Fall in dreams is widespread. Falling and clinging to something in the dream is very common. As you fall you realize that we can not do anything. What does it mean to dream of falling, stumbling, plunging into a ravine or sticking, shaking, holding, grasping a tree or a rock? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace I have to play when I dream of clinging to something to not fall to try to win the lottery according to the book of dreams and the guide on dreams? Why do you fall into a dream? Why can you fall into our dreams, risking getting hurt and feeling pain? Have you ever fallen out of bed when you are dreaming or have you ever dreamed of falling into a hole in the street, in a ravine, cliff, precipice, overhang, abyss, abyss, and after you have woken you realize that you have fallen from your bed and being on the ground? What meaning and interpretation do we give dreams where we fall and fly down from a great height, perhaps from a skyscraper, from the balcony or balcony of our home or office where we work? What does it mean to dream of clinging to and falling? "This night I dreamed of flying down from my bedroom window together with my parents, brothers and sisters. Every now and then I dream of being on the edge of a ravine with a relative, my son, my wife, a famous singer or actor or the pope and risk falling as no one helps me. The other night I dreamed of throwing me down from a very tall wall with my dear friend and colleague of work. Last night I dreamed of falling from the stairs and I was really very bad, hitting my head. On the past night I clung to a branch of a tree to not fall into a very deep precipice. Why do I often dream to fall, hang over, squash, tumble along with my mother, my father, my grandmother or grandfather, or with my boyfriend, husband or lover?" Let us understand in this article the significance of falling into dreams, but also the meaning of succeeding in saving yourself from falling uan, clinging to something.


Your fate depends on your strength of mind. In these simple words is enclosed the meaning of this kind of dreams, dreams really widespread and never trivial. In fact their message is never stupid and must be interpreted in the best way to get positive experiences from our dream world. Fall into real life is a very bad thing because we can do very badly. To avoid falling we must be very careful as we walk or do sports. If we are now falling on the ground, at sea, or from the stairs, we can try to cling to, shaking our hands to an object that can prevent us from falling. Comparison and similarity with the problems of our lives are very clear and obvious. When we fall in the dream first of all we never reach the end of the flight. For example, if we dream of falling into a huge, dark ravine, we never touch its bottom but we wake up with so much fear and the heart that beats very hard. Fall into a dream is a moment in our life where we are really very worried about a situation we can not easily solve. Falling means being in a bad time when a terrible thought torments our minds. But what are we afraid of? If the fall is linked to a fear we have in real life, we simply have to understand what this fear is. To better understand the meaning we make an example. If a child at school is tormented by a friend or teacher, then dreaming can fall from a balcony, from the school terrace, from the school stairs, etc. The illness of this child, highlighted in the dream by the fall, indicates clearly the fear of going to school by this child because he may be disturbed again by his friend or by the behavior of his teacher. In these cases it is useful to talk to the child to understand and find a solution. If, however, a man or an adult woman falls into a ravine, at work, at home, then the problem can be much more serious and concern situations, events, fears that are at work, at home, or internal fears indicating a strong inner malaise. Falling is always a symptom of being afraid of something or someone in everyday life and having to investigate to understand these fears.

Often a neurological problem, linked to hypnagogic myoclones, may be the basis of dream falls. Even a very healthy person may have some muscular contractions that may cause involuntary movement of the legs muscles and consequently, especially at the stage of sleep, we can dream of falling and so we suddenly wake up. These dreams can also be recurring and in this case they should not be underestimated because they can report serious problems not yet solved by the dreamer. Fall into dreams can also be linked to feelings of insecurity and anguish, worry, guilt and shame. A person who does not have a good self esteem can dream of falling into a ravine. A person who is very insecure and can not make a decision in his life can even fall into the dream simply from the stairs because the stairs often indicate the climb to success in our lives. If there is a person with us at our side, then we need to understand the role of this person in real life. Does this person hinder us or help us? Does this person in the dream help us fall or try to save us by blocking our fall? Of course then this person can be a valuable help to us and help us overcome our fears or be the cause of our illness. For example a child may have a bad relationship with their parents who may be very strict with him and the night may dream of falling from the terrace after their parents chased him throughout the house. Never forget that the people and objects we meet in the dream, the feelings we experience and the places we visit, the places we are in, are very important to extrapolate a correct interpretation from the dream. The senses of guilt, fear, and shame are certainly emotions that can come about in a fall in dreams. The ravine, the precipice that does not have an end and therefore where we fall without ever touching the ground, indicates that we are at a time of our life where unfortunately the illness that is in us can not find a useful solution being really great. Generally, when we dream of falling together with a dead person for so long that we may know, then a positive change is possible in our lives, a change that can settle things.

But often we can even dream of falling down and clinging to an object like a tree, a window, a window sill, or a rock. We may dream of falling from a great ravine but we can put our hands on a rock and climb up. Dreams that can make a lot of fear but bring to the dreamer a much more positive message. The illness we are experiencing can be defeated, we can surely come out of a terrible situation of anguish and fear that is present in our lives. If we cling to ourselves and save ourselves alone then we will be able to get out of the tunnel without anyone's help. If in the dreams someone tends our hand and helps us back up, then in real life we ??will need to ask for help and help be helped. Obviously falling in dreams can affect a particular area of ??our lives. For example, when we fall in and realize that we are at home, then the problems to be resolved concern our family, while dreaming as we work while we are working, then fear and anguish concern working and professional life or economic problems. And if we find our wife, our husband, our boyfriend or loved ones, then we can be certain that something, in our sentimental life, is not good and needs to be improved. Often a boy or a girl may dream of falling because the sentimental relationship they are experiencing is very complex, difficult, a relationship where betrayal is possible and has happened or perhaps the fear of not being loved or betrayed is really very present in the dreamer. Salvation is possible, getting out of this kind of trouble is always possible, and dreams can point us the right way, especially if, as we fall, we can find a clue. Some dream scholars, who follow the ideas of psychoanalyst Freud, claim that falling can also be related to sexuality and some sexual pleasures. We conclude this article by saying that our feelings of guilt and shame for something that we have committed in our lives and that for us have been immoral and unjust, may appear in the dream world in the form of a scary fall.


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