"Last night, while I slept blissfully, I had a terrible dream that made me wake up with a start and with my heart in my throat. I dreamed of being followed, chased by a giant snake with a big black forked tongue. What is this dream? Last night I dreamed of a black snake, green and yellow, I do not remember if a cobra, a snake, a python, crawling towards me fast and struck me with its deadly poison. Some snakes were behind me and biting me and I woke up with a start. What is the meaning of this dream? Last night I saw it, I dreamed of a big snake chasing me and you sprayed poison into my eyes but I killed it with a stick, a knife, a gun. What does it mean and what interpretation to give to this kind of dreams? What does all this mean? Why the snake attacking me often during demonstrations dream at night maybe biting the legs, an arm, in the face?" How many questions do you? And because the snake in dreams is really a very common animal. There is those who dream of giant snakes, who many little snakes, who sees a nest of vipers, who is chased by snakes of various colors, bright colors and have the air of being very dangerous and they want to bite. In addition, many people dream of seeing snakes emerge from points of your own home or on the street or even in your workplace.

So you may already have heard talk about the fact that the snake in a dream is often linked to envy and jealousy that people have towards the dreamer. But this interpretation is not the only one. It is true, the snakes often want to represent in a dream of the people who are in our lives with whom we have to do and that they envy, jealousy towards us because maybe we have a working position of their best, we have more money, we are more happy and fulfilled in them, etc... Very important is to always try to remember the places where see these aniamli crawling to understand where these people are certainly not experiencing these positive feelings toward of us. If we see a snake in the workplace then when you wake up try to figure out who would want to hurt or our rather who is to be jealous of us right between work colleagues.

But envy is only one aspect of the dream symbol of the serpent brings. In fact, the first interpretation to be given and the first meaning to be given to it is: betrayal. That's right, do not forget that the Christian religion was the serpent to deceive Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and to convince them to taste the apple from the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. In this page find the complete story. So we have to think when we see one or more snakes in a dream, imagine that someone who perhaps friend, can take to make one tripped, can betray us, may cause us to fall into a trap. The truth is that our subconscious has already had some clues about this betrayal possible and then makes us do this kind of dreams to make us aware.

It is a possible betrayal in which we encounter and not we who betray someone. The more the snake is bigger and the danger is great. If we see many small snakes in a nest then maybe we should think that it is preparing a tricky situation for the dreamer. The places where you develop your dream may give us clues about the people who may be involved. Another important aspect not to be underestimated, or rather two, for the color that take these snakes in the dream world and the fact that there spray or chew the venom in the face. In dreams colors can be very important and you have to remember what colors had a snake. Very bright colors as yellow, red, orange they can make us think of a very large trap in which we risk falling. If we think of bites and die because we feel that the poison takes effect, then perhaps we will in a situation where we will not escape and will hurt the consequences.

Of course able to escape from one or more snakes or even be able to kill them, to destroy them with his own hands or with an object in his hand and found himself in a dream, carries meanings favorable because the people who want to harm and losses will be recognized. If we bites and poison effect does not then we will be protected by someone.


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