Swallow pills in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of finding some packs of pads that have expired and stink? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see so many colorful pills that are very large but dangerous for our health? What does it mean to dream of gulping down tablets to cure some pains, illnesses and to make the fever drop very high? What does it mean to dream to ingest a tablet, tablet, tablet, capsule, candy? Why can we dream of trying to swallow lots of pills to commit suicide? Selling, spitting, giving, eating poisonous pills to animals, people, to someone we do not know, to an unknown man or woman, to our father, mother, dead relative, uncle, grandfather, brother-in-law, brother, sister, cousin, nephew , son, wife, husband, friend, work colleague. What does it mean to dream of forcing some pills to be swallowed by our children, boys and friends? What does it mean to dream of swallowing very expensive pills prescribed by our doctor? And why can we dream of selling or buying pills at a pharmacy? Spit, take pills in small or large doses, take a contraceptive pill. Dreaming of throwing up tablets, eating pads to calm down, to go to sleep. What does it mean to dream of finding so many yellow, red, blue, white, black, brown, green, blue tablets? Why can we dream of taking the viagra tablet for sex? What does it mean to dream to swallow very large or very small tablets in the stomach to swallow with water or to melt in your mouth, under the tongue? Have you ever dreamed of swallowing very bitter or sweet and tasteless pills? What kinds of numbers of the Neapolitan grimace is it possible to play the lottery when in the dream we have to swallow some pills, to look for a winnings by following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I remember dreaming of swallowing a pill because I had a bad headache. Last night I dreamed of taking a small tablet because I had a stomach ache. Last night I dreamed that I swallowed three very large tablets. This night I dreamed of being admitted to the hospital where the nurses gave me some pills to make the fever lower". Many people remember having made these kinds of dreams and some people even dreamed of dying after swallowing tablets. Let's see what lies behind these dreams.


The pill is a cure. We can have an illness like a simple cold, a headache or something much more serious and the pills can be used to relieve the pain, to make certain symptoms disappear. Here, inside a tablet we can find the solution to our problems, but it can not be a definitive solution. In fact, we take drugs simply because we have to treat some symptoms but the disease can not always be resolved completely. In real life we??can take many kinds of pills. We can take a tablet to sleep safely, we can take the viagra tablet to be able to have sex for much longer and we can also take pills to die, because we decided to commit suicide. Here is that each of these dreams hides a particular meaning. Meanwhile, if we dream of taking a tablet to go to sleep then almost certainly we are having a problem in real life that precisely, does not make us sleep at night, in the sense that it does not allow us to be calm and live in a balanced way. The problem could affect any sector of our life. In fact, any worries we have can make us feel insomnia. So swallowing pills to sleep means finding a solution to a thought that circulates in our mind during our daily life and that we have not yet solved and in this case, this kind of dreams, could just indicate the solution we can find. Positive dreams, therefore, that signal some difficulties but also allow us to understand where their solution is in daily life. What if we take the viagra tablet for sex? Behind these dreams there is obviously a strong sexual desire that can be, however, repressed. Viagra is a pill for men and not for women and therefore only men can make this kind of dreams, very special but with an important meaning. In fact, if we swallow this tablet then we feel the need to give vent to our sex life that maybe is blocked for various reasons.

These dreams can be very serious for some men who have a strong sexual desire, many hormones to pull out but who can not find their vent and these feelings, repressed during daily life, explode in this type of dreams. What if we dream of taking a poisoned pill or simply dying? Some people say they see a psychophysical discomfort behind these dream suicides, very serious psychiatric disorders but actually swallowing pills to die has another symbolism. In fact when we want to die we can decide to take many pills, lots of psychotropic drugs, so many sleeping pills, maybe to die during sleep and therefore without suffering, without feeling pain. These dreams symbolize a phase of our particularly complicated life in which, instead of finding a solution to our problems, we try to avoid the obstacle unnecessarily. In short, here we are faced with the extreme rejection of responsibilities and prefer to flee, to move away without facing problems. This kind of dreams is, of course, very negative. If someone invites us to take a poisoned tablet, then a person we know might be envious of our work, could be very jealous and therefore we must be very cautious. In fact, the poison in dream has a meaning very similar to that of snakes. If we refuse to swallow pills that may have been prescribed by our doctor in a dream, then we are refusing to improve our lives and find a solution to our problems. If a person we know offers us the possibility of treating a disease by swallowing a tablet but we refuse this oneiric help, then the interpersonal relationship with this person, in real life, can worsen, in short we could argue with this person for various reasons. Sometimes the pills also represent a relationship of love that is not easy to live.

A sentimental relationship that is sick. How many times have we heard these words about some sentimental couples who live a period full of arguments, of quarrels, in which love now seems an ancient memory and hate instead is very predominant. And here we can dream of taking a tablet, a tablet while we are together with our love partner. That tablet represents the problem that we have understood but that we still can not solve. Never forget that in our dreams every detail can be very important. We can dream objects, places, people, feel strange sensations and everything must be remembered or annotated in our notebook of dreams so that upon awakening, we can try to find a valid interpretation. Sometimes swallowing small means seeking a remedy for your problems externally, perhaps in a person or in a situation but the remedy is within us, depends only on us and only we can improve our earthly existence. Often it can also happen to dream of swallowing a small or large tablet that is very bitter or too sweet and then is spit out, thrown out of our mouth. We have something that we do not accept, we are suffering from a situation that we do not like absolutely and makes us live very badly. We reject the help and support of someone who could solve our difficulties. Widespread dreams that should not be interpreted negatively but that unfortunately can be a wake-up call. Refusing help because maybe we are able to solve our problems has a positive symbolism but if we know that we can not solve anything on our own then we are doing wrong and we must necessarily accept the support of others to not make the situation worse. We conclude this topic that is very common among boys, especially among girls, speaking precisely of those adolesciential problems that can occur at a young age, between 12 and 17 years. Very often girls who are experiencing a phase of change can dream of taking contraceptive pills, just because their sex life is developing.


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