Drinking in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of drinking so much water from a big bottle? What is the meaning of dreams in which we try to open a bottle of water in order to drink? What does it mean if we dream of drinking milk, wine, a glass of honey, alcohol, rum, coke, tea, beer, water? What does it mean to dream of drinking dirty water? Why can we dream of drinking blood, oil, coffee, red wine, liquor? And why can we dream of offering to drink to our father, mother, brother, sister, cousin, brother-in-law, friend, work colleague, long-dead relative, fiancé, husband, wife? What does it mean to dream of drinking hot water, cold or iced water or a poisonous liquid? Quench your thirst, drink, toast, sip, taste something together with many friends, at a party. What does all this mean? What does it mean to dream to use very precious, fragile, glass, plastic glasses or to sip from the bottle a very carbonated, watery, very alcoholic, exotic drink? And drink a very good beer, sweet, bitter, bad? What does it mean to dream of drinking something from inside our fridge? And what does it mean to dream of stealing a can of beer from a store and then without paying? "This night I dreamed of seeing a person who wanted to offer me a drink in a bar but I was very scared because I did not know this person. The other night I dreamed of being together with two unknown people to whom I offered to drink. Last night I remember dreaming of drinking a red colored liquid and dying poisoned. Last night they gave me so many bottles full of liquor that I could not drink". What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can be played to have fun, if at night, during sleep, we dream of drinking water from the tap, to look for a win, following what the guide and the dream book says? Let's understand the meaning of dreams in which the most important gesture seems to be to bring a bottle or a glass to the mouth and then drink a liquid. Even these dreams may seem very trivial but in fact they can have some important meanings and bring a profound message from our subconscious.


Drinking in a dream can have multiple meanings. For example, very often we remember to drink water or wine or even beer. These liquids are very common in our dreams simply because they are very common in real life. Water is the most important element in our life, for our organism, for plants and for the whole ecosystem and this thing is enough to make us understand that when we dream of drinking water then surely we can live a period in which we will be very efficient and we can feel fulfilled, being able to achieve excellent goals. Certainly we must not forget if the water we drink is clean, dirty, poisonous, full of worms, bacteria and if it has a particular taste. For example, the water we drink in a dream may be too hot or too cold and indicate two different moods. In fact, drinking water that is too hot, even hot and risk burning tongue and throat, means being in a period of one's life in which we are too excited, too nervous and above all a period in which we risk being particularly inefficient, being able to commit, therefore, many mistakes. Cold or very cold water can signal the difficulty in being able to express one's feelings, one's own emotions and in fact when a person is not very sentimental, not very emotional, we can say that he is a very cold person. So water in dream, from this point of view, can indicate emotions, sensations that affect the dreamer's life, so he must try to better dose his qualities, his characteristics in every sector. Every detail of dreams can reveal an important thing and help to give a fair interpretation. Meanwhile, if we dream of drinking together with our parents and the water is very cold, then the relationship between us and our father and our mother is not excellent and some misunderstandings could arise. If the person who drinks with us is our fiancee, our husband, our wife, our lover, then we can certainly think that we are in a very complicated phase and the romantic relationship could get worse.

According to some people and according to the study done on many dreams, the water that is drunk in large quantities and that quenches the dreamer could symbolize the birth of a child but this thing is unlikely, especially if the dreamer is a man or a boy while a woman could certainly have this need in her life that can be reflected in the dream world through a great and long drink. Many people dream of drinking alcohol like beer, wine and liquor or blood. Let's analyze this kind of dreams. Meanwhile, beer, alcohol, wine are the symbol, very often, of a very extravagant personality and that is experiencing a period of joy, joy and serenity. Sometimes, after having dreamed of drinking with friends and acquaintances, it can happen that you are really invited to a party. While beer has a slightly less important meaning, being able to indicate above all a dreamer's leisure phase, wine can take on more interesting and deeper meanings because the glass of wine drunk in the name of Christ during a Mass is a very strong symbolism that we must take into consideration. And here, drinking wine, especially from a golden goblet or anyway very ancient and precious, means to mature inwardly and to be really very powerful on a spiritual level. An inner evolution and maturation that can open the doors for the success and for a remarkable progress of one's own soul. And the blood? Certainly dreaming of drinking blood may not be a good experience but the meaning of these dreams is very important. Blood represents our strength because through it oxygen, proteins and vitamins arrive throughout our body. So the blood symbolizes our energies and drinking a glass of red blood means needing to recover physical but also mental forces. Almost certainly, people who do this kind of dreams are going through a fairly complex and difficult period where they do not feel great energy, a great symbiosis with the environment in which they live.

And milk? The milk in our dreams instead symbolizes the return to our childhood, the memory of our childhood or the need to return to being children in order to face a problem with extreme lightness and lightheartedness. If in a dream we remember to have offered a drink to a person we do not know, maybe in a bar that is a place of recreation and aggregation between people, then it means that our character is particularly extrovert and sociable and allows us to live interpersonal relationships in every sector of our life without particular problems. Another widespread dream may be to find yourself drinking oil, obviously cooking oil, maybe olive oil. In our tradition when oil falls on the ground, this moment signals a bad omen and for many people even dream of drinking oil means having to face a serious problem, a disease, a small or big malaise, in short we should be in front of a sign of bad luck but in reality it is exactly the opposite. In fact, when we interpret our dreams we must never forget to compare the actual meaning and value of a thing. So oil is a liquid produced from olives, a very good liquid but above all full of vitamins and substances that are very good for our body. The oil is therefore very precious and therefore drinking oil means being in a really very important and productive phase, especially in the work and very often, if we are experiencing a psychophysical discomfort, if we are sick, this kind of dreams can represent healing, a improvement of our conditions and therefore no bad omen. We conclude this article talking about those dreams in which we can drink in very fragile bottles and glasses, maybe plastic or paper. Instability in life that can really create many obstacles and problems that are difficult to solve. Finally, drinking poison can symbolize the need to be very wary of a person we have just met or have known for a long time but who perhaps would like to deceive us.


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