Pants, underpants, skirts, hats, gloves, scarves, shoes, sweaters, t-shirts, coats, jackets, socks. If we dream very tight or wide clothes, clothing and accessories what does it mean? Wedding dress in dreams. What meaning and interpretation do you give to dreams where we see a wedding or religious dress or a simple dress that is worn by a man or woman? What does it mean to dream of wearing a dirty brunette dress, full of blood, ruined, worn out, clean, scented or stinging or torn or still elegant? What does it mean to dream of putting on a dress to go to a birthday, a wedding, a party? Why in our dreams can we buy, steal clothes in the store, or choose a dress from a washing machine full of blood from the closet? Have you ever dreamed to lend to a friend or work colleague or even to your mother, father, sister or brother a dress that you like very much? And help in dressing a person? And what does it mean to dream that someone you do not know gives you a very nice dress or do not like it? What does it mean to dream a dress of white, blue, red, green, yellow, pink, black, dark, suitable for the summer, winter, spring, autumn or new, brand new, just bought from a shop and very expensive? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace can lead to a lottery win if we dream a dress, according to the book of dreams and dream guide? "The other night I dreamed of seeing a very old, colorful, fashionable dress. Last night I dreamed that they gave me a beautiful dress but her size was too narrow or too wide. Last night I dreamed of seeing a beautiful dress that was worn by mom, dad, a relative, an uncle, aunt, grandmother, a friend, a colleague, a husband, a wife, a son. This night I dreamed of being with a beautiful blond girl and a baby girl wearing a very tight little dress". Why can you dream of wearing a funeral dress, a funeral ceremony, and going to a coffin and a funeral parade? Certainly many of you will have dreamed, at least once in a lifetime, to buy, wash, wear, tear, steal a dress. Dream clothes are important and can bring to the dreamer an interesting message that you do not underestimate absolutely. So let's understand and understand the meaning of the clothes, even religious, that we can see in our dream world.


Certainly, dream clothes must be re-attached to their use in real life. In everyday life, clothes are used to protect our intimate parts, not to feel hot or cold, to be more beautiful. We wear the clothes to go to work, to go to a party and choose the dress according to our needs. In short, the dress in real life often represents our character, our way of being. Pants, underpants, skirts, hats, gloves, scarves, shoes, sweaters, t-shirts, socks are also chosen by us according to our daily mood. For every occasion we should choose the right dress. For example, if we go to a job interview we can not just go with the panties and if we go to the summer beach we can not wear a winter coat. But in dreams we can dress very strangely. Very often you can dream of wearing a very wide or very tight fit. Wide or narrow dresses certainly mark a great difficulty in our lives, a difficulty associated with a very low estimate we have of ourselves. In short, if we wear a tight or wide dress then we are not happy with our life but above all we do not feel upset and we almost feel ashamed of ourselves. A dress that is perfect is certainly a sign that we are fine with ourselves. Colors in dreams are really very important. For example, a black dress almost surely indicates a very difficult, complex, melancholy period, and we are not well with ourselves and could also represent a period when some changes are needed in our lives. A red dress indicates a beautiful period filled with great energy, a desire to do so many things, to engage in life, while a celestial or white dress indicates a beautiful evolution and inner maturation. When we wear a yellow dress means we are very optimistic, but we have to be careful not to be dazzled by someone who could fool us and let us fall into trap. Ripped, dirty, ruined clothes are the symbol of a malaise we are experiencing and of course it does not make us live as we would like. Often in our dreams we can wear a dress or help someone to wear a dress. Helping someone, man or woman, relative, friend, colleague, means being altruistic, understanding the needs of other people. Never forget that the people we meet in the dream, the objects we see, the places we visit, and the feelings and emotions we experience are fundamental to a proper interpretation.

Often women, girls, ladies dream of wearing a wedding dress. The wedding dress in dreams is often linked to a great event, to great joy, to a very positive change that can come to life and that can bring optimism. Wedding dresses should not be underestimated in the dream because they really can signal a very beautiful event and the birth of a very important period of life. Have you ever dreamed of being on the beach and wearing a very heavy dress? And dreaming of being under the almost naked snow? If we do not wear a dress that is right for the season we live in a dream, then in real life we??are experiencing a period when we are not very balanced, we do not know what to do, what decisions to take. Wear a dress that is perfect for the meteorological climate we are experiencing in the dream, but indicates that we have achieved a great balance in our lives. Protection against dangers. Here is another meaning to not underestimate when we dream of dressing. And if we go to the store and buy a beautiful dress or a lot of clothes? Buying in a dream means having something in real life. If we buy clothes we may have the need to feel more confident about ourselves, to achieve greater balance or to have a desire for change. We often wear very old clothes in the dream just because we want to change something in our lives and buy new clothes means trying to find a way out for these changes we want. And here's how to buy a nice white dress can indicate a fantastic change that brings so much joy, buying a red dress can signal a change in our sentimental life and buying a dress of celestial color could also mean that we are maturing, evolving into life, we are becoming more confident of ourselves and we have more esteem for us. But did you ever help someone from your family, son, husband, friend or colleague to wear a suit? These dreams can be very beautiful because they can indicate a great willpower and altruism.

The clothes protect us from the heat and the cold and are not just objects to look more beautiful or ugly. They are the representation of our character, our difficulties, and our desires that are not expressed. Certainly we can feel a lot of shame when we wear a ruined, dirty, torn or very narrow dress, but stealing dream clothes can mean an even more terrible meaning that needs to be analyzed and not underestimated. What is missing in our lives that we would like but can not get? Stealing a dream suit is to say that we can not get something that we really want but the problem is that maybe we do not have the right quality to have what we want. Sometimes it may also happen to burn clothes. Burning something means not accepting a situation and wanting to change it, and here we are not happy with our lives, our way of life, which is precisely represented by the clothes that fire. Often, it may even happen that he dreams of patching a suit, fixing a hole in a trouser, in a skirt, in a sweater. Sewing and adjusting a crumpled or torn dress will surely improve one's life and appear in the eyes of other people a better and more capable person to face the difficulties. Sometimes it may even happen to dream of wearing a dress that is full of blood. Blood in dreams often affects the energies we have, the level of strength we need in our lives. Blood therefore represents the lack of energy, willpower and blood drops on a dress we have on, probably indicating a period of our life where we can not do what we want because we need to find a balance, regain strength, take advantage of our imagination and creativity that are not being exploited at the moment. Before concluding this article we would also like to talk about those dreams in which we wash dirty clothes using the washing machine. Washing clothes means cleansing our conscience from something we no longer accept but very often washing clothes means not accepting our way of being, living, being with people. We want to wash away everything we do not like about our life and everything that we do not like ourselves anymore.


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