Chocolate in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of buying lots of chocolates or sweets filled with hazelnut chocolate? What does it mean to dream of Easter eggs? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a friend who gives us a pack of dark and very bitter chocolate? Why can we dream of eating lots of chocolate and cream? What does it mean to dream of buying expired Nutella chocolate, which stinks or froze? Why is it possible to dream of the chocolate melting in our hands? And dream of hot chocolate, cold or black, brown, white, yellow? What is the meaning of melted chocolate, poor, in our dreams? What does it mean to drink a glass or a cup of chocolate melted in milk, with cocoa powder? What does it mean to dream of the chocolate falling on our clothes? What does it mean to dream of giving a beautiful box of chocolates to your girlfriend? What does it mean to dream of eating small pieces of chocolate together with our parents, relatives, uncles, brothers-in-law, cousins, nephews, brothers, sisters, wife, husband, children, grandparents, unknown or dead people? And dream of throwing up chocolate? In the dream we can also hate chocolate while in real life we??love this very sweet and sweet food product. What types of numbers of the Neapolitan grimace is it possible to play the lottery when in the dream we eat lots of chocolates, following what the guide and the book on dreams say? "The other night I dreamed of being with my mother and father while we ate lots of chocolates at a party. Last night I dreamed of buying a box of chocolates for my boyfriend. Last night I remember being in a big shop full of chocolate. This night I dreamed that I was with some friends who offered me a piece of chocolate". Today we see the meaning of chocolate in dreams that very often appears especially among children but also between boys and adults who are already adults. Let's try to understand the dreamlike meaning of these dreams that can provide a message that is also quite important and should not be underestimated.


Eating chocolate in a dream can be a very common thing. Certainly we must distinguish those dreams in which we dream of eating a lot of chocolate and in real life we??are really passionate about this food. If instead we are not great eaters of this particular food then we must try to understand why in the dream chocolates, sweets, cakes, Nutella can appear. Chocolate is a food mainly made of sugar and then other elements such as hazelnut. Milk is also present in many chocolates. What is striking about this food is that it is very sweet. Sugar often represents the energies, energies the dreamer needs in order to face a certain period of his life. And so if we dream of being seated and eating chocolate, then, perhaps, we are experiencing a very stressful, very tiring period and we need to recover energies and have to find a moment of relaxation. Goodness, sweetness, health, consolation. From these words we can leave to be able to interpret very well the dreams in which we buy chocolates, give a box of chocolates or eat a lot of chocolate ourselves. So, besides representing the need to find a good dose of energy, chocolate is also the symbol of a part of our personality. Perhaps in a certain moment of our life we??feel the need to be very sweet with ourselves but especially with other people who are with us. And in fact during these dreams we can remember to be with other people. A boy can be with his girlfriend with whom he eats sweets and chocolates. Here is the need to find a moment of peace and serenity with the person we love, it is really very important in these dreams. Eating chocolate with a person therefore means facing a nice period of tranquility, sociability, fun with this person. A child might dream of receiving a box of chocolates from his parents and then the dream represents the need to improve the relationship with mum and dad.

However the dreamer at some point in his life can be very good and sweet with other people, he can exploit these two qualities to become more sociable and to be more appreciated in society. But if we remember to eat chocolate we might just need to be better to deal with some situations in our lives. Chocolate is often the symbol of excellent health, an excellent physical shape because the presence of sugar represents energy and eating means nurturing your body, your mind and soul. In rare cases and only when the dreaming person has a very strong spirituality, this kind of dreams can indicate a great inner evolution, a clear maturity at the spiritual level. Beautiful dreams, therefore, but not very common. Have you ever heard of those people who eat for consolation? In real life we??can eat a lot of food because we are disconsolate and we need to find peace. The consolation after living a terrible period or after leaving, abandoned the person we have loved for so many years. And here to forget we can get drunk or we can eat and many people prefer to eat sweets, chocolates, cakes. Banally chocolates can also be the symbol of a future event that can come into our lives and cover a party to which we can be invited. This event is possible when we dream of giving a box full of many chocolates or we dream of someone who gives us this item. In fact when we are invited to a party that can be a birthday, an anniversary, a simple dinner with friends or business colleagues, we can decide to bring a little thought, such as a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates. Drinking very hot chocolate symbolizes the need to recover energies but above all to recover emotions that perhaps we have lost and that mainly concern our love life.

We must never forget that the interpretation of our dreams can be very complex, especially when we do not consider various details of the dream world. Every person we meet and talk to, every place we visit, every object that we see and use or every sensation, emotion we feel, are really fundamental to achieve a correct interpretation. So drinking chocolate with a person means, probably, having to recover an interpersonal relationship with this person. Preparing a cake with lots of chocolate and being with many friends, means the possibility of attending a party where we will see maybe people we have not seen for a long time. Being in a bar alone and eating bread and chocolate can instead symbolize a sense of loneliness from which we can not run away but that is perhaps the only way to continue living, proceed on our existential journey. Even this food can therefore take on important meanings and not be absolutely trivial. Pleasure, satisfaction, sensuality, ecstasy. Here are four other words that can identify the chocolate in our dreams. Although it may seem very strange to eat or drink this food can indicate a period in which we are very sensual, attractive and we could, therefore, attract many people. Sexual and erotic forces, primordial energies that need to be channeled into the external world in order not to remain uselessly blocked in the depths of our soul, thus creating interior ills that are difficult to cure. Banally when we dream of chocolate cobbies we could also live a very happy, serene, happy and carefree period of our life, a period full of some small satisfaction, of many small sexual pleasures but also and simply a phase in which everything we do, in many areas of our lives, it is really very interesting and fills our hearts with so much joy. So, by concluding, chocolate in dreams usually has a very positive meaning and if we are able to understand, it can allow us to live a beautiful phase of our life.


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