To remember the dreams which exercises and workouts to do? Why do not you remember the dreams you do during the night or day? What is the reason you do not remember dreams? Why some people have trouble remembering their dreams and nightmares? We all dream, and this is something now scientifically proven for many years. Unfortunately, for various reasons some people say they do not remember dreams. At night or even during the day we can dream so many times during the phase R.E.M. "But why I remember almost never my dreams? What is the cause for which I can not remember, remember, to be aware, store, recall, call to mind, rethink, re-live my dreams? I remember last night I made a dream but I do not remember some details and the people I met and with whom I spoke. Last night, last night and again tonight, I think I have dreamed more than once but unfortunately when I woke up all dreams have vanished into thin air. Because I can not remember my dreams, or at least some of them when I wake up?" Is it true that the dreams that you make in the morning have a more important meaning than the dreams we do in the middle of the night? All dreams are important because they lead us to interpret messages. Dreams are not only wishes that we have in real life and that maybe they are repressed. However, our subconscious always he works at night and during sleep along with our brains but the task of remembering is our task. Here are things to keep in mind to make sure you have a complete dream experience.


Our mind is a powerful tool but it must be well-trained so that we can remember our dreams and also have lucid dreams. Lucid dreams are very special dreams and this article we talked about them. Below you can find a number of things you can do to learn how to remember your dreams. In practice following the guide below you can train your mind and when you will be woken up you'll have a clearer view of your dreams. The guide to follow requires much effort and you can not hope to get results in a short time because a few months it may take to achieve good results.


1. Go to bed early: the first rule is to go to bed quite early but above all more and at the same time. If our mind and our subconscious mind understand that we are about to fall asleep, then we will be able to remember our dreams in an even better way. All people should sleep at least eight hours sleep per night because if few or many hours this does not help to store in our mind dreams.

2. Avoid certain foods and drinks: try to go to bed after having digested dinner and above all do not drink stimulants such as coffee and tea, do not drink alcohol and do not eat foods with lots of spices, especially avoid spicy foods. Unfortunately all these substances can worsen dream recall.

3. Avoid stress: unfortunately stress is not a great ally if we remember our dreams and indeed is a real enemy. During the day, so try to avoid stress but unfortunately it is not easy because we live in a very stressful society.

4. Relax before bed: do relaxation exercises before going to bed and fall asleep. Your mind has to be free, you must not think of the day of trouble because this is a major obstacle to remember your dreams. Useful exercises to do are yoga exercises or you can just read a book. Assolutamnte not do gymnastic exercises and making tiring mind and body.

5. Repeat in a low voice that you want to remember your dreams: if during the day you repeat to yourself that you want to remember your dreams you will make during the next night then this will be a great help to your mind. You can repeat these simple words "I want to remember the dreams of the night" softly or loudly but if you can not do that because you are in a place with some people then repeat the words mentally.

6. Perfumes the room where you sleep: while we sleep our senses such as hearing and smell I am always attentive. If you want to remember your dreams but especially want to make beautiful dreams then a useful technique is to scent your bedroom using a bouquet of flowers, incense, a small plant, etc...

7. Pinning your dreams on a diary: on your bedside table try to keep a journal, a notebook in which to write, write down your dreams as soon as you wake up, or at night. Enter the date, enter the items you met, people you spoke with, the places you visited and do not forget to describe the feelings you experienced in addition to the colors that you have seen.

8. Describe your dreams to family and friends: when they appear in your dreams family and friends a very important thing is to describe their dreams to them because they can make a valuable help for a correct interpretation. This way you can understand why some people are in the dream world and then the judgment of other people is always very useful.

9. Changing scenario in dream: if you feel like lucid dreams, then the first thing to do is try to change something in your dreams. For example, if you are walking on foot, your job would be to bring up a car and start driving. Or you can try to fly again or you may decide to meet the person that you love so much. In short, try to change the dream scenario.

10. Interpret your dreams in the right way: knowing how to interpret dreams is an important thing though very difficult. When we recurring dreams for example clearly you have to solve a serious problem in real life. In these cases the best thing to do to interpret dreams is to get help from a psychologist who at least initially will provide us with the right tool for thorough analysis of our dreams.


Have you had another dream? Do you want to read an interpretation of it? Look in the dictionary of dreams this site the item that you have dreamed and read the interpretation. If you do not find anything you perform a search on one of best dedicated website to the world of dreams and not only, ilmigliorweb.blogspot.com. If you want more clarification on a dream or nightmare that you can write using the contact form and we'll try to answer you as soon as possible.


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