Have you ever had tremendous dreams about earthquakes? What does it mean to dream of escaping from a terrible and scary earthquake with long shakes that never seem to end? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace need to play when we dream of a destructive earthquake to try a lottery win according to the dream book and dream guide? What interpretation and meaning do you give to dreams where we feel a tremendous earthquake? Why does the earthquake or tsunami in dreams make us really scared? What does it mean to dream of escaping from a severe earthquake while we are in the mountains or the sea that drops palaces, skyscrapers, monuments, apartments? What does it mean to dream of seeing and hearing a quake, a telluric movement, a huge, long, telluric shock? But dream about the earthquake and hear our imminent death what meaning do you have? Feeling the earth that moves, it shakes and opens under our feet or dreams of the earthquake but does not feel it and we are very scared. This kind of dream can be a scary nightmare. How many times have you dreamed of seeing and feeling an earthquake and dying or saving yourself? To dream of seeing collapsing your home or that of your parents under tremendous shakes of earthquake or tsunamis is a very common dream. The earthquake in dreams according to Freud or Carl Gustav Jung what did it represent? "This night I dreamed of the earthquake in the house without damages. Over the past night I dreamed of an overwhelming earthquake. Last night I remember being in the house and an earthquake shock shook everything. The other night, my dear friend's house collapsed down because of a terrible earthquake". Let's see the meaning of earthquakes in our dream world.


The dreams in which we are in a house and it collapses under our feet can be really terrible and very scary. But what is hidden behind these nightmares and why can we see houses that collapse beneath a tsunami with high and giant waves? The earthquake has a very important meaning and must never be underestimated. This meaning concerns our life and the way we are facing some situation and responsibility. In short, the earthquake moves the ground beneath our feet, drops skyscrapers and palaces of famous cities and creates a feeling of imminent death. Here we can reconnect this dreamlike symbol and archetype to the stability of our lives. It is put into question. Very often these dreams come out when in our lives we are no longer happy about how things are going, we are no longer certain and certain of our choices, decisions, roads we have undertaken. Then the earthquake comes in our dreams to bring us to understand the difficulty that we are experiencing in real life. We want to put all the things we have in our debate, or just something in our lives. The earthquake can often involve uncertainties and uncertainties about our present and future and that is why we must never underestimate its meaning. So when we dream of an earthquake, after we awaken, we have to ask ourselves this question: "What's wrong with our lives and what does not satisfy us anymore?"

And if in dreams the dreamer realizes a tremendous earthquake while he is at home and tries to escape, to run away but he can not? These dreams can make a great deal of fear because several people say they have been buried under the rubble in a dream after an earthquake, feeling a brutal feeling of imminent breathing and death. Simple to understand the meaning of this kind of dreams. What are we going to do? What makes us afraid of our lives or what are we trying to avoid? Perhaps a great responsibility is too great for us. Maybe we are pursuing a work project or a sentimental story that we can not handle, which is too demanding for us. Of course you have to accurately understand the sector of our life that the dream is about. For example, if during the earthquake or tsunami we are in the company of our boyfriend, our partner, in short, then the affective and sentimental life has become a bit too heavy for us that we would like to change, close and destroy the bond that unites us with Other person. Escape from an earthquake in these cases means not being able to find a solution to the problem that is present in our couple's life. Certainly the problem exists and must be addressed but not running away. One has to take on one's own responsibilities, face a discussion, talk and find a solution to the problem that might also be the end of a sentimental relationship that does not go very well anymore.

If, during an earthquake in a dream, we are in the home of our family, with our father, our mother, our brothers and sisters, then a big change is going to happen right in our family and is an inevitable change that has to be dealt with Serenity but above all with great willpower. Some family and interpersonal relationships must be questioned and perhaps we are afraid to find ourselves in a situation of defeat in a situation where we would not know what to do. Some people even say tremendous earthquakes and tsunami with high and giant waves that invade and destroy an entire city or the whole world. These catastrophic dreams rarely indicate an unlucky event that affects the world or the city but can tell the dreamer that the responsibilities that have been taken in life are really too big to be carried forward and hence abandon them. If we are in the workplace, in our office or in our company, and there are tremendous shocks of earthquake that shake and collapse everything, then it is likely to happen, there is going to be a major change in working life that can be also positive but certainly abrupt And for that it can scare the dreamer. Sometimes the earthquake in our dreams can also point to a close quarrel with a person, a friend, a relative, a work colleague, and so always try to remember and annotate, on your dream diary, not just objects Which you find in dreams but also the feelings you experience and the people you meet. All these things can bring useful elements to provide a fair interpretation of the dream.


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