Cinema in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What is the meaning of dreams in which we see a film together with our parents, relatives, grandparents, uncles, cousins, brothers-in-law, in-laws, children, wife, husband, lover, sisters, brothers, friends or co-workers? Why can we dream of being in a parking lot of an outdoor cinema? What does it mean to dream of being in a movie and being an actor or dreaming of being the protagonist of a movie? And why can we dream of shooting a film, to be the directors of a strange film that seems to be very real? What does it mean to dream of a closed cinema or to dream of being in a theater? What does it mean to dream of getting lost in an empty, dark cinema, full of people? And buy a movie ticket but can not get in? Dreaming of going with our mother and father or being on a movie set with a lounge, chairs, armchairs. Sit down, stay up at the cinema, do not find any place to sit down. Can we dream of someone who gives us movie tickets? What does it mean to dream of going to the cinema alone or with your boyfriend, husband or lover? What does it mean to destroy, burn, see a small or big cinema collapse, maybe the cinema of your city? What does it mean to dream to put a bomb in the cinema near the house and make it explode?, Have you ever dreamed of being inside a cinema that explodes with so many people running away? And who knows how many times you have dreamed of waiting for the beginning of a film that never starts or never ends. Which and how many numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can we play the lottery if we dream of being in a big crowded cinema, trying to win by following what the guide and the dream book says? "The other night I went into a cinema full of people and I could not see anything, so I went away. Last night I dreamed of being together with my boyfriend who gave me some tickets for a cinema. Last night I remember dreaming of running to see a good movie. This night I dreamed that the cinema in my city was closed forever". In this article we can understand the dreamlike meaning of cinema, this fantastic place where we can also be protagonists of the film being produced.


To understand the meaning of these dreams we have to start from the real meaning of cinema. Cinema is a gathering place for people, a place to spend a few hours with friends, people we love. When we go to the cinema we watch a movie. A fun certainly, a pastime but every film can transmit important emotions and move our mind, our soul, our body. But cinema, we must not forget this concept, it is fiction. Although it can represent real moments, events of our life, it is actually fiction and already from this concept and thought we can start to understand the meaning of our dreams. When we dream of going to the cinema we may have a strong need and not trust the appearances, some people we know or have just met and some situations we are experiencing. We must not trust a person who probably does not show his true character. In fact, behind these dreams we can hide a trap, in short, a person who has a double face and who wants something from us but knows how to pretend very well. Here the dreamer must try to remember the situations he is experiencing, the people he has met and with whom he is having various loving, working, family relationships. To give an example and understand the concept well we could tell the dream of a man who often dreamed of going to the cinema with a girl who was really his girlfriend and who had known for a short time. In the dream this man always saw the same scene that was repeated in a cyclical way, a scene in which, in the film, an actress had two distinct and separate roles, being a policewoman by day and stripper at night. Well, after a short time and after having analyzed and understood the dream message that the subconscious wanted to transmit, this man discovered that his girlfriend had another man in a city far from his city. In this case the film and the cinema were not a place of fun in the dream, but a place that apparently seemed to be very beautiful and exciting and that actually hid something completely different.

And many other people say they have had very similar dreams and discovered various deceptions. Many people, in fact, tell of having dreamed of going to the cinema together with someone and then, later, in their real life, they discovered they had undergone a deception. Fighting unnecessarily against small or big deception, here is another concept that can be hidden behind a film, behind a place like the cinema that is just a place of fun but where what we see is all false, representation of real life but completely studied , designed and invented by actors, directors, film producers. But we can not think that cinema is just a dreamlike place that carries with it sad messages related to traps, deception, tricks. When we go to the cinema we want to spend some time relaxing by watching a film or a theatrical performance. Here we may need, in our life, a moment of relaxation as we are very stressed, very anxious, very nervous and stretched like a rope. So our subconscious wants to tell us to take a fear of reflection, of calm, just relaxing, perhaps putting aside the problems of work, family, sentimental. Obviously an element that should not be forgotten in our dreams is the one who comes with us to the cinema. Those who accompany us while watching a movie can say a lot of things. If we go to the cinema with our boyfriend and watch a love movie, a romantic comedy then our need is to find a good harmony, a good balance in the love life. Many men dream of going to the cinema with an unknown woman with whom they try a sexual approach while watching the film. Here we are often faced with desires and erotic impulses dissatisfied in daily life or we can face a relational problem that the dreamer still does not recognize, does not understand and in fact the woman is unknown. When you wake up you need to try to understand what is wrong with our love life or the needs, even sexual, that we can have.

Of course, even girls, women can do this kind of dreams and therefore manifest the need to have a better interpersonal relationship, sentimental with the person they love or to express sexual instincts that still do not find satisfaction. Only in some cases when we dream of going to the cinema, is it likely to receive good news or discover something, be curious to discover something new in our earthly existence and in fact do not forget that what we see on the big screen or on TV is the fruit of a lot of work, a lot of imagination and a lot of creativity. So we can very well be in a very creative moment of our life where our mind can have excellent ideas, make plans and allow us to achieve everything. A detail that should not be underestimated in a dream is the kind of film we are seeing. A love movie obviously signals sentimental needs, a horror film or a thriller could indicate some fears that we can not remove from us, while a film of adventure, science fiction, of action, could symbolize the desire, in fact, to receive news, to be the protagonists of our life, trying to act, to move without being unnecessarily stopped. When we dream of inviting someone to the cinema, then giving a ticket, then we are living a collaborative period with someone or we feel a strong need to show our qualities together with those of other people. We conclude this subject by also talking about those dreams in which we enter a completely empty or extremely crowded cinema. Emptiness symbolizes the lack of creativity, ideas, imagination while too many people can signal confusion, chaos in their lives. Finally, waiting for the beginning of a film that never starts on a screen that remains obscure, completely black, means monotony, apathy, idleness. So we are experiencing a particularly disappointing time when we do not want to do anything and this can damage our evolution and maturation.


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