Throw yourself into dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of jumping or jumping from a very high mountain? What is the meaning of dreams in which we try to throw ourselves off a bridge with the parachute that does not open? down from a palace, What does it mean to dream of falling from a rock, from a balcony, or willingly throw yourself into the void completely in the dark? What does it mean to be on the edge of a precipice and throw yourself so scared? Why can we be afraid of falling into the water from a helicopter, a plane, a terrace, a skyscraper, a balcony, a window or the sky? What does it mean to dream of throwing yourself into the sea, into a river, into a lake, into a stream, into a waterfall from an airplane, from a bridge, from the car, from a stationary or moving train, from the motorbike running? Why can we dream of diving from a very high rock and drowning in the sea? What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can be played to have fun in the lottery if at night, during sleep, we dream of throwing ourselves from a terrace, to look for a win by following what the guide and the dream book says? What does it mean to dream of jumping off a cliff with parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, brothers-in-law, relatives, friends, work colleagues, fianc├ęs, wife, children, husbands? "The other night I dreamed that someone was pushing me and I fell from a very high house but I woke up before arriving on the ground. Last night I dreamed of being with a long-dead relative who asked me to throw myself off the terrace of my house. I was very scared. Last night I dreamed of being on a plane with an unknown man who was very frightening and I decided to throw myself into the void without a parachute. Tonight I remember having decided to kill myself, to commit suicide, throwing myself from a precipice alone". Unfortunately, the dreams and nightmares in which we fall from a mountain are very widespread and for this reason they have a very important and never banal meaning. We must never underestimate the falls in a dream but in this case if the same dreamer decides to throw himself then the dream message can be even more important and must be analyzed very calmly.


Have you ever dreamed of throwing yourself off a cliff or from the balcony of your house? Dreadful dreams that can cause a lot of fright and make us wake up with so much fear. Throw yourself from a ravine to die or try to save someone who is falling from a tree, a skyscraper, a plane, a train. Nightmares really very scary that make us wake up even before touching the ground and very often the strong agitation and fear cause bodily movements during sleep and we can find ourselves on the ground, outside our bed. In a dream we can decide to throw ourselves from a great height voluntarily or because of a push from a person, we can fall for many meters without being able to cling to someone and then save our lives. Very often this dreamlike gesture symbolizes an excessive moralism that the dreamer can possess and this especially when he dreams of throwing himself from a window of his home or his office. Moralism is the tendency to attribute to things of a moral nature, an often exaggerated importance. When a person is immoral he does not think much with his head giving very little importance to various concepts while a person too moralistic is living a period in which he thinks too much and does not accept some situations in his life because they go against his conceptions. Certainly, behind such a dream, this meaning is not only hidden, which is nevertheless a complex meaning to be interpreted and understood and perhaps concerns a small number of people. Throwing under a train, under a truck, under a car that runs quickly signals instead a phase of our life really very complicated and in which we are not able to carry out the responsibilities, we are not able to accept some responsibilities that perhaps we believe unjust and then we decide to die, obviously in dreams. Therefore throwing oneself can mean running away from the responsibilities of life and being so very weak, inefficient and not optimistic. In fact, many people, after having had a dream of this kind, live a period of strong pessimism and great melancholy, depression.

Some people remember having dreams of this kind when they are living a period when they do not accept any kind of change. The monotony of life, very often, can be difficult but necessary and some people can not change because they are afraid of the unknown, of everything that will come later and that they still do not know. And indeed this fear can manifest itself with great difficulty in throwing oneself off a precipice that precisely symbolizes the future that we do not know and that therefore we do not want to face but that obviously will come. In this type of dreams it is important to remember the people who are with us, the objects we see, the places we are in and the feelings, emotions that we feel inside of us. For example, if we are on the edge of a ravine and we are pushed by someone, then in life we??need advice, help to face a situation. We are facing a crossroads, a choice to be made but we are very undecided and therefore the support of someone is really essential, otherwise we will remain blocked and we will not progress. Being with our mother, our father, means needing their support to move forward, to make a decision, while being alone with someone we do not know means that we understand our difficulties and that we need help but we still do not know what to do to unlock a complicated period. Very often throw yourself into the void from a mountain, from a very high precipice, from a huge skyscraper, from an airplane or helicopter in the sky, and do not have any fear, do not feel fright, it means understanding that it is possible to improve our existence only by accepting some inevitable, inevitable, necessary changes and these changes can be experienced with a strong sense of self-esteem and great courage because, in fact, throwing ourselves into the void requires a lot of courage.

A widespread dream is one in which we are not the only ones to fall from a ravine, from a bridge or from another place. In fact, many people say they dreamed of throwing together with their husband, lover, boyfriend, wife. Obviously behind these dreams we can find a meaning related to family relationships, interpersonal and sentimental. If we dream of throwing ourselves together with our wife, then we may need to change something in the relationship of love. Perhaps we need to recover after a phase of monotony, we need to recover after a phase of amorous suffering and quarrels with the sentimental partner. A child could fall into the void with his mother or father and this meaning often symbolizes a relational difficulty and therefore a strong misunderstanding for which it becomes necessary to be independent of one's parents. A gesture that should not be underestimated during this kind of dreams is the leap. In fact it is possible to jump from a place not to fall but to reach another place, then jump from one part to another part to reach a new destination. This small or big jump can be easy or dangerous and we need to remember if we can jump and get to the other side or not and then fall into the void and risk dying. If we jump into a dream then we are avoiding a danger in our lives and we have no fear of facing the unexpected that we can find on our way. The jump can be small, big, very long, very short and therefore symbolizes the degree of difficulty we are facing. We conclude this topic by describing even those dreams in which as we fall and think we die, we can cling to something, to the hand of a friend, a branch, a rock. Evidently we can face a bad situation, find an obstacle on our existential path but until the last we can find a solution and we will be able to solve our problems, looking for a handhold, a help, a useful advice.


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