Have you ever dreamed of a snake in the grass, a non-aggressive snake sheds its skin, a hissing snake, a snake escapes and crawls away, a snake that clings to us, to our body? Dreaming of crushing a serpent, to charm a snake dream, dream of seeing a dead snake or kill a snake, many snakes dream together? What can it mean when we dream in one or more snakes that attack us? Why is it possible to dream of a black snake that wants to bite or colored? Why and why we can see in our dreams many small newborn snakes or snakes large and very large poisonous? "Last night I dreamed of seeing a large black and yellow snake that wanted to stick with his poison but I could not get away. Why dream often snake eggs that hatch? Last night I saw two huge snakes, terrible and coming towards me but I ran away. Last night, the other night I dreamed a long snake that bit me first arm and a hand, then the leg and then in the face and I fainted because of the pain I felt ". What does it mean to dream of being chased by a snake in white, red, dark or of several snakes that want to attack us? Why a snake in a dream may curl around our body or our neck to choke us? Because the snake in a dream can do a lot of fear? Let's understand this dream symbol and what meaning and interpretation has.

The snake is one of the most common animals in our dreams and because this is a very important religious symbol. The serpent betrayed Eve in the Garden of Eden and did eat the apple of the Tree of Good and Evil, unleashing the wrath of God. From then the snake is always seen as a symbol of evil, a symbol of betrayal and envy. Here's a first to associate meaning when we see a snake of this type is linked to a person jealous and envious of us that wants to do us harm or a situation where we can fall into the trap. If the snake bites us then we risk really fall into the trap or the victim of this person and if we can avoid the bite and even kill the snake then this dream is very positive and means that we will win, defeating the problem or bad person. Often, however, the snake, the words Freud, is, especially as concerns man, virility, sexual desire that needs to find an outlet in real life. So this animal is going to represent the male genital organ as well as sexual desire. If we hit a snake then maybe they can block, to cancel our sexual instincts.

But dreams can really be very specific and to give a proper interpretation must always remember places, objects, people who are present. For example meet a snake or several snakes at work clearly it indicates that there is a problem just in the workplace, perhaps with a colleague or the employer. Instead, a snake in the house means that maybe there is some relative who envies. Often the snake makes a sound as he pulls his tongue out and this means that we must be very careful, we have to open our eyes and not be fooled by anyone. Many small snakes that might come out of eggs that hatch may mean that we will be faced with many small problems in various areas of life but not particularly difficult to resolve. We must be careful of snakes that have very peculiar colors, bright colors like yellow, red, light green because these colors can mean that the person who envies or danger can be very important and we should not underestimate any aspect.

But not always the snake in a dream world has a bad meaning. In fact we can see the snake sheds its skin, and this is a good sign because it shows that in our lives, in our inner world is going to be a change, a renewal that will lead to a positive and spiritual development as well as material. So this is like a good dream is a dream that sees us fight and defeat enormous snakes, terrible trying to bite and inject their venom. Many people dream, finally, to see big snakes that attack the sentimental partner, parents as the mother or father, brother or sister, an aunt, a grandmother, etc... These dreams show that we are concerned about some matters which relate in particular those people and thus indirectly affect us.


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