The balcony in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of being naked on a terrace of our house or on a large balcony? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a person who is on a small balcony? Why can we dream of being on a very sloping balcony and risking falling into a ravine? What does it mean to dream of a friend who falls down from the balcony with ourselves, our boyfriend or our mother, father, sister, brother? What does it mean to dream of a balcony with a wooden railing that wobbles or catches fire? What does it mean to jump from the balcony or get out of it with a big jump? And spread the wet stuff to dry? Dreaming of a huge balcony, a huge balcony, very long, full of flowers and plants to water, in French. Have you ever dreamed of being in Verona under the famous balcony of Romeo and Juliet? What does it mean to dream of being on a very small balcony that is about to collapse and with a very dangerous railing, of iron and steel? Cleaning with a broom and washing a dirty balcony with water can be a very strange and difficult dream to interpret. What does it mean to dream of being on a balcony with our grandparents, parents, cousins, brothers-in-law, uncles or a long-dead relative? What does it mean to see a terrace without a railing, flooded, broken, tall, open, unsafe, which is collapsing and we are under it? Go out on a balcony that falls and be very afraid. See a large balcony with our clothes hanging out to dry or paint the railings of a balcony in white, yellow, green, blue, red, pink, black, brown, gray, purple. What numbers can you pull out of the Neapolitan grimace if we want to play the lottery, when we dream of being seated inside our balcony, to look for a win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "Tonight I remember dreaming of being with my husband on a terrace that was at a very high level and we were afraid of the height. Last night I dreamed I would fall from a balcony but before I landed I would wake up with my heart beating very hard. Last night I dreamed that I was going up a ladder to reach the terrace of my house that was very dirty. The other night I dreamed of being with a friend and colleague of mine and we were dancing on a balcony full of flowers". Let's try to understand the meaning of this kind of dreams.


The balcony or the terrace are some parts of a house. To understand the meaning of the balcony we must always start from its meaning in real life. The balcony is used to spread clothes, to dry clothes, to look at the horizon, to observe other people who are under our house. The balcony is often the symbol of a very particular situation that we are facing in life and that should not be underestimated, a situation that must be observed with other eyes. In short, we can lean out of our house using a window, a door, a terrace or a balcony and every time what we see has a different appearance. And here the balcony may represent the need to find another way to solve a problem, the need to find a different path in our lives to face our difficulties. We can, for example, have a working problem and dream of being on a terrace with our work colleague and all this may mean that we have to face a professional problem or a problem of communication with the people who work with us. Often the size of a balcony can also signal the way in which we behave in front of a problem, the way we observe a particular problem and therefore if a balcony is very small and we can not move inside because it is also tight , then we are not able to evaluate exactly a situation we are facing and therefore must be evaluated carefully and in a completely different way. Obviously moving on a very large balcony, free from obstacles and well built, signals the possibility of moving forward in our lives without any particular problems. In short, the balcony often represents the way we see and face life because we must not forget that the house in dreams often indicates our mind, the cellar our subconscious and windows, terraces, balconies are our eyes that observe, evaluate the details and allow us to make decisions and make choices.

Many girls and women dream of rolling out their wet clothes to let them dry on a large balcony or they dream of being in front of it with some people who are down to wait. Being on a balcony with clothes hanging out to dry can mean having the need to improve one's condition, one's sentimental, working, family, economic situation and details as well as the people who are with us or we can see under the terrace, they are fundamental to better understand the field of dream manifestation. So we can dream of laying out the stuff with our parents and then need to resume an interpersonal relationship with them or we can be with our girlfriend, with our husband and here we are faced with the need to recover a feeling that is perhaps fading and this kind of dreams is even more meaningful and truthful the moment we see people waiting under a balcony while we are right on it. Although sometimes seeing people from above can symbolize egocentrism, narcissism because the dreamer thinks he is superior to many other people, often people under the balcony is the symbol of a distant relationship, of a malaise that is being experienced in one's life about the relationship with another person. We can even be on a terrace and see thousands of people we do not know, an entire people and all this can indicate the need to face big relational obstacles or the difficulty of not being able to carry on their lives because of the strong responsibilities. In short, a very high balcony can indicate a departure from our responsibilities, an escape from problems or the superiority that we feel we have compared to other people. Throwing down from a balcony to commit suicide, to die, then signals the strong desire of the dreamer to escape from the responsibilities of life and the difficulties that he thinks, perhaps, of not being able to overcome.

Throwing from a very high terrace and therefore risking to die means having the need to change something, the need to change a path of life and the desire to do something different. Let's not forget that the symbolism of the balcony is often also connected with the famous story of Romeo and Juliet and their impossible love and here is that many girls, many women can dream of being on a balcony full of flowers waiting for someone who never comes and which represents a love, a feeling that can not come into their lives. An unrequited love, a very complicated love to carry forward or a love in which the relational difficulties are many and very complex to fix. But the balcony can also be very beautiful, with the rays of the sun that illuminate it and with many plants and flowers very fragrant. Even a true love, a true feeling and a beautiful relationship that can be experienced by the dreamer without any problem, can be represented by this place of our house that overlooks the city, the countryside, nature. The balcony can be very extended, it can be very deep and long and therefore represent a path that we can do alone or together with a person we love but only if this construction does not collapse under our feet. In fact, many dreamers say they were on a balcony or balcony that was very unsafe, damaged and that was about to collapse or even collapse. The dust, the ruins of the collapse obviously symbolize a difficult situation that the dreamer lives and from which he can not easily exit but if he is able to cling to something during the collapse, then the possibility of overcoming a moment of extreme difficulty exists. and must be exploited. Often in the dreams the railings are missing and therefore it is very dangerous to look out from a balcony or a terrace. The railing is a protection and therefore represents the need to find again support and protection in some people who may have abandoned us.


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