Hunting in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of hunting animals, insects, mice, cats, dogs, beetles, bees, flies, pigeons, vultures that invade our house? What is the meaning of dreams in which we are driven out of our house or do we ourselves drive away one of our relatives? Why can we dream of praying to drive away the devil and the demons? What does it mean to dream of sending away a person, a friend, an enemy, a colleague of work, brother, sister, mother, father, wife, husband, boyfriend, lover, relative? What it means to dream of chasing someone from our home or hunting, searching, chasing, catching someone to kill. Why can we dream of expelling, sending away, driving away, banishing, driving away, exiling, hunting, the devil from our body, demons from the bed? And pull your hair out of your mouth? What does it mean to dream of driving away terrible and poisonous snakes or hunt someone close to us? What does it mean to dream of chasing someone we hate or whom we love? Have you ever dreamed of praying to drive away the devil? What numbers can be extrapolated from the Neapolitan grimace to have fun in the lottery when we remember to have dreamed of hunting an animal to try to win by following what the guide and the book on dreams? "The other night I dreamed of taking away a person who was close to me. Last night, in my dreams, I chased an insect that wanted to sting me. Last night I remember having sent my parents away from my house after having had a fight. This night I dreamed that I was driving a business colleague because he did not do what I wanted". Today we analyze the dreams in which it is possible to remove from us someone or something, perhaps an animal, a person, an insect or a strange presence like a shadow or the devil or even an angel or the Holy Spirit. Strange dreams that can be very scary but that are not absolutely negative. These dreams serve to understand many things in our lives and to find useful solutions to a problem we are experiencing and which haunts our days, our mind, our daily life.


Have you ever dreamed of chasing a son, a brother, a sister or a relative away from your home? Why can we be so agitated in dreams and send away a person we love so much or hate a lot? Hunting someone in the dream world has a very interesting meaning. In the meantime, to understand this type of dreams we must always remember the real meaning of this word that can be transformed into a gesture, into a real action. When we drive away a person or an animal it means that we do not want to have that person or that animal close to us. Maybe we try to remove an insect because it causes a lot of trouble, pinches our skin. And here this concept can be brought back into dreams in which the action of driving away someone or something is an important and decisive event. Of course we must always remember the people who are with us in dreams, the objects we see and that we use to remove someone, the places where these actions take place and the sensations and emotions we experience. For example, if we dream of being with our fiance, our husband, wife, lover and drive away this person, then we can have some difficulties in communicating with it, relational difficulties that do not make us live well the relationship and that force us to take a decision. Removing a person we love in a dream obviously means trying various emotions, especially having opposing ideas, different from the ideas of one's partner and therefore a premonitory message that can hide behind these dreams can be that of eventual and future quarrels. But in a dream, we can also drive away work colleagues, friends, people from our family, relatives. We must always try to reconnect the person we dream with and try to get away with the real relationship we have with it in our lives. For example, a work colleague can be removed in a dream because we feel a sense of jealousy, envy of him. A friend can be driven away because in a certain moment of our life, the relationship we have with him is absolutely uninteresting and not very positive.

Dreams that are widespread among people are those in which we try to send our son or our parents away from us. Contrasts of character, relationship difficulties and problems, in fact, of misunderstanding between parents and children are the basis of this kind of dreams. Other widespread dreams are those in which we hunt a dog, a snake, a beast, the devil, a demon, a shadow or insects. If we analyze the meaning of each of these dream symbols, then we can understand their message. Snakes can indicate jealousy and envy and the attempt to remove these creepy animals is obviously easy to interpret. That snake can symbolize a person who weaves behind us, wants to make us fall into a trap because simply envious of our qualities. Not being able to drive away or kill a snake means to undergo, precisely the underhanded attack of a person. We must also talk about those dreams, very widespread, in which we can see a shadow that comes towards us and maybe try to suffocate us while we are in our bed. These dreams can be really terrible but often simply indicate fear, the fear of having to face a situation, accepting certain responsibilities that do not allow us to live quietly. If we are able to remove this shadow in a dream then we can overcome our fears and we can really tackle every situation. Another very important symbolism is the devil or the demons. Why can we dream of driving away devils and demons? The devil signals our desires, repressed desires that are not only sexual but can also involve strong tension, anxiety and nervousness at high levels that can ruin our lives. These impulses that we feel inside must find an outlet in real life but can be very dangerous, because, for example, we have accumulated a lot of negative energy, a lot of stress, a lot of nervousness, we can have health problems, get sick, fight with someone and create some damage.

We now analyze insects in dreams that can be very annoying and dangerous. Here are two key words to analyze this kind of dreams. Annoyance and danger. The dreams in which we see small or large insects invading our house, our bedroom, can cause so much trouble and here we try to kill them, away from us because we know that some insects like bees, wasps, hornets, can to sting and to hurt. When we have a dream of this kind we have to ask ourselves a question and that is, we have to think about a situation that can be very annoying for us. For example, a person hinders our projects, our ideas and this person can be represented by a large cockroach that comes in our dreams. Removing or even killing this insect simply means that we can react and resolve the situation with this person who creates numerous obstacles. Sometimes we can be invaded and chased by swarms of flies, of terrible insects and here we are faced with problems for which it is difficult to find an immediate solution. Hunting in our dream world, sometimes it is the symbol of an egoism and narcissism that we can experience in our lives and of which we may not even realize. Obviously if we try to drive an animal like a dog trying to attack us, we must always think of a danger we are facing or are already facing in our lives and the usefulness of these dreams is fundamental to really understand the difficulty of the period. We end this article talking about those dreams in which we are being chased by someone. Also in this case our subconscious wants to make us understand that the interpersonal relationships we are experiencing are not excellent and obviously with a person who probably appears in dreams. For example, being driven from home by a husband, a child, a parent, means that we are living a relationship with these people, a very complicated relationship and that does not allow us to live peacefully.


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