some people have come to the conclusion that a gravedigger can also mean the possibility of doing jobs that do not compete with us. Practically his appearance in dreams, especially when he buries a corpse and then a coffin, means that the dreamer will have to take some responsibility and do some jobs for which he is not yet ready but which are absolutely necessary. A dream that can be very scary is to see a funeral procession that arrives at the cemetery, a place where a corpse is buried but wakes up and escapes from under the ground and from inside its coffin. These nightmares should not scare us because they simply signal a moment of our life in which that change we do not have arrived and therefore we must wait. The dead person who resurrects represents the need to wait, to know how to wait for a better period to be able to live a change that will be important but which is still very premature. Burying a person we do not know means that we can not yet know what kind of change we will have to face while burying a person we know can be a useful clue to understanding the sector of our life where this change will take place. What if we kill a gravedigger? If we are pursued by a gravedigger who wants to kill us? Look for change or escape from a change. Killing or chasing a necroforo means absolutely wanting to get something in life, means having a goal that must be achieved at any cost and by any means. Contrarily if we are chased by a gravedigger who maybe wants to kill us or bury us alive with his shovel, then we are fleeing from responsibility, we are underestimating the need to have to change in order to progress. Never forget that every detail of dreams is essential to provide a correct interpretation and in addition to objects, people, places, we must remember the feelings we experience. Beautiful sensations indicate favorable messages, bad feelings indicate unfavorable messages or rather concerns of the dreamer.


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