"The other night I saw in a dream a man who in real life was dead.He is resurrecting from inside a coffin that was under the ground. She is reliving and talking but I could not understand his words confused. Last night I dreamed that my father gave me the number and smiled. Last night I dreamed of a dead person coming toward me and cried. Last night I dreamed that a dead person resurrected. What does it mean when you dream of seeing a relative of mine, my brother, sister, mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, friend, uncle, aunt, cousin, resuscitating and wants to talk, she wants to warn of a danger?" Why you can dream of a dead man resurrected? What does it mean to dream of seeing a dead person who laughs, who dies, who returns to life and wants to touch you? What meaning and interpretation we can give dreams of this kind that can bring a lot of fear or happiness? And because dream revise their dad or their mom that no more can also bring a sense of joy. Often it happens to dream of dead relatives because they have been dead for a short time and affection that the dreamer had for them is very high but when a dead man lives on in our dreams after so many years who died in real life then the meaning behind can be different and very important.

First of all when we dream of a dead person that we know we have to try to remember if the last few days or weeks we have heard of this person, we had some thoughts on it or not. In this case it is obvious that we can see her in a dream. For example when there is the anniversary of a death, and then we go back with the thought of this person, the nosta mind at night can deliver similar dreams. But not always the case.Sometimes I dream about a deceased after many years and without apparent reason. These dreams can be very important and can hide meanings interesting and useful to the dreamer. See a resurrected dead man by a coffin that is under the ground could mean that going to come to the surface something that we thought could no longer go back, maybe a secret buried for years. An event, a situation that we thought were settled are going to come back and then the dead man warns us to be careful.

When we dream after so many years a relative like a parent or a grandfather and we dream we often have to try to understand what we still have in common with it, what we did not say to him when he was alive, what secret we have inside us, and maybe we should refer to the deceased before he died. So in a sense these dreams conceal a kind of remorse. To better understand what we mean is an example: if we dream often our mother died years perhaps wanted to tell her how much we loved but never had the courage and find the dream that comes to us, he wants to talk to us,He wants to hug or kiss. Kissing, caressing, embracing a dead man in a dream is a sign of lack of affection, affection that can not be filled because that person is not alive now.

It happens to dream of a friend, relative smiling, looking happy and talking. These dreams can bring a message of optimism, a positive message that can bring out the dreamer from a period complex, difficult, and these dreams are auspicious although you should always try to understand the words that are uttered. Certainly often dreams of this kind can bring much luck to the game. In fact it is not uncommon for a dead give us numbers to play and we must absolutely put them into play. These dreams, however, are very rare. It is therefore important to remember, in conclusion, that the dreams we see people who are already dead, can bring positive messages or warnings. In fact often the dead is to warn us of any danger, a trap into which we can fall, a person's enemy who wants to harm us. So never underestimate this kind of dreams, but try to analyze it when you wake up in an objective and trying to remember places, objects, feelings that you experienced.


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