The concert in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of being at a concert and getting on the stage to sing with our idol? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see so many people we do not know who sing in a musical chorus? Dreaming of listening to a musical composition, a musical performance, a performance, a show with singers and musicians. Why can we dream of hearing an orchestra on a stage or in a theater? What does it mean to dream of one's idol? And dream of your favorite singer? What does it mean to dream of being at a rock, pop, rap, jazz, funky, blues concert of classical music? What does it mean to dream of being late or arriving well in advance at a concert without a ticket and not being able to enter? What does it mean to dream of going to a concert with mother, father, grandparent, boyfriend, friend, work colleague, relative, son, husband, wife, sister, uncle, brother, pope, famous actor or singer? What does it mean to dream of attending a beautiful, wonderful, fantastic concert in which to experience wonderful emotions and be very happy? Why can we dream to direct a concert, a musical show and then be the director of a musical group? What does it mean to dream of listening to beautiful music or hearing a concert with headphones, with headphones? Which and how many numbers can we play using the Neapolitan grimace to play the lottery if we dream of getting on a stage to sing or play a musical instrument, following what the guide and the dream book says? Tonight I remember dreaming of buying two tickets to go to the concert of my favorite singer. The other night I dreamed that they gave me a ticket to go to the theater and listen to a beautiful orchestra. Last night I dreamed of being with someone I did not know at a rock concert. Last night I dreamed of shouting and crying because of the strong emotion I felt during a musical concert. Well today we try to understand and understand the meaning of dreams in which we can attend a musical concert. Music in dreams is a very widespread and important thing, but even musicians can have their own meaning that should not be underestimated.


Going to a concert is always a beautiful event because the music unites, creates new friendships, even new loves. And who knows how many people fell in love during a concert or decided to start an important friendship. Music in our dreams is never trivial because it combines with our deepest emotions. Music can therefore represent our depths of the soul, our tears, our sufferings, our passions. Certainly if we are musicians or if we love music very much and very often we go to listen to various concerts, then it is very easy to interpret dreams of this kind and that is dreams in which we listen to music, we see a band singing on a stage, performing in a beautiful concert. But if in real life we??are not musicians, we do not know how to play any musical instrument and we do not frequent places to see concerts, then the dream music has a very important meaning. Meanwhile, the feelings we experience during a musical performance are very important. Every emotion, every place, every object, every person. All these details allow us to interpret dreams very well. And here we can go to a concert with the person we love, with our girlfriend, with our husband, with our lover. The romantic relationship is the core of this dream and music amplifies the feeling of well-being that this love relationship offers the dreamer. And then going to a concert could indicate the possibility of feeling even more love towards the partner, of being even more in love and therefore also a strong need to show this love. But the concert can be nice or not. The concert can be very noisy, the music played can be very deafening and the kind of music that is played can also be uninteresting. If we, in real life, do not like to listen to classical music but in a dream we go to a classical music concert, maybe in a theater that is a place that we never attended, then we can have some difficulty expressing our love, if with we find our partner.

If we are completely alone at a concert that we do not like, then we are doing something in our life that is not very interesting. A guy is perhaps studying a school subject that is not very exciting and engaging and therefore dreams of going to a really boring concert, maybe a classical music concert. If instead the boy is facing a very positive period at school and everything that brings satisfaction but above all is very interesting, then he can dream of being a wonderful rock concert that express his best qualities and psychophysical energies. Every music could represent a state of mind and that's why before we said that the music is very in tune with our soul. If we are very sad we can listen to a very sad music, melancholy. So if we go to a concert where we listen to really melancholy songs, then we are living a rather difficult period, maybe we are facing a period of strong pessimism while a concert with beautiful music, full of energy and that provoke beautiful sensations of well-being, they can symbolize an excellent period, a fantastic phase of our life in which what we are doing is really very satisfying. Rock music is very energetic and therefore dreaming of being at a rock concert can indicate that we are in a very important and very creative phase of our life, a phase in which all the things we are doing can bring enormous successes. And if we are experiencing a period of enormous stress and above all of strong rebellion against someone or against something? Here we can dream of going to a concert by a rap singer, as this genre is born as a form of rebellion against society. A very interesting dream to analyze may be that in which the dreamer listens to music or attends a concert on the computer or TV, using headphones or earphones. Here we are faced with a period of introspection, a phase of life in which our emotions and sensations are not externalized but remain blocked, closed within us.

Often those who dream of being at a concert may have very confused ideas and therefore experience a period of great mental confusion. Understanding this concept is very simple. Bad music can only generate noise and the crowd attending a concert can be so loud that it does not allow us to hear what we are hearing. So here we are together with many people who do not allow us to move freely, to breathe. These feelings can be terrible to live in a dream and can easily represent a period of strong indecision, in fact of great confusion that must be fought in order not to live badly every day of our lives. A dream in which a concert is the centerpiece of it can reveal much of our real life. According to many people, a singing or musical manifestation represents, in fact, our life. So dreaming of attending or being at a concert often means observing one's own life, while the kind of music we listen to is the symbol of a particular state of mind that we are living in a certain phase of our earthly existence. We must therefore look inward, try to analyze the experiences we have experienced so far to draw a lesson useful for our inner and outer progress, our maturation and evolution. And we must never forget the people who are with us and who undoubtedly can offer other useful details to understand our state of mind, the path we have to face, the situation we have to solve. Being at a concert with our mother obviously symbolizes an important phase in the relationship with her and that could be an evolving relationship or in involution and the details of the dream will provide further information for a correct interpretation. Being at a beautiful concert with an enemy, with a person we hate could represent the possibility of finding a period of peace with this person while being with the person we love is obviously a symbolism connected to the feelings towards this person who can be positive or negative based on the music we listen to.


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