The bar in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of having breakfast at the bar with a friend or a colleague? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a bar full of people or completely empty, without people? What does it mean to dream of sitting in a bar drinking coffee together with our parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, cousins, brothers-in-law, uncles, dead relatives or with a famous singer or actor? Why can we dream of drinking a good aperitif, a beer, a simple glass of water, a glass of rum or whiskey, alone, with a person, with an unknown man or woman? What does it mean to dream of owning a very famous bar and allowing us to earn a lot of money? Dreaming of being in a very dirty bar, full of worms, that stinks, with people drunk or full of so many people, so very crowded. What does it mean to dream of ordering something at the bar or cleaning a large, huge, huge bar? Why can we dream of getting drunk with so many friends or alone and smash everything we find before our eyes? Break bottles in a bar, pay a drink, talk to a barman, dream of having breakfast, lunch, dinner with someone in a bar that we do not know and does not exist in real life. What does it mean to dream of being in a bar sitting at a table? What numbers is it possible to extrapolate from the Neapolitan grimace if we want to play the lottery when we remember having dreamed of being with some friends in a bar, trying to win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "This night I remember having offered drinks to some friends in a small bar in my city. Last night I dreamed of being with my mother and father and drinking a very good cocktail. The other night I dreamed of going into a bar but I had no money to buy a beer. Last night I was invited by a work colleague to have an aperitif". Today we try to understand if even the bar in our dreams can have meaning or not. Many people say they have dreamed of being invited, going into a bar to have fun, to drink, to get drunk. What meaning is hidden behind this particular place of aggregation?


In order to understand the meaning of this particular place that can appear in our dreams and in which we can find ourselves completely alone or together with a person we know, we must remember what a bar is in real life. The bar is a public place where you can enter to buy something to eat or drink. In this place you can also celebrate a birthday, a small anniversary, you can spend time with friends, so in a bar we can enjoy ourselves and feel free, serene, trying not to think about the problems of our lives. And in fact this place of leisure to spend a few hours with friends, is a place that takes us away, even if temporarily, from worries. Here is a first meaning of the bar in our dreams. It often represents the escape from the worries, from the problems of our daily life, from the work, family, professional and sentimental problems that afflict our earthly existence. When we dream of being in this place we must therefore try to understand what we are escaping from, the reason why we can not solve some problems or why we flee from them. Do not forget that it is very important to remember every detail of our dreams and therefore objects we see, people we meet, feelings and emotions that we experience. For example if we dream of being in a completely empty bar and inside there are only us who drink something, then in our life, we are experiencing a small or large sense of loneliness, physical and mental fatigue, apathy that obviously must be fought. Our life is not absolutely positive at the moment and therefore we must try to find a solution to return to smile. In fact, many people go to bars to get drunk and then forget their problems instead of facing them with decision. Even what we order, what we drink and pay, is essential to analyze our dreams.

So if we simply drink water then the dream and therefore our subconscious, wants to communicate the need to purify something in our lives, the need to rediscover some mental and physical energies to face a period that could be complicated. While if we dream of drinking a simple coffee then we are probably experiencing a phase of strong stress or a phase of nervousness, anxiety and tension that can cause us many problems and we must find a quick solution. Drinking lots of coffee means being really nervous. But in a bar we can mostly drink beer, wine, alcohol. Alcohol does not generally have a very favorable meaning because alcohol is used to make us drunk, it helps to make us forget and to divert our thoughts, but it is not the right solution to our problems. So if we dream of entering a bar, drinking a lot of alcohol and then we get drunk, then we are living a complex period but the mistake we are making is not being able to tackle the issues with decision and with the right solutions. If we are abstemious people in real life and instead drink alcohol in the dream, then the problem we have to face and from which we are perhaps escaping is very important, it is very big and should not be underestimated. Sometimes a small dream detail can make us understand the right solution. For example, if we are in a bar and we meet with a friend, then we could ask this friend a good advice to solve our problems. In fact, the bar is a place where we can play cards, billiards, we can make bets, celebrate birthdays and then its meaning can be much more mundane and represent, symbolize the desire to have fun, to spend time with friends and relax to recover physical and mental energy. Very often, after having dreamed of being in a bar, we can even receive an invitation to a party where we will have a lot of fun.

But the bar of our dreams can be empty, without people, without waiters, without glasses and bottles, and therefore it can signal a great inner solitude, a great period of internal suffering and of difficulty in facing life. Some people remember having dreamed of drinking and not being able to pay anything because they were without money. Loneliness, apathy, lack of tools to move forward and to solve complicated situations that can lead the dreamer to experience a moment of small or great depression. Other people remember to have seen, sitting in a bar, a dead relative, a person who has been dead for many years or recently, a parent or a grandfather perhaps. When we do this type of dreams we must try to remember the words that are said by the person who is with us so that it is the key to providing a proper interpretation to the dream. However dreaming of being in a bar or restaurant with a deceased means not being able to find any solution to a problem and therefore hope for a miracle, in an almost impossible help then. This place is often associated with our way of living social life, therefore interpersonal relationships that can be sentimental, family, work, sentimental and so we must not forget the people who are with us and therefore can offer important details. We have not yet talked about those dreams in which this place is known or not. In fact, many people remember to have dreamed of having entered a bar of their childhood, a place that in real life no longer exists for so many years or that is no longer frequented. Here the memories resurface and ancient thoughts return to our mind to help us understand that something of our past has not yet been resolved. A love we think about and that has made us suffer a lot, an enemy or a colleague who has created problems that we have not yet been able to solve, a friend we have not seen for a long time and that we miss . Remember that they do not fade but instead are heavy enough to forget. We conclude this article also talking about those dreams in which the bar can symbolize a period of security and a very stubborn character. In fact if we are in a bar that we usually attend in real life, we are together with many friends and we are happy, happy, carefree, then maybe we are living a good time and we are very sure of the things we are doing.


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