Waiting for a train in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of seeing some friends or business colleagues waiting, waiting in a station or seeing a person waiting for the departure of a convoy to an unknown city? What does it mean to dream of the arrival of a train that never arrives or that is well in advance or late for several minutes or even hours? Why can we dream of waiting for a train at the station and in the meantime to see and talk to the station manager? Waiting, holding back, lingering, waiting, leaving, hurrying, moving, hurrying. All verbs that represent dream actions that we can do very often. What does it mean to dream of waiting for a bus, a coach, a taxi, an airplane or someone who never arrives? Why can we dream of our mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, brother-in-law, uncle, grandfather, nephew, husband, fiancé, lover who has to arrive by plane but his waiting is very long? What does it mean to dream of being at the airport waiting for a friend who comes from far away? What does it mean to dream of waiting for a very important train but without having paid the ticket, together with our parents or even with deceased relatives or singers and famous actors? To dream of the arrival of a dear person on a train that makes an accident or to dream of waiting for a taxi under the house, a car that must take us back home after a party at the disco with friends and business associates. To wait for a truck, a truck, a van that must bring goods but never arrive, be at the station, take a ticket to take a train to an unknown destination, travel on a train without passengers, get off a train or get on a train that is not stationary, eat in the train, sleep in a train, arrive late in a city, make an appointment because of the train. Dreaming of seeing a train that makes an accident, which explodes, that catches fire, with flames, which costs too much, very fast, fast, very slow, with a coal locomotive or without a driver. What kind of numbers can I extract from the Neapolitan grimace if I want to play the lottery when I dream of being at the station, according to the guide and the dream book? "This night I dreamed of being with a person in a station and we had to make train tickets. The other night I dreamed that I was with a friend of mine who had to leave. Last night I dreamed of a train that was making a terrible accident. Last night I remember dreaming that a train went off the tracks". Let's try to understand the meaning of this type of dreams.


At least once in your life each of you will have dreamed of taking a train or a plane or a taxi. Very often we can dream of airplanes and trains and today we focus our attention on dreams in which the train is a fundamental object and attracts our thoughts. Recall that in order to interpret well a dream or a nightmare we must always try to understand if what we dream represents a desire we have and want to achieve or a fear or even in the most trivial cases, a simple life scene that we have already lived and that reappears in our dreams. Basically it can happen to take a train in real life and maybe in the following nights or during the sleep phases, we can dream of a train. Unconsciously, the scene of the train we experienced reappears in our dream world and obviously these dreams are of little importance. but when we do not take any train and then do this kind of dreams then certainly our subconscious wants to tell us something, wants to offer a message to ourselves. In order to understand the dreams in which trains appear, we must always start from their meaning in the real world. A train is a means of transport that moves, moves on a route forced by the rails, and then by the tracks. It is often possible to make a comparison with our life and the train can represent our life or any part of it. We face a path every day, we go ahead on our way by making decisions and making choices that may be right or wrong and therefore can make us evolve or turn around. The train is the symbol of the means we have, of the tools we use to progress in life, in order to move forward along a path represented by the tracks. Since the train must absolutely travel on the tracks and can not get out of its way, then we can understand how it is possible to compare the tracks to the route we are doing and that can not be changed. We must therefore make very decisive choices, we must decide to continue along a predestined path without having the opportunity to travel other paths.

Even some people dream of taking a train, they dream of getting on a train that along its path derails, that goes out of the tracks. And here in our earthly existence we can make wrong choices, make bad decisions and not get to the success for which we have worked hard. A train that goes out of the tracks identifies, very often, obstacles, problems in our lives that do not allow us to continue safely. However, if we remember having dreamed of being in a station and taking a train that then left with us, we can hope to evolve, mature and progress in our life in a particular sector that is not only working . In fact, the people who are with us, the objects we see, the places from which we leave and where we arrive by train, certainly signal the sphere of the dream's manifestation. So if we get on a train with our girlfriend or our wife, our husband, the romantic relationship is taking a new path, it is probably improving thanks to the choices that have been taken by both, unless the train is stationary for a failure or it goes to an accident or a derailment. If together with us we find a work colleague, our employer, then that train represents the opportunity to change our working life, the opportunity to start with new ideas, new projects that can be positive and allow us to evolve, maybe improving our economic situation. Unfortunately, very often, people say they have dreamed of a train with many problems, a train that could not leave, that caught fire, that remained stuck in the station or that did not reach the destination predestined. When a train has serious problems in our dream world then all this signals difficulties, delays, in our life. maybe we are working on a project of work and we are very enthusiastic because it can make us get very far and we can achieve important successes but the obstacles come and do not allow us to move forward with serenity.

If the train, after having an accident, manages to start again, then we can hope to continue after having faced various obstacles, otherwise we will have to wait, hoping to solve the problems that are on our way. But the most widespread dreams are those in which we are in a station, we pay the ticket and wait for the arrival of the convoy, but never arrives or arrives with a lot of delay. When we have dreams of this kind we always have to ask a question and try to understand what we are waiting for in our lives. Let's take a quick example to understand these dreams. A man decides to woo a woman but this woman is absolutely not attracted to him. The man, despite the rejection that perhaps in his real life, tends to accept or seemingly accepts, he dreams of being in a station to take a train that does not arrive. That train represents that woman, that fleeting opportunity that escapes, that can not be realized. Through this simple example, but which is still very common among people, you can also understand many of your dreams, just when you have dreamed of waiting for a train that never comes. You're wasting time on a person, a job, a contract. You think you have to succeed in a project that can be revealed as unattainable. Another very important dream that should not be overlooked is that in which the dreamer arrives at a station but the train has already left or is leaving. Losing a train simply means losing a good opportunity that life is offering us and very often these dreams are connected with working life. If instead we manage to chase the train with great effort and sweat and we manage to climb, then we will have the chance to recover the lost time and then we will be able to catch a good chance in time. We must never underestimate this kind of dreams because they identify some of our desires that must be expressed during the day and must not be blocked, otherwise the disappointment will be behind the door.


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