The house that collapses in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of seeing a house that is about to fall down, destroyed by an earthquake? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a person who is in grave danger? To dream of our house falling on us and killing us or seeing a wall of a house that is destroyed and collapses. Ruin, landslide, failure of a tree, of a dam. Have you ever dreamed of also having a psychological breakdown and then going crazy? Why can we dream of an apartment collapsing because of a bomb that explodes? And see a plane that falls on our house that is destroyed? What does it mean to dream of the collapse of a house? that catches fire and is about to fall creating a huge cloud of dust? What does it mean to dream of a terrible smell of gas coming from inside our garage? Ceiling, buildings, shacks, tents, everything can collapse in real life but also in our dreams. Have you ever dreamed of a very old, dilapidated house that falls down, full of rubble? What numbers can you pull out of the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery when we dream of being inside a collapsing house, trying to win money, following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I dreamed of being with my mother, my father, my sister and my brother and we were fleeing because the floor was going to collapse under our feet. Last night I dreamed that I was together with some of my friends and colleagues working on a falling bridge and we all died. Last night I remember dreaming of falling from a balcony that was really bad. The other night I was struck by a stone that came off the terrace of my apartment". Unfortunately, the damaged houses, the collapses of walls and walls, the demolition of balconies, terraces of our apartment, our house or our house, are very widespread in the dream world and often have a very important meaning. Let's try to understand what lies behind this kind of dreams, let's try to understand what message you can find behind a building that falls into a thousand pieces.


Many people dream of being in their home that suddenly collapses. Why can a house collapse? Why can we see an apartment exploding and falling apart and we find ourselves under the rubble? Whenever a house collapses in our dreams we have to think we are in a moment of our life where complications could arise with some people. Understanding this kind of dreams is really very simple. Let's take a quick example by interpreting the dream of a boy who saw his grandmother's house, now dead for some years, which had a large lesion on a wall and therefore risked falling down. Immediately after having made this dream, which was in fact a premonitory dream, the relatives of this grandmother, exactly her children, quarreled because of her inheritance, in which this house was understood. From this kind of dreams it is possible to understand that every time a house risks collapsing, it is very likely to have to face quarrels and discussions in the family or in the workplace if instead of the house our office or the apartment in which we work is collapsing. So these dreams can mean a strong concern of the dreamer about a situation, a family problem that could get worse. The house can collapse or it may risk collapse. To see a house that disintegrates into a thousand pieces means that we will face an inescapable problem, that is, a very difficult problem to solve that will invade our earthly existence, our life, perhaps involving other people who could also be in our dreams. In fact, in order to understand the dream meaning well, then the message that our subconscious wants to provide, we must absolutely remember the people we see. If we are in a house and it collapses and together with us we find our mother or our father, then we must think of having to face a small or big problem in the family and that it may concern the relationship with our mother. Dying during a collapse can have two meanings, one less favorable and the other more favorable.

Meanwhile, a problem is still present and must be resolved but the dream death makes us understand that we need to change something, an inevitable change must take place in our lives in order to evolve, mature and progress. Unfortunately we must be very sincere and say that the fall of a house is often a disgrace that will happen in our lives, even if it could be quite light and not particularly heavy. In fact, seeing the house we live in with our father, mother, brothers, sisters, wife, children, husband, collapse means that our ideas will be different from those of others, someone will be against us or we ourselves will create obstacles to a person of the family. Divisions in the family for various reasons that only the dreamer can know because each of us has his own personal story. One of the most terrible dreams we can make is that in which we are inside an apartment and we feel a very strong earthquake. At one point the jolt shook and moved the whole house, we try to find shelter under a bed or running off the street but we can not reach the door. Meanwhile, the floor collapses and we can not do anything because we fall under a pile of rubble, suffocating and perhaps even dying. Terrible nightmares that can make us wake up at night with an incredible fear and a heart that beats very fast. Unfortunately our life is in serious difficulty, of course we will not die but if we are not able to find a quick solution to a problem that haunts our mind, then we risk worsening the situation and we will find ourselves living a particularly sad and complicated period. Only in some cases, however, the collapse of a house can have a very positive meaning, even if it can be difficult to accept. In fact, when something is destroyed it can give way to a new thing that is born. One thing dies but another situation can develop. Many people say they saw a house collapse at a very difficult time in their lives.

After this period of extreme difficulty, things have changed positively even if the time has had to pass. So the house that falls down was the manifestation of a necessary period that had to come and that obviously had to happen so that the dreamer understood his mistakes and could find a valid remedy. Unfortunately, our life is an endless lesson and from every mistake we must try to draw a valid teaching to be able to mature and here is a period in which we see and live the darkness, it must also be a period in which we must try to find a small light, a tiny glimmer that must give us hope. Very often the collapsing houses also symbolize old situations that can no longer progress, they can no longer go on and must be eliminated. For example, some people say they have dreamed of seeing a very old, very rundown, completely ruined and uninhabitable house fall down. This dream represents the uselessness of a period of our life that must then be eliminated, we must look ahead and we must not refuse the changes that come. This kind of dreams is usually positive then. Another important element to analyze is related to the people who are with us in a collapsing house. To see people we know die means that the interpersonal relationship with these people will change, we can probably have some quarrels and discussions or the relationship will undergo a phase of necessary change that will lead to a period of peace. We must never forget that every dream detail is fundamental to provide a correct interpretation and only the dreamer can really understand what lies behind his dreams because every man has his own dream world in which any negative symbol could have positive connotations and vice versa. And then every gesture we make should not be underestimated. For example, if we dream of clinging while our home collapses, then we will find the solution to a problem and if we remember a person who saves our lives, then that person can be crucial in solving our problems.


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