To emit a sound, to make a sound, to sing a difficult foreign song, to sing along with a very famous singer, sing and play, play a simple song with so many chords. The meaning of musico, f the soundtrack of a movie, of the chorus of children singing and musical instruments in dreams. What meaning and interpretation can we give to music in our dreams and nightmares? What does it mean to dream of performing, making music, stroking a guitar around a fire, reading a music score and playing it perfectly? Have you ever dreamed of composing and writing a song? What does it mean to dream of playing classical, acoustic, electric guitar, flute, saxophone, violin, cello, piano, drum, electric bass, harp, electronic keyboard or any other musical instrument? And why do we often dream of playing the doorbell or bell at a door? What does it mean to dream a song that does not exist or hear strange noises or beautiful melodies that we do not recognize? Why can you dream of singing or dreaming of tuning an electric guitar or a piano? What does it mean to dream of playing music, a beautiful song, with a sweet or sad melody? And dreaming someone who sings with us but are we both tired and we can not sing? Vocalizing, whistling a dream song is really a very common thing. What does it mean to dream of playing a musical instrument? What and how many numbers of Neapolitan grimace you have to play when you dream of tuning a guitar to try to win the lottery according to your dream book and dream guide? "The other night I dreamed of playing a song with my mother and my dad. Last night I was with my boyfriend and together we sang a beautiful song, very cheerful, accompanied by the sound of so many musical instruments played by some of our friends. Tonight, during my dream, I heard a voice coming from a distance and singing a melodious, daring, harmonious, angelic melody and I felt angels singing. Last night I dreamed of listening to a marvelous song on television and radio and the voice seemed to be my brother and sister's voice. Why do I ever dream of playing a musical instrument even if I do not play with a famous singer or actor, a friend of mine, work colleague, my son, husband, wife? Why do you dream of seeing so many children playing guitars, violins and saxophone or can I dream of seeing the Madonna, Jesus, the devil playing a musical instrument or singing a strange song?". Dream music can certainly have beautiful and bad meanings. Obviously the dreams in which we listen to music melodies and in which we play a musical instrument or see someone who plays a musical instrument can be very important and bring a fundamental message to the dreamer. So let's understand and understand this type of dreams.


To understand the meaning of these dreams, always start from our real life. What is music in our life for us? Music is a set of notes played by different musical instruments that also create harmonies. But music can be enjoyable or unpleasant, audible or audible, tuned or stoned. Music is very subjective and a music track can please a person while not in love with another person. Also, some people may be very attractive to the sound of an electric guitar while others may be interested in the sound of a classic guitar or a saxophone or violin. Certainly the purpose of good music is to describe a mood, an event. A soundtrack of a movie is certainly written, based on the content of the film. But in a dream, does music express our mood? The answer to this question is yes. Dream music expresses our mood, our psychophysical condition in real life. When we hear a beautiful melody in the dream that attracts much our interest, it can mean a period of our life where we are really very good, we are in harmony with everyone and maybe we are very optimistic. The beautiful music that attracts our attention in the dream is synonymous with a wonderful conscience of our true earthly essence, an inner evolution, a maturation that can really bring us far away in our lives. Many people, in fact, say that right after listening to music in dreams, they can live a lot better than before, their mood is very good, they feel so much energy, optimism and desire to do. Often, these dreams appear after a moment of malaise and depression, but the dreamer finds the right solution. As we always say, to understand the scope of a dream's manifestation, we must remember the emotions and feelings that we live but also the people we meet, the places we are and the objects we see because all these elements can surely tell us if the our life can improve in work, in family, in love. But in the dream as well as being able to hear melodies and songs from unusual places, we can also play an instrument and then create music.

Playing a musical instrument is even more important because the music that comes out of the guitar, the violin, the piano, or any other instrument tells us our inner strength that allows us to move forward in life in a serene way and overcoming the various obstacles. But the music we play can be beautiful or ugly, can be tinkered or tuned. In short, even in our dreams, we can be able to play a musical instrument or not. Some musicians even dream of not knowing how to play the musical instrument that in real life can sound great. Here, too, the musician joins in symbiosis with his mood and inner strength that may fall, experiencing moments of difficulty. It should not be forgotten that music can come out of our inspiration, imagination and creativity and thus in dreams it can represent a period of our future or our present really full of positive occasions, fantastic events and a vital energy that can allow us to accomplish so many things. The difficulty of playing a musical instrument is clearly an internal blocking signal, difficult to overcome some obstacles in life, and sometimes it is a sign of malaise and depression that must be addressed. We should also not forget that music is produced by a musical instrument as well as by our voice and both represent means by which we can express our best qualities in life. So this kind of dreams makes us understand that in real life we??have every chance of achieving our goals because we have good qualities that allow us to move forward. If we try to accord a guitar, a violin, a piano, or any other musical instrument, then we are almost ready to be the protagonists of our life. In addition to playing a musical instrument we can also make sure it breaks and does not sound better. What are we destroying in our lives? This is the question we need to do when we do this kind of dreams.

And if we listen to a singing person? Are we singing in a dream with a friend, a colleague, a relative like a parent, brother or sister? These dreams can represent the need to live in symbiosis with the world around us but also with other people. Singing with a parent, for example, may indicate the need to find a good harmony in the family that may be missing for so long. Very often, having dreamed of singing with a person we know, it can happen to make peace, to recover an interpersonal relationship that has not been present in our lives for so long. In short, these dreams signal a possible re-accompaniment. Of course, if we sing along with a person and we stonely, then we can not sing, then our relationship with this person can become difficult. Some psychologists say that listening to sad music, hearing a very melancholic music, can signal a terrible event in the life of the dreamer, a possible physical death of a person who is close to the dreamer, or a sharp change in the dreamer's life, not a nice change. Often during these dreams we can see a dead singer or a devil who plays an instrument generating aggressive and deafening music. In fact, this interpretation is incorrect because the music in our dreams, beautiful or ugly, almost always indicates a state of mind, a situation of our life that needs to be underestimated. Very beautiful are those dreams where we see a choir of children singing or we hear the music produced by angels in heaven. These dreams certainly mark a beautiful time when our lives are continuing as we want. Our soul is evolving, we are becoming more wise and are ready for a new adventure to face. We conclude this article by saying that sometimes the dreams where we listen to beautiful music can signal the next courtship of a person while we are playing a musical instrument, then we might fall in love with a person in our life and this thing could happen a lot soon.


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