Dancing in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of being a dancer and dancing on a terrace, balcony? What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a person dancing alone or together with another person? Dreaming of dancing Latin American, merengue, bachata, salsa, rumba, tango, mambo, cha cha cha, waltz, masked balls or dreaming of refusing a dance? And what does it mean to dream of dancing alone on a balcony or terrace or in our bedroom? Why can we dream of many dancers in our house? What does it mean to dream of dancing, dancing at work or with an unknown man or woman? Why can we dream of dancing with an animal, a woman, a man, a child I do not know or dance completely naked, without clothes and try or not feel ashamed? What does it mean to dream of being chosen to do a dance or to dream of being accompanied to a party in which to dance with so many people? Dancing at a wedding, birthday, anniversary, funeral, together with a dead person, pope, dead father, dancing in a group a very slow or fast dance. Falling while we're dancing and getting hurt, fracturing a leg. How many of you have dreamed of going to the dance school? And dream dancers with clothes in black, white, red, green, yellow, blue, orange? What does the dream mean in which we dance very well even if we do not know how to dance? And to see someone dancing, two very good and fast guys? What numbers is it possible to pull out of the Neapolitan grimace to have fun in the lottery, when we dream of being in a place to dance, following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I remember dreaming of dancing with a dead person for so many years. Last night I danced with a beautiful man who was also a very famous actor. I was very happy. Last night I dreamed of being in a ballroom and dancing with a colleague of mine. Tonight I dreamed I was dancing but I fell to the ground and hurt myself". Well today we try to understand this type of dreams, that is, the dreams in which we dance alone, together with a friend, work colleague, relative, brother, sister, mother, father.


First of all dancing in a dream is a very common thing, but this does not mean that these dreams are not important for the dreamer because we always want to remember that every dream brings a message that should not be underestimated and that can mature, evolve our lives. So we can often dream of dancing despite in real life we??are not dancers and maybe we have never danced in our lives, even if this is very difficult. Dancing is fun. In everyday life we??dance to celebrate an event, for example we can dance to a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or any other party. So dancing is a pastime, a way to socialize and have fun at the same time. In fact, dancing in a dream can represent a moment of our life that is particularly positive and very beautiful. Many people say they have dreamed of being particularly happy after having dreamed of dancing and say they have lived a very positive and carefree period. In fact, when we dance we feel serene, happy, light and do not think about the problems of our earthly existence. This moment of leisure also takes place in the dream world and confirms a very optimistic period, very favorable for the dreamer who can therefore feel calm, balanced, serene. But we must always remember every detail of dreams. In this case we need to remember the people we dance with, the objects we see, the places we are in and the emotions we feel are fundamental. Emotions and feelings in dreams are very important to be able to give a correct interpretation. And here's that if we dream of not being able to dance, maybe while we dance and move on a dance floor, we stumble, we fall, we do very badly, then we are not living a carefree period but we are living a particularly complicated period and in which we know exactly what to do. Often dancing in the dream world can also have a negative meaning.

In fact, when a person fails to express himself, his potential, his emotions, then he uses his imagination, his imagination to travel with his mind and get to places where he could not otherwise arrive. And here dancing in a dream can refer to a small or big difficulty in expressing one's feelings and emotions, and in these cases it is essential to remember the people who are dancing with us. For example, if we dream of dancing with one of our parents then dialogue with the mother or father could be complicated and the dream tells us that the relationship between parent and child must find a solution. Sometimes a parent too intrusive, too severe may not allow a good expression of the feelings of the child who then frees his desire in dreams, dancing with his parent. If we dance with the person we love, then with our fiancé, our husband, our lover, we must think that we are in a period in which we have to solve some communication problems. And often during these dreams as we dance, we can stomp each other's feet, we can be very awkward and not be able to dance, we can even drop or drop the person who dances with us. A widespread dream is one in which we dream of dancing completely on our own. These dreams may seem very strange, but they are absolutely normal and indicate an isolation, a period of extreme confusion and a period in which it is not easy to manage one's life. Dancing alone signals, probably, a moment in which the dreamer does not know what to do, is not able to understand which goal he should direct and what he must do to solve some professional situations. Then we can also dream of dancing naked, without clothes, but here it is very important a detail, that is, we must try to remember if we, while we dance naked, feel shame or not. To feel shame in a dream means to have a low level of self-esteem that does not allow us to be calm when we are confronted with other people. If we dance and do not feel sick, then we can feel very confident, be full of good and positive self-esteem.

A dream that can scare a lot is the one in which we dream of dancing with a dead person or with an unknown man or a woman we do not know and who is very fearful. Never forget that the dead and death, in our dreams, often represent some unavoidable changes that can happen and that can be particularly positive even if, they can be very scary initially. Dreaming of being in front of a dead relative who wants to tell us something while dancing with us, is a very important dream and we must try to remember his words because his soul can come to visit us to offer advice especially in a period of our lives a lot complicated and difficult to solve. If the dead who dance with us are the symbol of a change that can happen, inevitable but necessary in our lives, unknown people who dance with us can instead represent a side of our character that has remained hidden but that slowly comes out and asks to be heard. Very often in our daily lives, we reject some aspects of our character that should however be accepted. And here in dreams these aspects manifest themselves and maybe we dance with a man we do not know who actually represents ourselves. Many women say they dreamed of dancing with a very famous character, with an actor, a singer, a politician. The desire to be like them, the desire to achieve the success that these characters have achieved. Here's what you can find in these dreams in which the dreamer happily dances. We conclude this oneiric argument saying that in most cases dreaming of dancing is a good sign of recovery after a difficult period and in fact many people say they have danced and felt very free and very quiet during these dances, especially they tell of having felt a lightness of mind and in fact those who dance know they are like birds in the sky, being free and defying gravity.


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