"Last night I dreamed that I was in the kitchen, I opened the fridge and poured the milk to drink in a glass. What does it mean when you dream of drinking a lot or a little milk, eating various types of cheeses such as scamorza, mozzarella, provole? Why dream often buy a lot of milk in the bottle or in a pack from the store? Last night I dreamed of drinking fresh milk expired, with an expiration date passed and with a bad smell that made me so sick to my stomach and I ran to the bathroom to vomit. Last night I dreamed I drink a lot of milk rotten, sour, spoiled, white, dark coffee poured into it. I've seen a lot of milk that fell on the ground. I wanted to drink a lot of milk to my son who did not want to. I dreamed that I went out as much milk from the breast.". What does it mean when you dream of seeing the milk that comes out of her womb, from his breast or dream to breastfeed a child, her own child, giving milk to children? What does it mean to dream of being at the bar and ask for a glass of cold milk or hot? What can it mean to dream of seeing packs of milk, so many bottles filled to the brim with milk, skim milk, whole, sheep, soy, goat, donkey, cow, calf? To dream of seeing milk falling on your clothes or on the floor, spilled milk, spilled on the table, what does it mean? Today we see the meaning and interpretation of this symbol when it appears in notri dreams.

Milk is undoubtedly very important when it appears in a dream and has a leading role. Milk is a staple food for our growth, for our bones because it is rich in calcium. It is an important food for the children and the mothers who give birth in fact generally have their own breast that produces milk to give to them. The first food that we taste, of which we eat in our lives is propro milk. So its meaning may be twofold. Dreaming milk may mean that we need to regain energy, many fundamental energies to move forward, the forces necessary because maybe we are experiencing a very difficult, stressful. Dreaming of drinking pure milk, fresh or hot but still good is very good sign because it means that we are recovering energy, we're redoing after a period of very heavy. Sometimes these dreams comes after a favorable event, lucky, a job opportunity or gain that reaches almost unexpected. Dreaming instead of drinking sour milk, fault, with bad smell that makes us even worse, it means that we are experiencing a bad period, with little energy and perhaps not pleasing events coming up.

But milk is a symbol often connected to our childhood, then our family, to our memories as a child and the figure of our mother. How many adults still dream of drinking milk from the breast of his dead mother maybe for a long time? These dreams bring with them a sense of great love, great union with the mother figure that maybe there's more. The attachment to the womb when it was big back then may just find himself in a dream to suck milk from the breast of a woman or of his mother. If we see ourselves in the act of sucking, drinking milk from the breast of another woman who is not our mother, then we have to think that in life we need a figure to protect us which is similar to our mother.

And dream of buying a lot of milk, so many to buy packs or bottles of milk what can it mean? We need a lot of affection, a lot of understanding, to be loved by someone as he loved us, even as our mother from small. Often, after having dreams of this kind, one is left to remember past family events, distant in time but they are good memories. See milk that contains an expiration date now passed, it means that we are aware of the fact that the old times, the times of our childhood never to return. And when we dream of overthrowing the milk on our bed, on our clothes or on the table what does it mean? What does the milk that falls to the ground? Often these dreams indicate job opportunities, to gain an escape or our need to find some inner peace, joy and light-heartedness typical of our times now in the past we were happy with our family of origin.


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